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Do you love SpongeBob? Do you love Halloween? Do you love online games? Mix those three together and you got yourself some pretty memorable and nostalgic Nick Halloween games. From Boo or BOOM to the Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest two-part series, these games are pretty good to pull up and play at your own leisure during the season of All Hallow's Eve. Feel free to vote and add to this list.

P.S. Some of these games may be no longer playable on and you may have to find them on an obscure gaming website by Googling it.
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1 Boo or BOOM

The premise of the game is that Plankton is angry that no one comes to the Chum Bucket for his Halloween party, so in retaliation, he set up Plankt-o-Lanterns all around town to block the streets of Bikini Bottom. So it's up to SpongeBob and his friends to save Halloween by destroying these Plankt-o-Lanterns Bomberman-style. The game puts you through three levels of setting off plumbobs as you play as SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, or Squidward. It's really fun and addictive, but make sure you're careful not to abuse your power-ups or you just might get slimed and lose all your candy points!

2 Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest

The one that started it all. So one All Hallow's Eve, Bikini Bottom has mysteriously transformed into Inikib Mottob, a town raven with spooky creatures of the dark that haunt the night. With SpongeBob having been transformed into a Frankenstein-like entity, only he can save Bikini Bottom from it's terrible fate. It's a nice platformer game where you fight your way through Halloween-themed enemies like zombie fish, flying pumpkins with retractable spikes, gliding vampires, etc. A few move gimmicks like the slime ball, dashing attack, and lightning-triggering bolt are effective for dishing out massive damage and restoring HP respectively. And at the climax of the game, you have to fight off a monstrous version of Gary called Garyzilla. Given FrankenBob moves reasonably slow due to poor judgement and coordination, this boss fight is really hard since you constantly have to dodge falling boulders and Gary's breath. After defeating the boss, you get a heartwarming ending with FrankenBob reuniting with Gary. However, the story ends on a cliffhanger until the second part.

3 Halloween Horror, FrankenBob's Quest Part 2

Both installments of this game are phenomenal, but the second one takes the cake since it expands more of FrankenBob's moveset and concludes the story to FrankenBob's Quest. So as Inikib Mottob is closely starting to become permanent in its transformation, FrankenBob must now find the true culprit behind all of this. I found the new power-ups of the shooting bolt and the air dash to be a huge step-up from the last installment's power-ups. Also, while I actually didn't expect it the first time I played, the true culprit is predictably Plankton. However, the real mess comes when you have to fight him in his part-zombie, part-robot, and part-vampire hybrid form. The boss fight is more or less difficult than Garyzilla, as Plankton has more complex attacks and is much faster than Garyzilla. So it's really satisfying when you finally defeat him and he blows up before vaporizing in a mist of blood. The game ends with SpongeBob having turned back to normal as the game congratulates you for foiling Plankton's evil plot to make Bikini Bottom a place where everyone loves eating at the Chum Bucket.

4 SpongeBob's Gone Missing

In the words of one anonymous Fandom user, the game is a mix of Mario Is Missing! and Luigi's Mansion. Basically, SpongeBob has gone missing and Patrick now has to traverse several areas of The Flying Dutchman's ship where he was supposed to meet SpongeBob at the Halloween party taking place there. I remember as I played this, new levels that unfolded the story and got closer to finding SpongeBob were unlocked every day or two. It was fun playing as Patrick as you had to collect coins, scare off ghosts with your flashlight, and find each Bikini Bottomite cleverly disguised as SpongeBob wearing a Halloween costume. The ending really took me by storm after The Flying Dutchman boss fight, where SpongeBob is revealed to have been dressed up as The Flying Dutchman, but then the REAL Flying Dutchman pops up and is angry everyone is on his ship and screams for them to buzz off as the game ends.

5 Tracks of Terror

This is one of the more recent Halloween SpongeBob Halloween games, which is based on The Legend of Boo-kini Bottom. Basically, it's a create your own roller coaster game. You get to either play as SpongeBob or The Flying Dutchman in either The Flying Dutchman's ship mine ride or SpongeBob's brain. What makes this game unique is that this is one of the more interactive roller coaster games where you have to click to either block an obstacle or attack enemies to avoid losing lives. Simple, but addicting.

6 Dastardly Dirty Treats

One of the more memorable SpongeBob Quick Play Games. Here, you fight as SpongeBob against The Dirty Bubble in one-on-one matches to defeat him and keep SpongeBob's Halloween and candy stash safe. Like all Quick Play Games, it's vividly fun and addictive, but what's more satisfying is there's actually a finishing point that gives you a glorious victory screen after you defeat The Dirty Bubble once and for all with candy bullets, pepper bells, pirate hat power-ups, etc. Definitely worth playing at your own time.

7 Fang In There!

An endless Quick Play game where you simply control SpongeBob as he runs away from Patrick, who is trying to steal and eat his candy. Sounds spoiled of Patrick, but hey, it's a game. Anyways, the game has you shifting and jumping up and down platforms as the test of gravity challenges you to outrun the wrath of Count Patrick. Again, simple, but the game will have you addicted as you keep SpongeBob's candy safe for as long as possible. You wouldn't want to see that game over screen with a poor crying SpongeBob with no candy, now do you?

8 Zombie Breakout

Nothing like a good old zombie breakout. At least it isn't a zombie apocalypse. That said, this game is your typical third-person shooter game where you must fend off zombies with SpongeBob and protect his friends from certain doom. What really stands out in this game along with other games it was released with in its prime is the vintage art style that really makes you feel like you're in a horror movie. Haven't finished the game myself, but I'm guessing it's another one of those endless Quick Play Games.

9 Ghoul Getter

Once again, another generic Quick Play Game, but it's a nice jumping platformer to see how high you can get ghost SpongeBob to jump in his seemingly never-ending journey to help get The Flying Dutchman to turn him back into a living being. All you have to do is keep jumping at the clouds and be wary of obstacles and collect power-ups as you make way to newer heights with each level. The music is pretty catchy though. And like most of the games it was paired with, it captures that old-fashioned vintage feel with its animation.Overall, a decent Quick Play Game for Halloween.

10 Plunder Blunder

And now we have here the last vintage-style SpongeBob Halloween Quick Play Game. The game itself is heavily inspired by the episode "Ghoul Fools", as you have to simultaneously avoid the ambushes of the Poltergeist and his crew along with The Flying Dutchman as well. The game really takes multi-tasking to the next level, as you have to keep the ghosts from BOTH sides from touching you, jump over the pizza slices the Poltergeists drops, and duck and slide beneath The Flying Dutchman's cannonballs. Also, it might be wise to keep this game going for as long as possible and keeping your volume down. Otherwise, expect to hurt your ears when your hear the poor sponge crying his eyes out in the game over screen. And I thought the game over screen for Fang in There! was tear-jerking.

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11 The Curse of the Flying Dutchman
12 Ship O Ghouls
13 Mystery Mansion
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