Band Geeks


What makes this episode so great are these 3 things:
1. Squidward is shown to be the underdog of Squilliam, and by the time he wins, it pours out tons of joy into many fans of this episode.
2. The grand ending: the song. The song was so well written that it should've won a Grammy or an Academy award.
3. The overall plot. It focuses on a prime conflict induced on a character, and he/she needs everybody's help. Then, there comes a time where the character feels like he/she has to give up, and by the end, that character comes out on top. This episode is an example of that.

This is the episode that is legend. SpongeBob was awesome at the end of the show. Patrick is funny. Even Squidward was awesome because he had a heart. When someone ask me what is favorite SpongeBob episode is its this one. I know SpongeBob gone bad, but I hope he will get better. Now I'm going to say this once. BRING BACK THE OLD SpongeBob. He is still is my favorite show. Good luck SpongeBob

This Episode is absolutely incredible. If someone were watching SpongeBob for the first time they would practically know how every character is portrayed. With the constant humor, one-liners, and Patrick, this episode should be universally recognized as one of the greatest single cartoon episodes ever created.

This episode is classic!
"That's his... Eager face."
"Is mayonnaise an instrument? "
"The owner of the white sedan... You left your lights on."
"Well maybe we wouldn't sound so bad if some people didn't try to play with big, meaty claws! "
"Oh great! Now the talking cheese is gonna tell us what to do! "
This episode has so many good parts.
My list would be this:
Band geeks
Chocolate with nuts
Pizza delivery
The camping episode
Help wanted
Krusty krab training episode
Graveyard shift
Snowball effect
Opposite Day

Some other good ones are:
Squid's day off
All the mermaid man and barnacle boy episodes
Rock bottom
The fry cook games

This episode deserves to be #1. It has some of the best quotes in the show. "No, Patrick, mayonnaise is not an instrument." one of my favorite parts from the show is when Patrick gets the trombone stuck on his head. "The owner of the white Sedan, you left your lights on."

Literally a beautiful, Funny and perfect masterpiece of an episode. SpongeBob performing "Sweet Victory" is beautiful, Squilliam fainting is awesome. The characters are badass in this episode. I will never truly never forget this episode. And it made me love SpongeBob ever since I was a 7 year old boy at almost 16 I can still remember myself watching this. BEST EPISODE OF SpongeBob EVER. THIS IS A TRUE MASTERPIECE.

Guys, I have an idea. Why don't we become writers for the show ourselves (except me because I'm too young). So many people are complaining that the new SpongeBob is stupid, so maybe we could join the show, come up with awesome ideas, and make the show awesome again! - TopTenJackson

Band Geeks is great! "Is mayonnaise and instrument? " Hilarious! And please stop trashing the new episodes. I agree there have been some pretty bad ones but there's also a lot of good ones too! It's the same with the old episodes. Just give these newer seasons a chance!

Oh my god this is the best children's cartoon episode in history. It has hilarious jokes all the way through and finished with the best and most creative surprise ending ever thought of in history.

This is by far the best episode. The jokes in the episode were funny back in 2001, and still are today. So many memorable lines such as "is mayonnaise an instrument? ". It was also a good, warm feeling to see Squidward win for once, with the entire band coming together at the end for their friend and giving the legendary performance of "Sweet Victory". Almost makes you cry!

This has gone down as the best SpongeBob episode in history. Every single moment until the song, had me either laughing at the hilarious gags or watch in awe as the characters came together for Squidward. The ending song truly made this episode a "Sweet Victory."

This is my all time favorite apisode of SpongeBob:) it has so much funny stuff right after another it's hard to keep track if it all. Best part is either when sandy beats up Patrick or when squilliam says "this is exactly what I pictured your band to look like" and SpongeBob does that dance laugh out loud! And freeze frame at the end? They could not have had a better ending laugh out loud

Band geeks has an awesome plot with a good premise. The humor was outstanding, including the fight scene and this quote "is mayonnaise an instrument? ". The characters are all likeable, it's just fantastic. The actual performance and the ending is really what makes this my favorite episode of sponge bob, with chocolate with nuts and the pizza delivery close behind. How squid ward ends up winning for a change and how he makes squillium faint is executed perfectly and it is awesome. It is a must watch.

This is my very favorite episode of SpongeBob, in fact, I just watched it this morning. I love the older episodes way more than the newer ones. For example, in this episode something good actually happens for Squidward and the song at the end is cool.

My favorite parts of the episode are Spongebob's eager face, "Is mayonnaise an instrument? ", "Who ever's the owner of the White Sedan, you left your lights on", the flag twirlers going into the blimp, Plankton's harmonica solo, and, of course, Sweet Victory.

Definitely the best episode. It has good jokes like "we're with the pet hospital and heard you have a dying animal" and "is mayonnaise an instrument? " And many more. The story is also great. It's the first time we see Squiliam and the first time Squidward wins. It's even more satisfying that it is also the first time Squidward out did his rival and the whole town came together to help him do it. And that song at the describes exactly what Squidward is feeling inside. It's perfect.
My second favorite is "Chocolate with Nuts" which I am happy to see is #2.

I love this episode! It's one of the best SpongeBob episodes in my opinion. I like that this, chocolate with nuts, and pizza delivery are the top three. All three of those episodes are great! - Imreallyboredrightnow

This SpongeBob episode is legendary. I love at the end of the episode where SpongeBob and the rest of the characters sing Sweet Victory in front of Squidward and Squilliam. Also, the jokes are hilarious in this episode. - Decidueye

My Opinion first to tenth place

10. Naughty Nautical Neighbors

9. Mooncation

8. Graveyard Shift

7. Ripped Pants


5. Krusty Dogs

4. Company Picnic

3. Squid Plus One

2. Cephalopod Lodge

1. PIZZA DELIVERY the most memorable SpongeBob episode ever!

You liked Cephalopod Lodge? Eh, I respect your opinion either way. - DCfnaf

First off, the episode has some of the funniest and most iconic bits in the series! Second, it's a Squidward episode that doesn't actually end with him being the butt of a joke. The episode has heart. Third, that musical number at the end just rocked! NOTHING can top Band Geeks in my book.

This episode had the best song of the series. Sweet Victory was the best song in this show. This also had some funny moments when the band shutter the glass with their awful instrument sounds and Squidward saying too bad that didn't kill me. It was all awesome and I loved this episode.

It was awesome to see spongebob and the town make up to squid ward after they nearly crush his dreams! Modern sponge bob would never do that! Also, the comedy was GOLD! And it was great to see squid ward finally get a moment! It's just something modern cartoons will never do again.

I love this episode! If you don't like this episode, you need to get a life. Just compare this episode to a pal for Gary. See the difference. If you compare it and like a pal for Gary more, GET A LIFE! This is obviously the best episode for a good reason and you can probably tell why

This is still the greatest episode. Patrick's re-entry after fighting w/ Sandy, the greatest use of real life clips within a cartoon ever, and the facial expressions during the song. Hilarious.

This is the best list I've ever seen I love band geeks is totally awesome. So make another one because that was so cool. So as I said please make another one.