Krusty Towers


(Mr Krabs) "Here's your home made cookies."(Squidward) "These don't taste anything like mom used to make them" (Mr Krabs) "Well how did your mother make them" (Squidward)"How should I know? Ask my mother"

This episode is so good! It's so funny and entertaining. Not only was the plot interesting, but the humour was excellent. Definitely one of my favourite spongebob episodes. - Lunala

This episode needs to be in the top 10! REALLY! This is an awesome episode! SpongeBob was the best character in this episode! - TopTenJackson

That one of my favorite episodes! This episode is so funny. - TheBuhdeuceLover

Very funny episode "this elevator is for guests only, take the employee elevator" walks there... staircases

Had waited for so long for an episode where there was a episode with a hotel in spongebob and...behold! Krusty towers

I like this because the krusty Krab turns into a hotel! There is a YouTube poop that the hotel was called crap. And 25.00 dollars for spagetti. So this should be number 1.

It's good how Squidward gets his payback after all the things he had to do.

I thought this was going to be Squidward Torture, but his revenge on Krabs felt oh so satisfying!

Patrick though writing his name is a test that was hilarious

One of the best newer episodes of SpongeBob.

This is one of the few good newer episodes.

This was the best post movie episode. - DCfnaf

Just like mother used to make them

2nd best post movie SpongeBob episode hurray

Squidward was at his best this episode - bashed

I love the part where Squidward asks for a Krabby patty with cheese toenail clippings and nose hair and makes Mr Krabs eat it

Why was this episode on the worst list and the best list? Well I'm glad it's on the best list. Also who cares about one groundout scene. doesn't mean it's bad.

Squidward:Why is your suitcase full of rocks?!
Patrick:Well I don't tell you how to live your life!

This episode is hillarious. It's the best mordern spongebob episode followed by Tentacles Vision and House Fancy.

I just LOVE how Squidward humiliates Mr. Krabs after how much pressure Mr. Krabs put on him. Mr. Krabs so deserved all that torment he got cause I was rooting for Squidward the whole time! - TylertheTitan

Squidward’s vengeance on Krabs was one of the most satisfying and hilarious things ever!