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181 Nature Pants

Wow, this is actually one of my favorite episodes of all time, because it understands true horror. it also influenced me, where SpongeBob got attacked by those jellyfish & got visited by poison sea urchins. This should be marketed as horror.

So extremely underrated. Especially Patrick chasing Spongebob and finally giving up being a wreck emotionally is probably one of the saddest and most emotional moments of the show, let alone Season 1.

This is one of the best SpongeBob episodes ever! - Dreamformusic

Kind Of Stupid And Don't Like It - rjbarg042

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182 House Fancy

I saw on the wiki, one scene in this episode was supposed to have Nicholas Withers love Squilliam's house and hate Squidward's. Then Squidward punches Squilliam in the face. Nickelodeon thought that would be too violent. SO THEY THINK RIPPING OUT TOENAILS WITH EXTRA SKIN ON THE END OF IT IS KID-FRIENDLY AND NOT TOO VIOLENT?! HOW STUPID ARE YOU GUYS?! Plus, in other episodes, there was punching, such as "No Weenies Allowed." Seriously, Nickelodeon is so stupid nowadays.

At least Squidward gets a happy ending.

I love this episode! I used to just like it but now it is so silly and guess who plays the host dude? ALTON BROWN! FOOD NETWORK GENIUS! Realizing that it mAkes me like that episode even more

Really Good Episode If You Look Past The Toenail Scene - rjbarg042

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183 Patrick! The Game

This episode worked. Before his torment, Squidward kept being mean to Pat in the first half of the episode, and he then continued to be rude to Pat about his game, then he ended up receiving torment, which served him right, and they didn't go too far with his torment. The worst thing that happened to him is he gets arrested, but it really was treated as a joke, and they made it work, because technically, he DID destroy Patrick's property, so it wasn't exactly unnecessary. They also throw in cool jokes along with it, THAT'S what made the ending funny. Honestly I really liked this episode. It was the funniest episode I had seen in a long time. - SuperNut98

It actually would've ben funny, if Patrick and SpongeBob didn't hurt Squidward unfairly in this episode, he was being tortured by them for no reason, a good Squidward torture episode involves Squidward trying to harm them and they torture Squidward, as that is his punishment, but in this episode, along with other recent ones, Squidward gets tortured for no reason, he just simply gets tortured, he doesn't try to hurt them, and yet he gets tortured, this is just another one of those bad Squidward Torture Porns where he gets tortured even though he doesn't try to harm them, yet the episode was supposed to be about them having a game bringing them into amazing adventures, but instead it relies mainly on playing a poor quality game just to torture Squidward, Nick is better than this.

Hilarious. That's the only word I need to describe this. Nonstop laughing from me. My favorite part was probably the beginning where Patrick tried to make a game. By the end of the episode, I had a huge smile on my face. Good job.

I just watched it. This episode is good - Cartoonfan202

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184 SpongeBob B.C.

This is my least favorite how is it on here? - PatrickStar

Because of SpongeBob's before of the century. İt's hysterical.

Kinda stupid. - Goatworlds

Kind Of Dumb - rjbarg042

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185 Ugh

I love this episode, even though when I watched it when I was younger, I got scared by Patchy. This is one of the best Patchy the Pirate episodes by now though. I also like The Sponge Who Could Fly.

Great and enjoyable and phenomenal in design and should be number 2 behind pressure

What is THIS episode doing in 81! Everything about this episode is Awesome!

Why do you guys like this so much?!?!

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186 Sewers of Bikini Bottom

SEWER SEWER cha cha cha. I love this episode.

I don't like this episode I think it's gross and the song is annoying.

I'm watching this episode right now. - Cartoonfan202

Kind Of Stupid For An Episode - rjbarg042

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187 Sold!

This episode was just silly fun. It was just so funny

This is Patrick being like he was in season 1,2, and 3

Never Saw It But It looks Good - rjbarg042

Squidward doesn't even get tortured, he lies and has to keep his lie from falling apart on him this CheifMudkip guy I literally retarded

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188 Whirlybrains

Definitely one of the weirdest spongebob episodes, but I still like it

I Really Enjoyed this one - ChiefMudkip

This episode is the best episode ever

OK But The Writers Are Running Out Of Ideas For Episodes - rjbarg042

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189 To Squarepants or Not to Squarepants

In my opinion, I didn't like it. What was the point of it?

I love this epsoide - notetoselfidoe

190 Code Yellow

I love this episode! It has a lot of funny jokes and has a good plot. If you never watched this episode please give it a try. You will love this episode whether you are 3 years old or 94 years old.

Good episodes. The only problem is the close up of Squidward's nose - Tyler730

191 Spin the Bottle

I would say the only problem is that it's another steal the formula episode. - Tyler730

Hey, it's pretty solid.

This episode is a meh episode. Not as good as the other Plankton episodes.

192 Spy Buddies


Patrick is extremely funny in this episode. I think SpongeBob could improve but this episode has great acting! - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

The part when SpongeBob acts like a spy when Patrick looks through the straw, the red blimp joke, SELF DESTRUCT, Should be in the top ten.

Mr. Krabs it's that time of the month. - logan34

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193 Professor Squidward

My tenth best episode watch it

Kind Of A Boring And Bad Episode - rjbarg042

I dislike this episode because of the ending

It's Mediocore - ChiefMudkip

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194 Artist Unknown

Absolutely hilarious! The marble part is classic!

I don't think I saw this on the list, we isn't it on here

This is my number one episode, it is hilarious! Deserves to be at least in the top twenty

It's a classic, why so low?

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195 Walking Small

I love this one! Definitely my favorite Plankton episode. They don't make them like this anymore...

"Hey that's my ice cream", "GREAT NOW LET HIM HAVE IT! ", "you can have it" Amazing line, cracks me up every time. Also there's "You used me... for LAND DEVELOPMENT! ".

It was the season 1 episode I said.

A straight up classic with funny lines. Spongebob misunderstanding plankton is hysterical. Should be #1 or at least in in the top 10.

Favorite lines from this episode:
"That's my ice cream cone.
"GREAT, Now let him have it! "
"You can have it"

"Not insertive! "

"Excuse me, wanna go take a hike with me? "

196 Two Thumbs Down

Just gotta say, this episode is amazing. It was funny, the thumb war scenes were great, heck, there was even a song! A catchy song! While this episode may sound ripped off other episodes, think. Which did better? This or the originals? For once, it's the ripoff. Good job, writers. I have hope.

YES I LOVE THIS EPISODE! It's better than Larry's Gym! Okay, so like SpongeBob LongPants it already rips off two episodes SBLP rips off Ripped Pants and To SqaurePants Or Not To SquarePants This episode rips off Funny Pants (he can't laugh) and A Day Without Tears (he can't cry) but it FAR surpasses both First, I love that you think SpongeBob won't give Squidward a thumbs up, but he does, the suspense is awesome. When SpongeBob breaks his thumbs, it rips off The Splinter, but it doesn't make you cringe and it's actually funny it felt like a Season 3- early Season 4 episode in HD. And the other thing, the townspeople actually care about SpongeBob's injury. (Exact episode of STUPID STUCK IN THE WRINGER)
And the scene with Sandy and the peanut butter, it rips off SpongeBob You're Fired (his face) but this time they do it right. The thumb exercises are cool and the thumb war scene is great. Overall, should be in top 25.

What I noticed is that practically every episode After SpongeBob Your Fired! has some sort of rip-off of a previous episode and they're not funny but just childish and dumb. For example, this episode has a dumb plot, plus it rips off episodes like Funny Pants, The Splinter. (even though those episodes are bad). It just goes to show that the writers are running out of ideas.

Really Good Episode - rjbarg042

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197 The Thing

My all time favorite spongebib episode! - Account

198 Out of the Picture

It's not a Ripoff of Rock Bottom. Rock Bottom only made a cameo. This episode is overhated - Tyler730

This episode is awful! It is just a rip-off of my favorite episode Rock Bottom!

Why isn't this episode is number 1? It is much better than Rock Bottom.

199 Goo Goo Gas

This shouldn't be number 1 at all! - Spongebob-129

I don't watch SpongeBob for cuteness. I watch it for humor. And, as cute as it may be, the humor isn't as good as many episodes. Therefore, I don't think it should be number one.

I don't think so. - CS2004

A way better baby episode than Squidbaby

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200 That's No Lady

Best post-movie episode ever made.

This episode was banned in some countries

This is my favourite episode

Hello Patricia you're looking lovely today
I think I need to take a shower, -Squidward

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