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241 Burst Your Bubble

Haven't seen the whole episode yet, but I will tell you one thing. Krabs is EXTRA THICC! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

242 Pineapple Invasion

The best modern episode by far! It's got a simple plot, a lot of good jokes, and feels like a pre-movie episode! It's a shame nobody has voted for it!

243 Life Insurance

Squidward abuse done right

244 Giant Squidward

This has nothing to do with porn. Although, this episode is funny.

This wasn't that good. It's sort of a Squidward torture porn, and there aren't any funny jokes.

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245 Extreme Spots

This one was kinda boring. Ruins Spingebob's way of lif and everyday average happiness.

246 Squirrel Record

It's funny and this should be one of the first one's

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247 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Best MM&BB episode ever. Funny when barnacle boy gets burned 3 TIMEs. Dirty Bubbles debut and spongebob's line "I found it and it's the special dance mix! " is awesome and funny. Should be in top 10 or at least top 15

248 Jailbreak
249 Slide Whistle Stooges

This episode is annoying, but its sister episode (The Splinter) is WAY worse.

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250 The Two Faces of Squidward

This is awesome and hilarious.
#handsome squid ward forever


251 It Came from Goo Lagoon

This episode is full of action. Plankton always makes evil plans to destroy the city. - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

252 Frozen Face-Off

Um, this is the only episode on Mr. Enter's Atrocity List that I'm confused as to why he put it there.

You Know, TheMysteriousMrEnter can go live in Patrick's armpit, I love this episode, one of my favorites from Season 8, this episode has so much going for it - ChiefMudkip

WHY IS THIS HERE? A crappy CGI yeti. Plus, it was boring, and had Squidward Torture! - Goatworlds

Mr.Enter put it there because he says it's a gary torture porn

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253 Bubble Buddy Returns

This episode is not bad but if I were to make a sequel to Bubble Buddy I would have Bubble Buddy star in it

Shows that sequels can be better than the original.

Shiny was annoying in this episode

This episode is funny, and Shiny is not annoying.

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254 Back to the Past

This is a great episode, and is very underrated.

255 Ghost Host

Better than any episodes today.

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256 Sentimental Sponge

Uh... the balls in Patrick's (note the apostrophe) bum and Squidward's (note the spelling as one word, capitalization, and apostrophe) mouth were in A Friendly Game, a much better episode than this.

I think you're thinking of Pineapple Fever.

I loved the part were the balls was in Patricks bum and squid wards mouth

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257 For Here or to Go

This is really boring in my opinion. So underrated and I totally agree.

258 Ditchin'

Very underrated, and why does everyone hate it? Better episode in seasons 6-8. - Goatworlds

I have a question about Squidward,
Squidward is a guy, right, and all he wears is a shirt, in one of the episodes, (not this one) it gets ripped off,and he is considered naked.
But if your a guy and u take us shirt off its fine, but he never wears trousers and is only naked without his shirt, how is that possible?

259 Patty Caper

This is super mysterious and funny! Why is this so low?!?

Take this out once and for all!

260 Night Light

This is my last favourite episode of SpongeBob!

There are no creepy creatures of the dark! - Brandy

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