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241 The Smoking Peanut
242 SpongeHenge

Who put this episode on the list?

This episode sucks so much I can't handle it

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243 Eek, an Urchin

One of my Favorite Season 9 episodes - ChiefMudkip

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244 Squid Plus One

Squid Plus One Introduction: Squidward was at home having a peaceful day until SpongeBob showed up and asked Squidward how busy is he and he said very busy. Then the mailman showed up and Squidward got an invitation to an art gallery Pluse Oney he said. And he was thinking about who to invite so he went to the mailman and asked him do you want to be my plus one but as soon as Squidward knew he hated clarinets he wanted to ask Larry if he could be his plus one but they were so close until Squidward broke Larry's heart because he hated protein shakes. So he bumped into SpongeBob and asked him if he wanted to be his plus one and they were on their way to the art gallery.

It is cool.

Seriously though it was cool.
Draggy rope

245 Other Patty

This one was pretty boring.

246 Whatever Happened to SpongeBob

This one of the worst specials ever as well as one of the worst Season 5 episodes.

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247 Bucket Sweet Bucket

Bucket Sweet Bucket Introduction: Plankton finds out that of course the Chum Bucket was a mess and he wanted to please Karen so he hired Patrick and SpongeBob
To paint and renovate the Chum Bucket for him. Later Squidward saw SpongeBob and he wanted to show SpongeBob and Patrick how to correctly paint the Chum Bucket. Then Squidward finished his work of art and Plankton wanted to paint it into a log cabin. So as soon as the construction was done with the Chum Bucket, it was actually taking apart the Krusty Krab and moving it to Planktons side. Mr. Krabs arrived but at the same time pushing the Krusty Krab to his side and leaving Plankton without a roof or the Chum Bucket!

248 Sandy's Vacation In Ruins

This isn't even an episode! Only on YouTube I found it.

It was a short and it is on YouTube

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249 Gumshoe Squarepants

Gumshoe SquarePants Introduction: SpongeBob was trying to solve why do they call him gumeshoe SquarePants. He stepped on a piece of gum. He did not really mind the five second rule but then he stepped on Plankton and he thought that they would call him Planktonshoe SquarePants. There was only one thing to do so he he crushed Plankton on the ground and put the piece of gum back on his shoe! So there was more of a mystery to solve for Gumshoe SquarePants.

A bonus episode in season 7 DVD box set

I will definitely do an introduction to this episode!

When was this?

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250 Sanctuary!

Sanctuary! Introduction: At first SpongeBob was wondering what was the meow! Noise all about. So he checked and it was a lonely snail. So he decided that he would keep snails that were hurt. Soon Patrick told everyone about SpongeBob's pet sanctuary so that everyone in Bikini Bottom can give their snails to SpongeBob. Later Mr. Krabs was wondering where was SpongeBob and he said that he won't come to work and neither the next day. The next day his house was infested! So Squidward called the snail control and they took care of all the pet snails. - Brandy

I will do an introduction to this later in October.

I relate to SpongeBob in this episode. - Murvine_Taylor

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251 Mutiny on the Krusty

Nah, I didn't really like this episode - ChiefMudkip

252 Pineapple Invasion

The best modern episode by far! It's got a simple plot, a lot of good jokes, and feels like a pre-movie episode! It's a shame nobody has voted for it!

253 Life Insurance

Squidward abuse done right

254 Spot Returns Spot Returns

A BIG improvement over "Pet or Pests".

255 Trident Trouble Trident Trouble

Brilliant and the monsters though should be in top 1 and so should the episode in he ring love the Atomic head but

256 Giant Squidward

This has nothing to do with porn. Although, this episode is funny.

This wasn't that good. It's sort of a Squidward torture porn, and there aren't any funny jokes.

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257 Extreme Spots

This one was kinda boring. Ruins Spingebob's way of lif and everyday average happiness.

258 Squirrel Record

It's funny and this should be one of the first one's

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259 Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy II

Best MM&BB episode ever. Funny when barnacle boy gets burned 3 TIMEs. Dirty Bubbles debut and spongebob's line "I found it and it's the special dance mix! " is awesome and funny. Should be in top 10 or at least top 15

260 The Two Faces of Squidward

This is awesome and hilarious.
#handsome squid ward forever


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