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241 Seance Shmeance

"Seance Shmeance" and "Don't Look Now" is the best Halloween Spongebob Squarepants episodes! Come on!
Vote for "Seance Shmeance" and "Don't Look Now" - TheCoolMinecraftApoclypse

242 Once Bitten

There's a Family Guy episode called "Once Bitten," but if I had to choose between that FG episode or this SB one, I would pick the SB one. - Murvine_Taylor

243 Frozen Face-Off

Um, this is the only episode on Mr. Enter's Atrocity List that I'm confused as to why he put it there.

You Know, TheMysteriousMrEnter can go live in Patrick's armpit, I love this episode, one of my favorites from Season 8, this episode has so much going for it - ChiefMudkip

WHY IS THIS HERE? A crappy CGI yeti. Plus, it was boring, and had Squidward Torture! - Goatworlds

Mr.Enter put it there because he says it's a gary torture porn

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244 Krusty Dogs

This should be a little higher than 185. Maybe 95?

Way too many wiener jokes.

This episode has WAY too many penis jokes. How immature are they?! They think penises are funny?!
"It tastes like a Krabby Patty but it's shaped like a wiener! " That is so disgusting!

Yes penises are funny

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245 The Cent of Money

I hate this one! By the way where's 'move it or lose it'

Mr. Krabs torturing Gary, get this off the list. - nelsonerico6

Who put this on the list? Krabs abuses Gary for money! Animal abuse FTL!

246 Yeti Krabs

You know this episode hasn't aired yet, right?

This episode aired on February 6, and it's an improvement,

I watched this episode but it's so rare! - Brandy

This episode sucked. What's it doing here?

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247 Bummer Vacation

Oh, man! This episode is hilarious!

There's one creppy scean but this epsoides funny - Spongebobipod

248 The Chaperone

This in my opinion should be number one it shows so much humor you are cracking up every five minutes plus the moment that they do "the sponge" is just priceless this really should be higher on this list

Why is this so low I liked the the sponge dance.

This episode is so funny! SpongeBob wrecked a prom! I like the beginning where Pearl cries over a boyfriend. She cries too much...

Underrated and funny. - Gangem

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249 Sun Bleached

Best post movie episode, deserves WAY higher.

I like the part with the hip young old guy thing, that seems like something classic SpongeBob would do.

Really good for seasons 6-8, and it was overall matching season 5. - Goatworlds

What is this doing on the list?

250 Your Shoe's Untied

One of my favorite SpongeBob episodes and its at 214?

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251 Greasy Buffoons

What is this doing on the list? It is disgusting!

Ugh,I felt so sick

Oh my god why is this on the list?


A disgrace to eaterys everywhere!

How is this on the list?!?!?!

GREASY BUFFOONS SUCKS! - Gamecubesarecool193

Hahaa, It's Hilarious That this on the list! - ChiefMudkip

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253 Komputer Overload

This is the most comedy filled episode in the whole series and its supprising that its in the back (though its probably because no one gets the jokes)

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255 The Masterpiece

Mr. Krabs: I don't have a mouth in my stomach!

Perhaps the best line ever.

The Masterpiece Introduction: At the Krusty Krab they were having a slow day because on the T.V., Mr. Krabs saw a commercial about the Sea Chicken Shack. He thought that SpongeBob should go seek the restaurant out and find out why they have more costumers. SpongeBob said that it was smelly and costumer service was not good. Until SpongeBob saw a statue of Mr. Sea Chicken. So later Mr. Krabs thought he would build a statue of his own. So he hired Squidward. He told Mr. Krabs to hold a pose for a long time until he was finished. He revealed a piece of Junk! Mr. Krabs wanted a statue for kids to play on. So later SpongeBob had an idea about Mr. Krabs being painted gold and him being the statue.

256 Whelk Attack
257 Love That Squid

Definitely not bad for season 7, Squidward finally gets a happy ending - ChiefMudkip

258 Restraining SpongeBob

Restraining SpongeBob Introduction: SpongeBob was stupidly annoying to Squidward so Squidward thought that he should do something for SpongeBob to get as far away from him as possible. The next morning SpongeBob got a restraining order from Squidward. So his lawyers Combover, Harry, and Bald told SpongeBob to stay 15 feet away from Squidward. So he had to attach many boards and sticks in order to get the food to Squidward. So Patrick showed up and said that he worked at the Krusty Krab. Squidward got mad because he hated Patrick. But Squidward was so mad that Squidward was about to strangle him and Patrick did before he did. SpongeBob saw both of his best friends fighting but he did not want to violate the restraining orde but he had to and Squidward took the order and sent Patrick to jail.

Did Patrick Have To Be In This Episode. He Had No Purpose In Being There. It's Almost Like The Creators Needed A Reason For SpongeBob To Violate His Restraining Order.

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259 SpongeHenge

Who put this episode on the list?

This episode sucks so much I can't handle it

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260 Driven to Tears
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