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381 Someone's in the Kitchen with Sandy

This should be nowhere on the list. It is a TERRIBLE episode. It's very cruel and makes no sense. Literally, Sandy is not naked and Plankton is, but Sandy gets arrested for nudity. I guess you could call that ironic, but I prefer calling it stupid.

My least favorite episode in the series. I mean, come on! People pissing off Sandy for being naked when she is not even naked and also, a lot of the fish in SpongeBob are naked themselves. - itsshehahnbro

In my opinion, this is the worst episode of SpongeBob. It's an episode that treats racism like it's a good thing. Oh, and when it's not torturing Sandy to the max, it's uncreatively ripping off a much better episode.

A bit underrated, but still horrible. - Goatworlds

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382 WhoBob WhatPants?

This episode is called whatever happened to SpongeBob? WhoBob WhatPants is the dvd it's included in.

You know, I hated this episode A LOT once, but when Mr. Enter brought it up, instead of making me want to put it in my bottom 10, he actually made me hate it... less. His review had so many plotholes, false philosophies, and just plain bad reviewing that it made me realize the good in the episode. Don't get me wrong, it's still a bad episode.

Is mayonnaise an instrument? Kicking? ! I want to do some kicking! Best lines

This episode is not that bad.

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383 SpongeBob's Last Stand

Chum bucket sludge bucket
Highway fly away
Lily liver pizza giver
Mashed potato kelp tomato

So hilarious when Patrick was playing the trumpet
Should have been higher on the list

It's my favorite episode of sponge bob!

Probably my favorite post-movie SpongeBob special.

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384 The Battle of Bikini Bottom

I laughed at Patrick putting the nails

It was great! Should be much higher! - Goatworlds

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385 Toy Store of Doom V 3 Comments
386 Penny Foolish

I know this episode is overhated, but I like this episode especially the beginning. Please respect my opinion and I will respect yours.

Extremely overhated it got so many negative reviews on

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387 Demolition Doofus

This DID make me hate Mrs. Puff, but Otherwise it's actually good. I mean, SpongeBob in a demolition derby, that's actually a pretty good plot.

A teacher that wants to kill a student. Congrats Nickelodeon, you made the best episode ever...

NOT. This episode was HORRIBLE, and Mrs. Puff is EVIL. She is a crazy murderer! WHO'S THE IDIOT WHO PUT THIS CRAP ON THE LIST?!?! I WANT A WORD WITH YOU...!

I was actually rooting for Mrs. Puff in this episode because I can understand why she wanted SpongeBob dead after all of these years of SpongeBob injuring her in car crashes - Mcgillacuddy

This is my least favorite spongebob episode bar none

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388 Truth or Square

SpongeBob, Patrick, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward are in the air duct for the entire episode. Boring as hell. - Mcgillacuddy

Extremely overhated definitely in my top 10 overhated SpongeBob episode

Underrated episode. - Goatworlds

There are so many things to love about this special. The HD Animation, the new setting. but my favorite part is by far, the flashbacks.

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389 Stuck in the Wringer

This horrible episode should not be on the list.

This was an evil episode

Patrick makes everything worse by gluing him to the wringer. He's such an idiot.

The fish are completely hypocritical and Spongebob gets tortured for no reason. WHY IS THIS ON THE LIST? - DCfnaf

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390 Are You Happy Now?

This episode is terrible!

This episode had SUICIDE jokes! It's horrible!

I HATE THIS EPISODE! This is worse than One Coarse Meal in my opinion.

Take away the suicide and this episode is Okay. - DarkSideOfRandy

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391 Pet Sitter Pat

Stupid Episode, Patrick tries to torture Gary. - nelsonerico6

It's a sequel to a pal for gary

All it is is disturbing.

"sigh"Oh Boy - ChiefMudkip

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392 The Curse of Bikini Bottom
393 Atlantis SquarePantis

Although the music was boring, I love this episode. I thinks it's very underrated.

I like this one, I don't get people's hate for it.

Great episode, underrated, my favorite. - istooduptoabully

Really enjoyed this as a kid. I loved the completely random story and how all the characters just went with it.

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394 To Love a Patty

This was the worst of SpongeBob, he is in love with a burger and almost wanted to marry it. It was pointless, the only funny part when Patrick said he was replaced by a sandwich.

Why is this on the list? This episode sucks!

I feel bad for those poor clams that died when SpongeBob murdered a bunch of them JUST TO SAVE A STUPID SANDWICH!

I'm really concerned about the mindset of Jem Reviews says in one of his videos "This is a criminal minds episode"! - DCfnaf

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395 Face Freeze

This episode is bad, literally. Except for the end when Squidward gets his face frozen and says it's not funny, which is very true.

Really? I found this episode very funny and very unique. For one reason, Mr. Krabs isn't so obsessed about money and kinda acts the way he did in the old episodes. Secondly, those faces were flat out funny (including Patrick's voice), I'm surprised people didn't like this episode that much.

This episode is overrated. It shouldn't be on this list.

Not overrated at all, because I never heard one person say this was a good or funny episode, so it's just a horrible episode - Phillip873

What? I love this episode! It actually has a decent moral to it in the vein of the Brothers Grimm fairy tales. I Was a Teenage Gary was worse than this.

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396 Little Yellow Book

What the heck LITTLE YELLOW BOOK is doing here? It was a HORRIBLE episode.

What bubble buddy is not the worst the most notable people who says the worst pre movie episode (and yes saying its much most than all post movie episode) is bubble buddy

2nd least favorite only to bubble buddy - bolbi9

The episode can be described in one word; Hypocritical.

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397 A Pal for Gary

Why is this here? I HATE this episode. Puffy Fluffy makes me LOATHE and SICK!

Remove this episode, please.

Worst scene in all of SpongeBob:

SpongeBob: " Gary! You put Puffy Fluffy down right now!

(Gary literally about to get eaten inside Puffy's mouth.)

One of the WORST episode ever I seen. Not the BEST.

Puffy Fluffy Is A Dummy - BlueSheepYT

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398 The Splinter

Why is this on the list? Are you teasing with me, ha? This episode was definitely HORRIBLE.

Is this supposed to be funny. SpongeBob gets a Splinter and it gets worse by Patrick. If the writers try to do how Patrick helped SpongeBob in Suds, It didn't work.

I hate this episode. First of all, it's creepy, gross, and stupid. Second, WHAT'S WRONG WITH Nickelodeon?!?!?! Patrick only makes the splinter worse by hitting it with a mallet, and dumping garbage all over it. This is so immature and nauseating.

Gross episode

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399 One Coarse Meal

This episode is Atrocious in every way. Suicide!? I realize they did this stunt again in Are You Happy Now but this actually goes in for the kill (no pun intended) I mean my god... This should be on the bottom. - bdcool3

I hate how they put SUICIDE as a joke! It's not even hidden like it was in Are You Happy Now, so at least that episode doesn't really pass the theme. But this one does, and it acts like it's FUNNY! Also, Krabs drives someone to SUICIDE and Plankton just tries and fails to steal a FAST FOOD RECIPE. Yet, we're supposed to root for Krabs and see Plankton as the villain! This episode is HORRIBLE and, if every copy in the world was collected and burned, I would not object.

Man, Why is this in the last place spot? It should be #1, I absolutely ADORED & LOVED the Plankton Commits Suicide Scene, we need to introduce some real world events to children's lives. Mr Krabs was simply such a WONDERFUL character in this episode, And Plankton was such a VIOLENT VILLIAN, just like he should be! I LOVE how SpongeBob betrays the Violent VILLIAN (Plankton), Because it adds a twist to the episode & it shows how GREAT of a character SpongeBob is, he really does have a good nature.

I voted for it. And you should too.

Extra Note: I actually hate this episode, I just listed all the things I hated about it and put them like they were good things, but the best good thing about the episode is the fact that it is SO DARN LOW on the list.

Searched it on purpose to say this is one of the most ABYSMAL episodes of spongebob! Not funny at all and plankton literally tries to kill himself after two weeks of mental torture from mr krabs being an ass! They didn't even make it subtle, plankton literally said he's trying to get run over because he couldn't take it anymore. However I'm not surprised, this was made at a time where spongebob was at its worst - Phillip873

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