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401 Pat No Pay

I hate this epsoide it's short and dumb - Spongebobipod

402 Original Fry Cook
403 Banned In Bikini Bottom
404 Stanley S. SquarePants

"He can't do anything right! " This episode isn't that bad.

V 1 Comment
405 Blackened Sponge
406 Chum Bucket Supreme
407 Flea In Her Treedome

To be honest this one sucks a little.

It's "A Flea In Her Dome" not Treedome - ChiefMudkip

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408 Blackjack
409 To Save a Squirrel V 1 Comment
410 The Bad Guy Club For Villains V 1 Comment
411 Safe Deposit Krabs
412 Shell of a Man V 1 Comment
413 Born to Be Wild
414 Sharks vs. Pods V 1 Comment
415 Sandy's Nutmare
416 Lame and Fortune
417 Snooze You Lose

NOPE it has squid torture - Lunala

This is a good mordern episode. It should be higher. - PageEmperor

418 House Worming
419 Plankton Retires Plankton Retires
420 The Getaway
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