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401 Pat No Pay

I hate this epsoide it's short and dumb - Spongebobipod

402 The Executive Treatment

Pretty boring, and yet annoying towards the end.

403 Original Fry Cook
404 Banned In Bikini Bottom
405 Stanley S. SquarePants

"He can't do anything right! " This episode isn't that bad.

V 1 Comment
406 Blackened Sponge
407 Chum Bucket Supreme
408 Flea In Her Treedome

To be honest this one sucks a little.

It's "A Flea In Her Dome" not Treedome - ChiefMudkip

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409 Blackjack
410 To Save a Squirrel V 1 Comment
411 The Bad Guy Club For Villains V 1 Comment
412 Safe Deposit Krabs
413 Shell of a Man V 1 Comment
414 Born to Be Wild
415 Krabs vs. Plankton
416 Enemy In Law
417 Sharks vs. Pods V 1 Comment
418 Sandy's Nutmare
419 Lame and Fortune
420 Snooze You Lose

NOPE it has squid torture - Lunala

This is a good mordern episode. It should be higher. - PageEmperor

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