Top 10 Alternative Names for "Generation Z"

Generation Z describes anyone born after Millennials (i.e. after 1996-97 or so). I got some of these names from articles on this topic. This list is called alternatives to Generation Z, because that seems to be the most popular name right now (2018). Gen Z is a fine name, but it's not very interesting or descriptive. For new suggestions, I'd rather that we avoid branded names like "iGen" or "Generation Google."
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1 The Internet Generation

As stereotypical as it is, the biggest difference between Gen Z and Millennials really is that Gen Z grew up with the Internet firmly in place.

Not every millennial had the internet as a child.

The internet did basically shape us!

2 The Realists

We have grown up absorbing everything around us. This is because of the insane amount of information that is thrown at us at all time. That means we have learned to sift through things and have a desire to figure out the truth. We have grown up with the best ideals so far thanks to the generations before us. People are people, boom, got it, thanks. But we have also grown up being told that the world is out to get us and bad things are everywhere. Yup, global warming is probably going to kill us all. Sure, we may not be the ones fully affected, but our kids and grandkids will probably face the apocalypse. So we feel an immense pressure and stress. We have to fix things or we will be known as the generation that drove the nail in the coffin and doomed humanity. Don't mess up! We are currently still growing up and are about to come of age. We are scared and anxious and we are not 'battle hardened' yet we have to create some of the most difficult change yet and face the most important decisions to define a new millennium.

3 Zoomers

This one is very simple, we use Zoom a lot due to the pandemic.

4 The Rainbow Generation

First generation of Americans who seem largely un-hung-up on racial, gender, economic etc. differences - willing to accept, listen to and learn from anyone - more multi-racial individuals than any other generation per the new census data - first to love and accept NERDS!

If you don't support LGBTQ, then you're a violent and uncivilized terrorist that would be much better off deported to a highly crime-ridden third world country.

I wish I was Generation Z or Alpha
1. Less hatred.
2. Not transphobic.
3. Childhood internet and mobile phone.
Had neither when I was a child in the 90s.

5 The Global Generation

This is what some people already called Millennials, but Gen Z is far more global, because of how easy for them it is to instantly communicate with people across the globe.

6 Generation Solo

Some claim that Gen Z are more private and independent-minded than Millennials. This could be because they spend more time in their internet bubble, or because they are disillusioned by society, or because their parents were part of Gen X. Either way, this name reflects how they prefer to do work on their own.

Because we grew up during the Covid pandemic, we were separated from a lot of things, and ended up having to do things solo instead of getting help.

7 Generation Scapegoat

It would be funny to see the media try to scapegoat a generation called "Generation Scapegoat." Hopefully then Gen Z could avoid the scapegoating that us Millennials had to endure (I was born in 1996).

As a millennial myself, I really hope that Gen Z can avoid the kind of scapegoating that has befallen the millennial generation.

8 The TikTok Generation
9 The Swag Yeet Lit Fam Gen

This is their language. We are not meant to understand or God forbid try to use it any more than we are meant to understand the paradigm these kids were born into, that shapes them

10 The Culture Creators

The Internet created a platform for people of any age to contribute to the global culture. This allowed Gen Z to be influential with their content from a young age, whether that is memes or something more serious.

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11 Deltas

This was the name picked by Gen Z members in a recent New York Times article

12 The Gaming Generation

You can get the general idea from the name but most of gen z is on a video game or other internet activity's.

Same idea as Memers except with video games.

13 The Final Generation

Really sums up the weird pseudo-nihilism that seems to rule the Gen-Z mindset.

Let's be honest, because of what the previous generations have done to the environment, we will be the last / final generation on this planet (at least of humans)

14 The Fumduckers
15 The Anxious Generation

I'm a gen z kid and the amount of kids in my generation with anxiety is staggering. I go to school and every day I hear at least one kid talking about their struggle with anxiety. Out of 18 of my friends, 9 commented to me before about having anxiety (and about 5 of them I'm pretty sure have actually been diagnosed with anxiety disorder or should be). We are stressed out because of pressure. Part of this is our own doing. I've noticed that quite of few of the people in my generation are not content and have the feeling of not having purpose. They are scared they will fall behind. Also, this generation likes self-degrading jokes. They don't want to be 'special snowflakes' yet they don't want to be forgotten.

16 Post-Millennials

Like "Generation Z," this name is not very descriptive. That might be a good thing, because it doesn't stereotype. But it's annoying for Gen Z to have to be defined in relation to Millennials instead of on their own terms.

17 Digital Natives
18 The Screwed Generation

The generations before us screwed us over with global warming, pollution, etc.

19 Ground Zero

The generation has been shaped by September 11, hence "Ground Zero"

20 Generation Alpha

Generation alpha is born 2012 to 2025 guys. You were very close for getting the time frame right

We ARE the alpha generation, or at least we will be because of all the BS that we need to put up with (thanks for that other generations)

21 The Individualists

Basically the same premise as Generation Solo just with a different name, for all those people who want the generation to sound smart and important.

The same idea as Generation Solo, just a different name.

22 Information Generation
23 The 3DS Generation
24 Centennials
25 Generation Nihilism
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