Top Ten Worst Groups of People

There are many people in this world that you can't help but facepalm at. Some are horrible, horrible monsters that are only here to cause harm to society. At worst, they cause the Holocaust (who cares about 9/11). At best, they annoy you.

Then we have groups dedicated to bigotry and terrorism and all sorts of despicable things. These are groups of people that hold back the Human race and the sooner they disappear, the better off we will be.
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They not only kill people, but they also destroy historical artifacts.

Can apply to any terrorist, stupid, Islamic group.

They kill millions of people and cause destabilization in Middle Eastern countries.

2 Nazis

Supporting a despicable man who murdered millions of innocent people and negatively affected the lives of many more, simply because they are not of the "Pure Aryan Race". They better wake up and smell the 21st century.

They hate every race except for their own and they brainwash people.

At least there's none anymore.

But isn't ISIS like Islamic Nazis?

3 The KKK

The most hardcore racists in history.

They're so racist.

Racist as hell.

4 Neo-Nazis

The same as Nazis. There is no other way to explain it.

They are honestly worse than Nazis because they know damn well that they are supporting evil people.

Same thing as Nazis.

5 Genocide Supporters

Does anyone really have to say something about this?

6 Communists

They ruin everything with their supposed equality for all the masses, except the ruling class lives in luxury while the masses are forced to live in near-poor conditions, struggling for food, shelter, and healthcare.

My family fled from a communist country to America. Trust me, communism is nasty.

I forgot what this is.

7 Al-Qaeda
8 Anti-Vaccination Movement

They would rather die than believe scientific research. They will believe everything on the internet and are the reason why more and more people are dying from diseases.

Do I have to go through this? Well, basically, the anti-vaccination movement is just sad. The worst part is that it somehow causes stuff to happen with the child? Allergic reactions to vaccines are unsurprisingly uncommon, and one specific point is linked to a single document. Come on...

People are dying.

9 Holocaust Deniers

I'm baffled as to why they still exist! The Holocaust is obviously a cold, hard fact. The Holocaust killed millions of lives, and denying it is just a disgrace to those who died during it and the rest of the human race.

An actual quote from an Auschwitz survivor:

"How can they say 'There was no Auschwitz?' I have it right on my arm" - Ceija Stojka.

I mean, what kind of idiot denies the Holocaust?

10 Social Justice Warriors

Justice is not likely. More like they want to push their own self-importance because people do not want to listen to them.

They are extremely annoying and deserve to be shut down.

Prime example of the road to hell being paved with good intentions.

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? Free Palestine Movement
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11 Alt-Right

I don't know, but I think conservative?

A bunch of bored white people dying to be oppressed about something.

12 Feminist

They want equality, no problem, but when they begin to affect society, then they become a problem. They manipulate things to ensure a man is punished to push their own agenda, even if the woman is in the wrong.

Feminism equals the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Sounds reasonable to me. And to place feminists on this list next to Nazis, ISIS, Holocaust Deniers, etc., seems wildly inappropriate. Why such a strong, irrational reaction to feminism? Women only gained the right to vote in the US in 1920. History is not a straight line. Progress is not guaranteed. Women (and men) have the right to fight for women's equality and to fight to maintain women's equality.

Over the years, women have been gaining more equal rights. That may be true, but now, in first-world countries, these Feminazis are a movement full of bigoted misandrists out to get men. While some, like a certain user here, may say that Feminism, by definition, is about seeking equality among both sexes, it's important to remember that Feminism is a movement. This means that the actions within this movement define what they stand for. Actions speak louder than words. To put it simply, the definition in the dictionary is irrelevant.

13 Terrorists

Bunch of complete nut jobs.

14 Rapists

There is never an excuse for such a disgraceful crime!

Need I say more? They're disgusting rapists.

Is there an explanation for these people?

15 Just Stop Oil

They are stopping cities and even one point, stopped a dying baby from getting medical attention, they should be in the top 20.

16 Satanists

I was almost killed against my will for Satanic purposes. I'd rather die naturally than have a dagger in my heart.

They want eternal damnation? They're going to get it. They will NEVER enter Heaven because they worship Satan.

Satan is the embodiment of evil. Enough said.

17 Pedophiles

Not much needed to say about this. We all know they are monsters and need to be kept locked away.

Should be number 1, ISIS by number 2.

Kids should be protected from sex, not have it forced upon them.

18 Americans

I remember making a whole list dedicated to these people. And I'm an American myself!

There are some rude people in America, but also in every other country! Geez!

I am American. I can confirm.

19 Mexican Cartels
20 Trump Supporters
21 Black Lives Matter (BLM)

The BLM founders are now multimillionaires as BLM is bankrupt. Imagine many of America's own citizens are calling each other racist and believe they are living in a horrible racist country while people from virtually every other country on the planet are entering the country in record numbers. Wake up, America. Don't allow the country to be destroyed by leftists, Antifa, and BLM.

They take things too far! Protesting for one's rights is one thing. Demolishing and repeating the same things is another. They should be stopped.

They kidnapped and abused a disabled white guy. What is wrong with them?

22 Flat Earthers

These people are absolute idiots. There is science to prove that the Earth is not flat.

Again, one of the four idiots.

23 Bullies

Get this to Number 1.

25 AntiFa
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