Top 10 Fandoms that Most Represent the Phrase: "The Only People Who Hate It More Than the Haters are the Fans"

"No one hates ____ more than the fans" - Fill in the blank by voting on this list!

Note: This list is not meant to offend anyone. I fully understand that not all members of these fandoms are toxic and overly critical of the source material. In fact, I am a member of most of these fandoms.
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1 The Star Wars Fandom

When doing a simple Google search for the phrase "No one hates it more than the fans", it seems that the phrase might have been invented specifically to talk about the Star Wars fandom.

Say all you want about the Steven Universe fandom or the Bronies, but the Star Wars fandom is, in my experience, the most toxic fandom. George Lucas sold it, and honestly, I can't blame him after all the hate he's received for decades. All he wanted was to make a space opera for kids and their parents to enjoy. Ahmed Best almost killed himself after receiving hate for playing Jar Jar. Kelly Marie Tran deleted her entire Instagram after the racist hate she received for playing Rose Tico. There were boycotts of "Force Awakens" just because of the casting of John Boyega. This fandom has some really toxic people.

Part of the reason is that the Star Wars fandom is relatively old. The people who were the target audience (kids) when the originals came out in 1977, 1980, and 1983, were adults (no longer the target audience) when the prequels came out in 1999, 2002, and 2005. Naturally, they viewed the series with different, more cynical eyes than they did as children, and this led to bitterness and toxicity. Then, the people who were kids during the prequels grew up and hated on the sequels. Even when fans do think critically about their favorites, it turns into bitterness quickly. I can't count the number of Star Wars blogs, Reddit threads/Subreddits, YouTube videos/channels, or lists on this site that seem to exist solely to criticize the series.

It's really kind of tragic to see the way that this fandom has become the very thing it sought to destroy.

2 The Total Drama Fandom

I think that users of this website in particular know what I am talking about when I say that the Total Drama fans tend to be more defined by the things that they hate about the show. These include the characters that they feel are overused or underused, the plot lines they disliked, what they believe different characters "deserved", and what couples they love the most being better than those that they hate the most, rather than the things that they actually love about the show.

Then, like many other toxic fandoms, Total Drama has received reboots and spinoffs, which tend to be the catalysts for all sorts of toxicity, generally in the form of whining about the new instead of just appreciating the old.

3 The Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir Fandom

This entry is a bit unique as Miraculous is a relatively young fandom. However, it has grown quickly. Combined with immature writers on Twitter/X, it has become quite toxic, and just about anything can lead to a controversy. Each season of the show is different, and those that prefer certain characters or episode styles...

4 The Clone High Fandom

No one hates Clone High more than the people who were fans back in 2003 and then grew up to find that the show was no longer targeted towards them.

5 The South Park Fandom

This show has gone through so many eras and has so many different kinds of episodes. Different people became fans at different points in time and after watching different kinds of episodes, so there are many ideas about "what South Park is". When the show doesn't fit into the tiny boxes that some fans put it into, the show receives a ton of hate from its own fans. Then there's the social commentary side of the show that people are always disagreeing upon. The show critiques just about every group, and many people seem to be unable to understand the nuances of this criticism. These people then become toxic when a group that they happen to be part of is called out, and instead of swallowing their pride, they whine about the show "going downhill".

... And that's not even getting into all of the controversies surrounding the romantic pairings of elementary-school-aged children and the ship wars that the different pairings create.

6 The Stranger Things Fandom

This show was just asking to have a problematic fandom when they included a love triangle in the first episode, and then dragged out the love triangle for four seasons. Then, they added yet another love triangle involving the plot twist of a character being gay. No matter how much or how little they explored this character, it will still be entirely too much for some people and entirely too little for others. This show is still pretty young, so the controversies within the fandom are not a product of age, but of popularity. Despite being a show about nerdy kids, Stranger Things is relatively mainstream, and the bigger a fandom becomes, the more passionate it becomes.

7 The Marvel Fandom

Ever since the beginning of Phase 4, fanboys have been rioting about "woke" movies "ruining the MCU." I don't have the energy to get into all of the flaws in those arguments.

Just more white guys hating everything that doesn't feature white guys in their comic book movies.

8 The She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Fandom
9 The Nintendo Fandom

I'm not all that familiar with this fandom, but based on the fact that the only Nintendo YouTubers I know are Nathaniel Bandy and NicoBBQ, who, from my understanding, mostly make videos about the things that most bother them about Nintendo games, it felt fitting to put this fanbase on the list. Both Nathaniel Bandy and NicoBBQ have tons of fans, and yet they make content that puts down the franchise that they claim to love. While there are positive videos, these negative videos raise some interesting questions about Nintendo fans.

One interesting thing to note is that the Nintendo fandom is one of the oldest: the company got its start with card games in 1889.

They just whine all the dang time.

10 The Disney/Pixar Fandom

Once again, it's an old fandom that has gone through many eras, but it's young enough that just about every generation still has nostalgia for it, and the older characters still hold up today. However, all these eras get compared to each other constantly, especially when new movies come out. Every era has had good and bad parts, and just because a franchise no longer makes movies that you personally like does not mean that the whole franchise is going downhill.

Disney is about to destroy Western Civilization whenever they cast non-white, non-hetero, non-cis, or just anybody fat. Racist neckbeards hate it.

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11 The Sonic the Hedgehog Fandom
12 The Slipknot Fandom (Maggots)
13 The Sega Fandom
14 The Spider-Man Fandom
15 The JoJo's Bizarre Fandom
16 The Dragon Ball Z Fandom
17 The My Hero Academia Fandom
18 The Transformers Fandom
19 The Bendy and the Ink Machine Fandom
20 The Beastars Fandom
21 The Genshin Impact Fandom
22 The Big Brother Fandom
23 The Halloween Franchise Fandom
24 Super Smash Bros. Fans
25 Survivor Fans
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