Worst Leftist Groups and Movements

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1 Antifa

At first, this sounds like an actually good movement, but I don't think that they're ACTUALLY doing what they claim to do properly. Heard they literally target everyday Conservatives and everyday Trump supporters. This can't be just me who thinks that this is just extremism.

This is rather legitimate to be honest but the system that the Antifas are "rebelling" against are far from being Orwellian fascist. I hold the same ideology as them but I dissaprove of their rather disruptive methods.

I may be left leaning but I hate Antifa because they think anyone who isn't an Anarchist,Communist or Syndicalist is a Fascist and I'm a Social Democrat so they would see me as fascist even though I'm left lean in.Also most of Antifa's victims are Conservatives and Liberals.I support them when they're fighting actual Fascists and Neo Nazis(Like the ones in Charlottesville) but most of the time they don't.-DarkBoi-X

2 Black Lives Matter

They have a legitimate reason for their cause in my opinion. Negroes in America are a rather economically marginalized people. Possibly due to the effects of years of racial segregation that still last to this day which puts them at an unequal level as white people when it comes to job opportunities and standards of living. Not to mention, the police brutality inflicted upon negroes which is rather rampant and concerning. Also this list is riddled with strawman and "what-about-ism" arguments.

The most harmful thing to the black community. BLM encourages black people to feel victimized and oppressed in America when they aren't. They constantly remind the black community about their past and tell them that police officers are evil. While ignoring the #1 killer of black people, themselves.

They make black people feel like they are being oppressed and label things as racist even when they are clearly not. Ok so a black person was killed by a police officer for trying to shoot the cop and now that cop is racist? What the heck. This is a stupid movement


If I say something regarding anything negative about a group like this I get harassed by them or supporters from OUTSIDE THEIR GROUP. And yet they're the ones who are infiltrating places and doing things that I know real LGBTQ+ people would ever actually do. My memories are that these people are supremacists and have been the reason I lose my mind with leftism.

Look, I don't care if you're straight, just don't rub it in everyone's faces like the Straight Pride Parade does. They complain about oppression from gays while ignoring the fact that it's illegal to be straight in zero countries. They demonize Islam but also support Atheism, the most pro-gay belief.

Look, I don't care if you're gay, just don't rub it in everyone's faces like the LGBT does. They complain about oppression in America while ignoring the fact that it's illegal to be gay in most Middle Eastern countries. They demonize Christianity but also support Islam, the most homophobic religion.

4 Planned Parenthood

Planned parenthood exists so that women can keep having sex with random men for free. Obviously nobody in his right mind wants to pick up some used up tang off the street with 8 kids from 8 different fathers, but the solution to not ending up like that is abstinence, not doubling down on harlotry. Thanks to these women and Planned Parenthood, America could have 60 million extra people and possibly the next Einstein, but we don't.

Responsible for over 300,000 deaths per year. Planned Parenthood gives good parenting advise but kills innocent children

Believe it or not, they're the biggest murderers in the U.S.

5 March 4 Our Lives

I would never give up my gun! Why would I? So I could be completely defenseless if someone tried to break into my house? Yeah not happening Because there's actually stories out there about a good guy using a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun. Yet the media doesn't cover it (hmm I wonder why). If you don't like guns don't own one it's as simple as that. If you want to know what the gun problem is it's people with Mental Health Issues! The only way a gun will ever fire is if it's loaded and someone pulls the trigger

As a social libertarian, I support the rights to own a gun to defend one-self. Something I agree with conservatives for once. But, just how rampant school shootings are and how gun laws are seemingly that lenient in America. (Even somehow falling into the hands of the "mentally ill"). I wouldn't blame them for it.

After the Parkland Shooting, a bunch of anti-American sheep gathered to protest the NRA (which had nothing to do with the shooting), trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and ignoring mental illness.

6 Take A Knee

And I bet the NFL wonders why it's ratings are still going down. First the cops aren't the problem and second you're being disrespectful to the military. Last year I tolerated it because I thought maybe the players would protest or something during the off-season but nope! They're just trying to get attention. This time around I'm not allowing it. If it happens I'm boycotting the NFL because guess what? I need police to stop criminals and military to protect the US but I will never need a Football player

It is their First Amendment right to take a knee as a gesture of raising awareness of the problem of police brutality. You can't deny it's a rather serious problem in the black community. And no, they're not disregarding the service of soldiers that died for the nation just because they're kneeling during the national anthem.

Just like BLM, these spoiled NFL players kneel over a DEBUNKED theory that cops kill black people all the time. They are ruining the game. I hope their knees break next time they kneel.

7 Me 2 Movement

Just a bunch of CRAZY feminists who THINK women are oppressed in America. They hate men and get offended so easily. They ignore that women are mistreated in the Middle East

Look, some accusations may be true, but I think a lot may be false, and women are accusing some men just to ruin their lives.

8 Anti-Vaccination Movement

It should be obvious why this is here. If they make vaccines illegal and paint themselves as saints to the newer generation, I will rip off the skin of my body.

I can guarantee you that smallpox and polio would love it if that happened.

This isn't even a leftist movement. The movement is still stupid, nonetheless. Yeah, let's let our kids die from a disease virtually no one gets anymore! You know why you don't hear about people getting Polio anymore? Because they got vaccinated.

I guess it's perfectly sane if you want your children to die from diseases and viruses that could easily be prevented with vaccines in the near future. We know what happened to the natives of the New World when many settlers brought pathogens from Europe that wiped off nearly all of them. But either way, vaccines don't cause autism, people. Also, how is this a leftist movement? Lmao.

9 Khmer Rouge

While ya'll complaining about trivial SJW stuff, here's a leftist movement that is legitimately worst than all of them combined. This was the movement that ruled Cambodia during the 1970s under Pol Pot. They believed that they only need a million agrarian workers to fully develop Cambodia and discarded the need of well-educated intellectuals nor industrialists. They regularly relocated folks from the village into the city and urban dwellers into the village vice-versa. They also killed millions just to achieve this "utopia" by killing off counter-revolutionaries like I mentioned previously (including people wearing glasses). Guess what happened, the economy was in ruins and refugees were pouring into neighboring nations before Vietnam had to liberate them.

This should definitely be number 1 on this list. Much higher than BLM or LGBTQ movement since those aren't even bad but the right likes to focus on the extremist side which is a minority in those groups.
The Khmer Rouge deserves number 1 since their anti-intellectual policies led to the deaths of 2 million people which was 1/4 of Cambodia's population.

10 People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals A subsidiary of the animal rights organization PETA, Peta Games develops video games aimed at promoting animal welfare. The company's titles often carry social messages and strive to raise awareness about animal rights issues.

I don't really need to explain why everyone and their ancestors and offspring hate PETA.

They're so stupid...

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11 Abolish ICE

Ahhh yes we should totally allow criminals from other countries to smuggle drugs in this country, steal children and take them into sex trafficking, and otherwise wreck havoc here. Bet whoever started this movement is a sex trafficker or a drug smuggler themself.

News headline: "ICE arrests dad on way to hospital with pregnant wife".
REAL facts: ICE arrested a man for outstanding MURDER warrant.
Inconvenient truth, major news organizations purposely omitted the MURDER warrant part.

So you want to get rid of the people who:

-Keep out borders safe
-Hunt down pedophiles
-Find and arrest sex traffickers

Well, do you?

12 Communist Party USA

There is no communist party in America. As a matter of fact we HATE communism, nazism, or any way of goverment that isn't a democracy because those other types of governments have millions of people killed for no reason.

13 Transgender Movement

This led to some SJWs pretending to be trans for clout and attention. Stop being so attention hungry. Heard that there are also moms that FORCE their kids to be LGBTQ for CLOUT, which is absolutely disgusting. If your kid doesn't want to be LGBTQ and face the potential consequences of being LGBTQ, don't make em. Just imagine if YOU were forced to become gay by your attention-hungry mom against your free will. I certainly would hate my mother and immediately move out as soon as I turn 18.

Transgender is not real and you cannot change your gender.

14 Bolsheviks

Should be #1 on best

15 SJWs

Not really a specific group or movement.

16 Nation of Islam

Proof that Black people can be racist as well. You being Black, Asian, Latino, etc doesn't mean that you're not a racist no matter how actually racist you are.

This African American group has been strongly associated with black supremacism and antisemitism.

17 Fat Acceptance Movement

If you're fat, you're obviously not healthy. I don't want fat people to be seen as perfectly healthy, because it just isn't true. I think just because of this "movement", actual fatphobia is being flown under the radar more easily because people would probably assume that any reports of legitimate fatphobia are SJWs whining about people saying that fat people aren't healthy, because they legitimately aren't.

I'm sorta overweight and let me tell you, being fat is not good at all. If you think telling fat people to exercise or stop eating so much junk food is "fat shaming" or "fatphobic" then there is something wrong with you since you're essentially supporting a lifestyle that leads to obesity which leads to diabetes which leads to heart failure.

The only movement without movement.

18 Women's March

There's at least SOME supporters of this movement who are just straight-up misandrists and the reason why feminism has an overall bad name today.

19 The Resistance

Yay! Rebel against a free country! Smart!

20 Stalinists

Look up why people hate Stalin. Should be self-explanatory. I also see a good amount of these on Reddit, and it's probably because of the USSR memes making people think Stalin was good, giving people who were already Stalinists more confidence to come out and openly meat-ride Stalin, or both.

21 Families Belong Together

This works fine and I am in support of it, so long as all criminals who are US citizens are released if they happen to have kids. Alternately, let the kids go and live with their parents in prison. Both choices sound good, right?

So let me get this straight. They're focusing on like 2,000 kids who were temporarily separated.
What about kids who have parents in jail?
Or in overseas the Military?
Or are in Foster Care?

Bill Clinton put the family separation laws into place, meaning all this happened under Obama. Yet the media finally decides to bring it up under Trump. Just sad.

22 Democratic Socialists of America

Fun fact: Hitler called himself a democratic socialist. Now Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist

Democratic socialism is still socialism!

Nothing democratic about them, socialism killed 90,000,000 people, not to forget hitler was a socialist

23 Defund the Police Movement

Bad police officers do exist, but the supporters of this movement probably thinks that the bad ones make up 100% of the police population. Do you really want crime rates to rise since criminals now know that there's a far slimmer chance they'll get caught without the police? I certainly don't. Just get the bad ones out of the police force instead of targeting the entire group.

24 #metoo Movement
25 Never Again MSD
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