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1 Edgy People

What do you mean by edgy people are you talking about extreme people, people that like to do dangerous things for the adrenaline rush because with the comment under this it makes it sound like another word for goth maybe emo. Unless your talking about those that like to say their edgy because they think the word edgy sounds cool

I agree with what DarkBoi-X has said repeatedly in the past. Fake edgy people who are trying way too hard and/or doing it for attention are annoying, but actual edgy people are fine.

I'm far from edgy but I respect their opinion

2 Autistic People

EVERYONE who compares autistic teens and adults to preschool children should be forced to take a nice, hot shower at a German concentration camp.

That one annoying ignorant tigger who wrote "They are funny" should get hanged high in the nearest tree and have his corpse laughed at by everyone else.

Excuse me! This is the 21st century, not the 20th century. We now accept autistic people in this century and today's society(except there are a few ableists that need to be ridden from existence and of smithereens). Even I know only one ableist in this website that I refuse to name because of obvious reasons.- Kevinsidis

3 Atheists

Seriously, highly religious people, leave them alone! You cannot save their souls and turn to them to the ways of the"lord and savior", you cannot discriminate them due to their beliefs, you cannot upset atheists by bringing debates between religion and atheism, you cannot purposely mention religion if your purpose is to upset them, etc. It makes me very sick to my esophagus that they are treated as worthless, "Satanists", "Sinners", and mostly Vicious... I'm glad that O'Hare made history of the Supreme Court and schools that the daily prayers are removed because it's unconstitutional due to the violation of the 1st amendment, but that's not enough. We need more resistance soon of being loved in America instead of being hated. Hope and wisdom will be spread soon that we shall be socially accepted of our beliefs and that we are one. I'm sorry if I sound so hostile, I experienced these a few times at school.- Kevinsidis

I respect them but saying that they know gods don't exist is a bit of a stretch, I'd say agnosticism is the correct word for most atheists

Many are seen as neckbeards and hypocrites when this isn't true

Yes *looks down*

4 Anime Fans

Not all anime fans are bad. Just the fans who disrespect other's opinions on not liking anime. If you don't like it, I respect your opinion. Easy and simple. That being said, I'm a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, and Bleach - TheDarkOne_221b

Not all anime fans are weaboos.Also nothing wrong if you like anime.I like Tokyo Ghoul and Attack On Titan.

Yes! We deserve more respect!

5 Conservatives

It's 2022. People now think conservative party = fascist because that's what the highly liberati party considers them. Trump broke the liberati and even though we've had literally zero indication that anything the right conservatives are doing is fascist in any category, the left considers anything remotely center to be fascist now.

Which entails to billions of people around the world who just want to live normal lives.

Some people see them as fundamentalist nutjobs who hate poor people,minorities and women when again this is false.ANd I'm not Liberal or Conservative.I would say I am a Social Democrat who feels kinda centrist.

Trump is a Republican, so every republicans going to be hated until we have a new President

6 Religious People

Both religious people and Atheists get way too much hate.Many religious people are seen as nutjobs who ignore science when this is false.

Hated by cult-like people who are somehow ironically way more religious than they are.

Sorry but they are not good people. I had bad experiences with that kind of people.

They allow reputation to take over what they think about us. We've had stereotypes, and we've often been persecuted for them.

7 Homosexuals

Without gay people our population would overflow and we would run out of food, water, and space.

All homophobic straight people should get hanged and burned in the nearest tree.

To the comment below actually it wouldn't overflow if gay people didn't exist.

8 Liberals

Liberalism as an ideology itself is alright apart from the abortion rules which is crap, I think abortion should just be illegal, the only time abortion is necessary if if the child or parent will die during the birth process, otherwise it's a big sin

This picture is enough proof.Some people see Liberals as sensitive SJW hypocrites when they are not.Liberals are kinda centrist but kinda left leaning at the same time while SJW's are far left

What's so bad about giving women, minorities, LGBT, poor people, and immigrants rights?

9 Americans

This was a good add, some of the hate comes from Muslims upset that we are a predominantly Christian Country instead of believing the Qu'ran, others from the misconception that Americans are gun toting fanatics, even though that is just a very vocal minority, some for our government representatives, and others for their thoughts that Americans are ignorant and doesn't care for other countries history and a few drunk American tourists doing dumb things abroad

Edgelords online who LIVE IN AMERICA think they're being real funny when they talk about how America is bad over stuff they actually can't control. But what's worse are the Europeans who like to slander America constantly while their nations are as bad if not way worse. Go away Europeans, you need to fix your country first and no, your country isn't good right now.

10 "Feminine" Men
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11 Trolls

It depends. Trolls who annoy people time to time can be funny. But when they're disrespectful to the dead it's a different story. Example, there is a youtuber called Jin Kisaragi (You'll have to look up "Jin Kisaragi Kobe Bryant" to find his channel) who hasn't broken mainstream but in the non mainstream YouTube community he is hated by everyone. His videos include "When people died from 9/11 attacks" which is just loads of random people dancing with happy music. And "Kobe Bryant death footage" which is just a Fortnite helicopter going down and you get the idea. People like that are awful - Unnamed Google User Remade

To be honest my biggest problem with trolls is that too often it's used as a dodge. Someone can say something heinous and offensive, but then when they get called out on it they can just say "Nah man, I was just trolling", with no solid way to tell apart the liars.

Why do people hate them? In my opinion they are good because they are so hilarious.Besides most of the people who hate trolls are annoying sensitive people who can't take jokes so yeah.

For the most part, trolls can actually be funny like when they compare a show that people hate to a deadly disease/person/tragedy.

12 Emos

As much as I hate saying this yes they are overhated to an extent.While I don't like a lot of emos due to how many of them fake depression and are ungrateful there are many emos who aren't like this.

There is nothing wrong with being emo, but it is wrong if you a hate a person just because they are who they are (unless if there psychopaths).

To be honest they deserve most of the hate but they are generalized which is he only reason why I put them here.

13 Black People

They are good people, but some are hatful towards whites. No minority group is completely perfect

Racism. Most overhated races. People should respect other races.

Most black people are nice.

14 Fat People

If a fat person is making an effort to stay healthy, there is no reason to hate them.

Body shaming is allowed here.

Kids in school be like:

15 Trump Supporters

I'm a feminist, but I find it really dumb that people voted for Clinton just because she's a woman. As for Trump supporters, most of them voted for Trump because he speaks his mind (I asked). Dude, my drunk father spoke his mind and you wouldn't vote for him if he was running for president, would you?

They don't deserve the hate, they have just been sucked into Trump's charisma, they are just victims, but hardcore Trump Supporters absolutely deserve the hate since they are openly embraces their ignorance

In my opinion they are kinda like emos in a way in which most of them deserve the hate and very few are good.

Trump is not a good person, but if you look into it, he did do a great deal for America

16 Bronies A brony is an adult male fan of the Hasbro animated series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. The fandom gained enormous popularity during the 2010s.

Honestly, what is the appeal of that pony show?

What happened to respecting opinions.

17 Memers

I am a memer and I am proud.Well to be honest we don't get too much hate but most of the haters hate us for dumb reasons.

They can be annoying at times, but it is no reason to hate them

Overhated? I thought I was the only one that hated them.

18 Hippies

Haha! far out, man. What's wrong with hippies?! Stop whining. Here, have a flower.

Britgirl was here.

19 Goths

Not all of them are horror obsessed or self harm.

I'm fine with Goths, but gothic rock sucks.

It's a style choice, not a satanic cult.

20 Jews

They always tell you that thier oppressed and never why.

21 Feminists

I am so done explaining feminism to people. Misandry is the hatred of men. Feminism is gender equality. If you don't believe me, look up the definition of both words. You'll see.

The feminists back then pushed for equality and the same rights as men. For example, the right to vote. Feminists NOW (at least most of them) are misandrists and whine all the time. If a man hits a woman or sexually assaults her, they go CRAZY! But if the opposite happens, then they won’t even care.

Feminism is good, and can actually help men in a way. Stop confusing them with the man-haters.

22 Pop Fans

On this site they are overhated. Sometimes if someone says the slightest positive thing about pop music he is immediately attacked.

23 Metal Haters

Well it depends, There are some people who doesn't really like this kind of music. It okay to say that it's too loud and not their cup of tea. Not everybody like those loud music but saying that metal talking about screaming about satan is a big ignorance.

I'll respect their opinions if they respect mine.

24 Fortnite Players

Not every Fortnite Player is an autistic gay 12 year old kid who does the dances I'm the hood. Everyone says Fortnite players are gay virgins, Seriously, Anyone that is under 17-18 should be a virgin. Nothing wrong with being one unless your some poor 30+ year old living in your parents basement eating junk food or something like that now that's a problem. Also nothing wrong with being gay either unless your Mike Pence's servant. Also Ninja has a wife. Sure I may not like Ninja but he still has a wife you goofs. - B1ueNew

25 Muslims

This is the most overhated religious group ever. People say that all Muslims are terrorist but not. I'm not a Muslim but bashing other religions are so rude and mean.

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