Best Beyblade Metal Fusion Beys

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1 Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is pretty good, but very bad with today's new Zero-G and 4D system parts. The Energy Ring Eagle has good synergy with the Fusion Wheel Earth, causing even weight distrubution and more Stamina and Defense. The 145 Spin Track is good for Attack and Stamina, but still outclassed with today's new parts. WD is top tier for Stamina. Overall this Beyblade is a great buy, but can't measure up to new beys. Be sure to customize it by putting a 100 Spin Track and a Metal Face and you will DESTROY!

Earth Eagle is the strongest bey ever. It has amazing defense and a lot of stamina. Eagle can last longer in a battle because of its wide defense performance tip that allows it to spin longer at a slower speed. Mine has beaten Flame Byxis, Burn Fireblaze, Gravity Destroyer (Perseus), Earth Virgo, Galaxy Pegasus, Lightning L Drago, Twisted Tempo, Grand Cetus (Blue), Thermal Pisces, and Storm Pegasus.

I think earth eagle is the strongest bey it has a good stamina and his attack and defense powers are unbeatable. Once I fought against six beys flame sagitario, meteo l drago, pheonix, flame libra, earth virgo and evil gemios and my bey, earth eagle, defeated 4 of them by sending them out of the stadium and 2 of them I defeated inside the stadium.

This beyblade can beat anyone! Right before he dies he always attacks the opponent back! I got this beyblade from a double pack with dark libra! He can beat Burn Fireblaze, Dark Libra, Legend Cyber Pegasus, Rock Giraffe, Counter Leone, Rock Orso, Thermal Pisces, Ray Striker, Flame Byxis, Storm Pegasus, and 20 more!

2 Rock Leone

First thing is that it's my first beyblade I got it as a gift and I was very happy. Next coming to the performance it has got nice stamina and the spinning power is nice. The fusion wheel it has is very nice looking as well as got nice defensive and attacking strategy. So I love Rock Leone. Go Leone!

Rock leone is the best bey. Because it has nice stamina and some times it attacks also very well. Rock leone really rocks. There is no such bey that can defeat it.

Rock Leone is a tough stabilized bey that can hardly be knocked over with his amzing strong Rock Fusion Wheel and sturdy-built components. This beyblade has a wide ball performance tip which help knock the opponent away from defeating him.

I had a Rock Leone it the same thing as yours I try it with my cousin out of the blue I just defeat him he use my Bey is powerful metal Cyber and face is Pegasus the stamina is good I defeat him twice or thrice with like one hit K.O already I voted you that why. Hope you will get some more fans soon. OK I am Done Talking

3 Galaxy Pegasus

I like ginga because he has the cooler beys than ryuga. Ryuga just wants to be revealed as a lengendary blader so I choose galaxy pegasus.

Earth eagle get out while you can before galaxy pegasus destroys you
Galaxy pegasus FOREVER! DUDE yesterday I battled some bey it had
INSANE defense any way I battled them I killed them knocked em clear out of the stadium and the poor bey that was knocked out of the stadium was big bang leone 230wb! Absolutely customized though. Bottom line look out eagle here comes galaxy pegasus

"Galaxy Pegasus " to me is A dream horse to me. In Beyblade Metal Fusion Many Beyblade I have seen but when I saw Pegasus flying with his beautiful Wings and an awesome blue energy is coming out I am totally Had been lost. One episode in which Pegasus neck is Tied with Strong Steel is really very angry for me and Sad. I love Pegasus the most.

This extraordinary bey has a very cool looking black sun form. it is quick and has good balance, and will be a great addition to a strong team. I used it and is so powerful that I cracked a rare golden Pegasus upon impact. I truly recommend galaxy Pegasus, even though it is quite hard to get nowadays.

4 Meteo L-Drago

Meteo L Drago's spin steal can assist ti outlast most beyblades, and the rubber absorbs shock, which lessens the recoil. The LF has also more stamina then Galaxy Pegasus's tip, and is considered much better, since the galaxy wheel has no smash attack, or upper attack, and is too light to cause any damage, or defense. But Meteo L Drago has more weight to it, which makes it have superior smash attack. Trust me, it is better then Galaxy Pegasus, and other attack beys. And with the right customization, it can defeat other beys too.

Guys Ian telling you to vote or buy this Beyblade because normally the stamina is low so you should just change the tip in to WD or D then it will be the best Beyblade ever! It crushed and collided with gravity destroyer and in the end meteo l drago was the winner. It even beat flame sajjiterio, rock giraffe, Aries, divine fox and even rock leone. I can beat all the Beyblades with the customized meteo l drago so please vote or buy this Beyblade.

IT IS a Really amazing Beyblade. It can defeat all the other beys in the world. It can defeat lightning l'drago and broke into pieces. It can defeat diablo nemesis by it's amazing spin steal. It is the most powerful bey in the entire world. So, please buy this Beyblade

My Meteo L-drago beat everyone in my school and even myself. It also destroyed a brick and made a hole in cement and a sidewalk. I got my Meteo L-Drago a year ago and it is still undefeated and shiny as I don't know WHAT!

5 Burn Fireblaze

Earth Eagle is just crap Burn Fireblaze is so coll It can destroy Earth Eagle and Galaxy Pagasus at the same time. It has very good defense and It looks cool I tried with my dad and my dad It 3 times and it still got up. Burn Fireblaze will never give in or back down becuse it is strong and I mean it! I canot see any good reason why this should not be nuber one! I think it can beat Hades Kerbecs and even Destroy L Drago! Burn FIreblaze should be nuber 1 in the whole world!

Burn Fireblaze all the way!

Vote for Burn Fireblaze now!
Let It Rip!

I own a burn fireblaze and it's the best bey I own! Sometimes I switch the metal performance tip with my lightning Ldrago's tip and it still kicks my dads beys. My dad uses sageterio, poison scorpio, galaxy pegasus, rock scorpio, and storm pegasus and I've beaten all of them many times! I love burn fireblaze and win with Ldrago's tip or the original metal tip! I wish it was at the top of this list because to me it should be.

Burn Fireblaze is beast. It is my first bey, and it beat all my other 53. Boom. It has very good stamina, and okay defense and decent attack. My Burn Fireblaze made 8 cracks in my Basalt Horogium, dismantled my Meteo L Drago, and took out my Galaxy Pegasus in one shot.

Burn Fireblaze is the BEST it beat my Earth eagle, thermal Pisces, earth Virgo, tornado eagle, ray unicorno, poison Scorpio, dark libra, thermal lacerta, dark wolf, and poison Capricorn And all my friends beys. Everyone should get this bey it's awesome!

6 Flame Libra

Flame Libra is cool of all, it rocks to the core. IT has a long spin which keeps it spinning. The track which has a good balance on its spin and its down-force. It has a free rotating tip which reaches the ground without any resistance and it keeps spinning for a long time, its stamina is 5 of the bottom. IT had defeated many beys. It spins extra because of the free rotating tip, which is equipped with "Eternal sharp bottom". It is really a cool bey blade, it's a awesome bey.

Its just the best because it can outlast any bey that I throw against it like for instance, I put a storm pegasus, and it demolished it in one hit. Its just the best so go get it right now. Don't waste your time looking at this GET IT

Flame Libra is the strongest beyblade ever! It took down my storm pegasus, rock leone, earth eagle, storm aquario, flame sagitarrio, storm capricorn, dark bull, golden lightning l-drago, dark wolf, and my rock areis! Libra definitely deserves to be #1. VOTE LIBRA!

He is awesome! I have him and put him in a free for all battle agents meteo l drago, flame sagittario, and rock pegasus and he beat them all in one hit! Rock pegasus and flame sagittario broke. There faces cracked!

7 Storm Pegasus

I gave my storm pegasus a semi-flat performance tip which gives it more attack, speed, and balance. It took out my meteo l-drago, dark bull, it sent my leone flying out of the stadium, it beat sagittario, my burn fireblaze, galaxy pegasus, and plenty of other Beyblades. It is amazing. I can spin it first, wait 20 sec. then spin fireblaze, and pegasus will win.

He's in most of the shows he's my favorite chacrter and he beat most of the people here is a list of my favorite Beyblade's L. Drago serpent and pegusus I love pegusus not in the homo way have a good time battling people beat Dark Wolf for Andrew White the 2 oh, beat serpent and libra I like sepent but he wasn't up there be the best for me Storm Pegusus take care serpent to I have Cyber Pegusus Galaxy Pegusus too I'm trying to get Storm Pegusus

I totally agree that this great beyblade has special features lurking beneath its components. I believe that the bey glides through the arena with full power and and thrash and opponent down easily. The bey glides crazily through the beystadium.

Best attack type because it have thin and strong layer of fusion wheel to is also stronger than galaxy and cosmic's the best attacker so it deserves many votes..LET IT RIP!

8 Hell Kerbecs

Hell Kerbecs is just insane. Not only in defense and stamina, but in attack too. Gingka only win against Kerbecs because plot armor and everything…

Hey. Who said Earth Eagle has a bright future and will never be defeated. Well so long to that fact. Hell Krebecs spun first VS Earth Eagle krebecs wins best 2 of three. This beyblade is the maximum fusion wheel size any beyblade can have. It knocks it opponent out of the stadium embarrassing it. It has great stamina and the power to beat Earth Eagle. Hi-5 Hell Krebecs fans! Vote this one up for it's BRIGHT FUTURE. This is the beyblade. Want me to prove it, leave a comment under Earth Eagle saying you want: I want bey person to test this theory. Then you vote this one up. Earth Eagle won't see this coming. Thanks! Go Krebecs Fans! Vote me up.

This is no way that kerbecs can't be defeated by earth eagle cause you should try it out buy it at big W, target, k mart, toyrus, etc it's better then earth eagle when it comes to its defense mode. Vote it if you don't believe this go look 4 your self with your ultimate rip launch and I mean it its really powerful no regrets I show my eyes like a true blader and won competitions with it mostly its way better then eagle itself. Kerbecs is 2 times stronger then earth eagle and any other beys are found to say this I am a beyblade pro and people don't believe it but try and defeat me and I will show you how kerbecs work, I have will to do this and all to be a true blader you must pull harder and throw everything you have got you have too do it if you play beyblade of any generation or kind

According to Beyblade. it is part of the Maximum Series, a series of Beyblade in which, one of the parts are considered
The best at something, hence the name, Maximum. Its Fusion Wheel has a diameter of 50 millimeters, making it the widest Wheel of the Hybrid Wheel System. It is owned by Damian Hart, the leader of Team Star Breaker.

9 Phantom Orion B:D

Really? These youngins haven't heard of English Subbed have they? The answer is no. One reason this bey is at the bottom is because kids stick to the American Episodes and don't notice that there are further progressed episodes elsewhere in the world. Two; as said before these kids are sticking to American Stores and the American dubbed Anime. So, this leads their short attention spans away from looking any deeper. I plan on getting this bey soon because of its solo spin time and unique spin track and performance tip combination. All in all an excellent Beyblade. It needs to be at the top.

Well here we go again, proving phantom Orion is god again. First it's energy wing moves most of it weight to the edge keeping it balenced. Same thing with the metal wheel and core. The metal wheel also has an attack mode which has good attack bough stamina mode is recommended. The B (Phantom Orion's tip) is the best stamina tip undoubtedly and arguably the best tip ever. This beyblade has the largest spin record of 7 minutes 12 seconds.

Phantom Orion has beaten 87/89 of his battles and beat Earth Eagle, Rock Leone, Galaxy Pegasus, Meteo L Drago, Burn Fireblaze, Flame Libra, Storm Pegasus, & Hell Kerbecs 7 times! And it has beaten twisted tempo 29/29 out of the times I've played him!

I agree because phantom orion is the king of stamina. It also spins for 7 min. It beat every bey there is. I have it and I never lost. It even beat scythe kronos and earth eagle teaming up on him. So I highly recommend this beyblade and everyone vote for phantom orion B and I recommend you buy at amazon. I bought it for 17 dollars.

10 L-Drago Destroy

Hey you can try to match any bey with l drago destroy
It will win
It has a excellent attacking power
Heavy so it will never get out of stadium
. He is also quite special, having the metal on top of the clear wheel.

Very powerful attack power and can also drain energy from the other beyblades. He is also quite special, having the metal on top of the clear wheel.

L'Drago, if launched well can defeat any bey easily. He is worth what you pay for him.

In my opinion, this is the strongest bey ever, having an attack mode and a drain mode.

The Contenders
11 Twisted Tempo

I have NEVER lost a battle with my twisted tempo after over 3 YEARS of having it, without any replacements of parts, discs, tops, etc.

I loved this beyblade so much and when I used it I was unstoppable. You won't want to put it down in a tournament. It's to good to handle and when mixed into a hybrid the right way it is impossible to defeat.

Best Beyblade ever it has beaten every Beyblade I put it up against whaen up against l drago it knocked him straight out of the stadium! Earth eagle is a snap to him, so if you want the best Beyblade in the world go get it!

It has a lot of defense and stamina. I beat my friends my brothers and sisters. IT is my opinion of the beyblade awesome very good.

12 Big Bang Pegasus

Big Bang Pegaus F is a 4D Beyblade and has the following components: Facebolt, Clear Wheel, PC Frame, Metal Frame, Core and Bottom - Final Drive. The Final Drive Tip allows it to attack at the center of the stadium as well as the outer part of the stadium. The Final Drive will first star of as a semi- flat tip, allowing it to attack the beys at the center of the stadium. After losing speed, it then switches to a Rubber Flat tip, allowing it to vigorously attack the beyblades on the outer parts of the stadium. Big Bang Pegasus has 4 modes : Barrage Mode, Omni-Directional mode, Upper Attack mode and Smash Attack mode. This modes can be switched by switching the position of the PC Frame, Metal Frame and the Core.

Big Bang Pegasus is a very good attacking Beyblade and hits most beyblades out. Although it has poor stamina, it would have probably hit the opponent out of the stadium before its stamina dies out.

Big Bang Pegasus F is well liked by many people and in my opinion, ...more

I have a big bang pegasus it can beat my meteo l drago. The stamina is fine but not camparable to rock leone. Though it does have four modes. And the fd is great. More beys it can beat are dark wolf, rock leone, flame saggetario, ray unicorno, diablo nemisis, flame libra, gravity pereus, basalt horogium, and earth eagle. There's way moe but I can't name all of them. When I go to my friends houses I can destroy all of their beys just with this one.

Big bangs great he starts with good attack and stamina then burst with amazing attack while its opponent is weak and wins. It has two metal wheels and two energy rings. So over all I give 8/10 compared to storm who I give a 4/10

Big Bang Pegasus is a reall good Beyblade that can beat ANY other Beyblade. It knocked Diablo Nemesis out of the stadium with one powerful hit. When its F.D. activates (Final Drive) it knocks everything out of the stadium.

13 Gravity Perseus

I like him because he has two beasts one is Medusa next is a Gladiator but he only has one special move and no evolutions but he has counter and defense like the peep on the bottom. And it gets power from every single Beyblade it fights. And I have it that's my opinion of him being good.

This bey is sick because I is one of the beys that can spin left or right it only has one special move but they don't work in real life anyway and it has two sick modes. I would suggest this bey to every one.P.S. it can beat EARTH EAGLE!

It can turn left and right. It has all the characteristics of all beyblade. It is the rarest beyblade in the Philippines. WOW! How nice I had it. It can beat all beyblades.

It has two beasts medusa and gladiator it is a defense and counter type bay. When I play with my friends I always win. And it is awesome it has a LR launcher.

14 Poison Serpent

Poison Serpent has many good things and it also has a spin track that has two modes, attack and defense which makes it more harder to defeat because you don't know which mode it is on.

The poison in Poison Serpent really works on beys because he gets more power by each bey being beaten by him!

I think poison serpent is the 2nd bey because his metal wheel has 15 blades and it has good balance.

Awesome and totally cool the 15 blade shot my friend's earth eagle out of the stadium.

15 Lightning L Drago

If anyone actual has a attack stadium you would know l-drago is amazing. The hasbro stadiums suck! L-drago can KO earth eagle and other stamina beys easily, and can usually outlast good defense beys. And 100 and hf aren't bad either. And really guys... Hasbro gave it good stats and it looks cool, get real

I have him and it destroys me brother's flame byxsis and he's pretty good. It's also beaten meteo l drago, poison virgo, l drago energy drain, and many more. And absolutly demolishes his galaxy pegasus. It's full of dents and cracks.

It the best and the strongest bey in the whole Beyblade metal fusion beys. I think that it is more stronger than rock leone. If you want to buy a bey just buy this one.

My Light Draco Destructor Broke Bigbang pegasus, dark wolf, and hell kerbecs into pieces. Lightning l drago can't even stand a chance against it.

16 Diablo Nemesis

What! How could you put Diablo Nemesis in 34? I bought him and it blasted my twisted tempo in one shot! It also blew my earth eagle straight out of the stadium. It has strong attack and stamina and defense. But it, you will never regret it.

I got it best bey ever it has beaten my twisted tempo and earth eagle


Plus diablo nemisis can beat all of the beys it beats in the show tons of peolpe have tested it and 1, 000, 000 people have this beyblade.

VOTE DIABLO! Diablo rocks!

Diablo nemesis is great I really agree with you he should be put first place he smashed earth eagle and meteor l drago out of the stadium he is beast at defeating anyone in his path.

I never seen this Beyblade loose, just it. He has Great attack, Great defense, and isn't crazy like most of attack Beyblades who spin around like a dumb.

17 Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf, combined with all the components is a very useful bey because he can freak other beys out with his ultimate speed ripping through the beystadium with full speed and power. He can knock a beyblade out easily.

Amazing bey it will knock out any thing in its way. This bey is very hard to knock down and it has amazing balance. I would put it in the top 5 Beyblades.

Dark wolf was my first Beyblade and lost only few battles in a year. You should by it. If you take some clear tape the sticker will not wear out.

I think dark wolf is the rarest because I've never seen wolf at all except earth wolf butnot dark wolf. I've seen virgo, meteo l-drago, pegusus, and most but not dark wolf.

18 Fang Leone

He is the sweetest bey ever he can just like dig into the side of the other beys and take them down in a matter of seconds. Also if he collides with a Beyblade on a big impact it will give him energy not slow him down. He is the beastest bey ever

Fang leone is good because it can change two modes and it can kill all my Beyblade examples basalt horogium, flame byxis, storm pegasus and dark wolf. It is very cool!

He has a lot of Stamina and power he wins almost all of the time!

Its one of the best beys ever, because of the defense power hidden, and the special moves are all awesome

19 Flame Saggitario

It is epic. I love the 4D spin track, the fusion wheel (flame) rocks and the energy ring is my constalation (saggitarius). Even the performance tip is pretty awesome. So that is why flame saggitario is beast and should be at least in the top 5 for me (at least. )

I love its spin track probably my favorite ever although it isn't amazing in battle it can be useful in some scenarios.

If you light sagitterio on fire it actually works! It doesn't even get messed up. CAUTION only use against other peoples beys cause it will make urs disentegrate, (I tried it. I swear to god)

"This bey is one cool bey and has good stamina. One of the best Beyblades eve

20 Ray Unicorno

Ray Unicorno, or Ray Striker, is practically the best Beyblade out there. It's performance tip allows a large amont of stamina for a attack type, meaning it last a long time. Almost 4 minutes if you can rip your ripcorn hard enough. If you rip it going the direction of the wall, it'll rip incredibly fast around the stuadium knocking out every other Beyblade. Also, it's attack stats on the box, 12, is underestimated. It should be up there, with th 15-20s. It's that powerful. Most people would go search for a higher attack, this can beat L Drago or Pegasus. That's why Ray Striker is the best Beyblade out there.

Every time I use ray unicorno it looks like if it's a defensive stance then when the bey hits it, it goes flying. Plus it has this type of mode change were it can be on the rubber but when it's on the tip it goes wild

There are tow in one bey that is attack and stamina that is why I vote ray striker is best and coolest bey. Ray striker is one of the bey who can defeat all kind of bey.

Ray Unicorno Rocks it is undefeatable at school. Its tip is plastic with a rubber outside that gives it awesome balance, but wear it out first.

21 Earth Virgo

Earth Virgo is my bey. I have beaten nearly all my friends with it. The Bey I could not beat was Lightning L-drago because of the rubber part on the fusion wheel. And once I didn't tighten the face bolt properly so when fury Capricorn attached my Virgo it went to pieces. Earth
Virgo is a girl because on the face bolt you see long hair. THANK YOU

This beyblade has a totally insane spin rack that can keep the bey standing strong and sturdy for almost forever. His Gravity Bowl Spin Track keeps him standing stronger than ever and never letting and beyblade touch him until he is weakened.

I think earth virgo is the best because he has a great balance he can spin the longest he's the strongest bey blade.

I've beaten everybody with him he'll keep spinning when ever he hit's my fan I've got him to 75,000 with him!

He's my most favorite bey blade.

Well I think GB145 makes it the best Beyblade but I don't have it so I don't know how it performs... But I think earth eagle can't be defeated with it. Well its good 2 know about it. Earth wheel is good for its stamina and defense. Attack delivered by the 145. The fusion wheel and energy ring come in contrast by color brilliantly

22 Legend Cyber Pegasus

I think legend cyber pegasus should be the number 1 Beyblade. It beet all my Beyblades including burn fire blaze storm pegasus gravity destroyer rock leon poisin serpent storm aquario rock aries and crushed the living hell out of earth eagle. It is the master Beyblade. No Beyblade can beat it so forget earth crap.

Due to the fact I live in America, we do not get Pegasus (original) but this is as close as you can get. Its smash attack is amazing and if used with a bank shot it can knock out the competition without breaking a sweat. It is a good counter for stamina types and left spinning types.

This was my first bey. He can beat all the others that I have collected, and is very good if you can reverse spin with him. Vote for Legend Cyber Pegasus because he can beat dark bull, and has a smash attack that can destroy almost anything. His metal wheel packs a solid punch. VOTE FOR HIM!

Yeah, I reckon Cyber Pegasus is a good Beyblade top especially when it does those heaps cool moves. Cyber Pegasus is a legend and I think the way it plays makes it a top Beyblade. So vote Cyber Pegasus now to everyone!

23 Variares

It can spin both ways like gravity destroyer, its metal wheel is strong and it has many different modes defense, attack and stamina so I think it should be at the top of the list by the way it can definitely woop earth eagle.

This is an epic Beyblade, It can spin both ways and I had a pretty awesome design. It can be defense, stamina, attack you name it. Variares for the win!

Variares is awesome because while it is in stamina mode it spins to other direction then bak to same direction. Vari ares is so cool he is really awesome. He is awesome because he haves three modes for the tips it is stamina attack and defense and they are name (s) (f) and (wide ball )= (wb) (flat) and (s)

You gotta be kidding me 1 outclassed wheels like dark and rock rank higher and this. Variares has great smash attack

24 Jade Jupiter

I used my combination jade libra 100,000 Beyblades went bye, bye and those Beyblade went in a river from their houses

It has defense and stamina my friend pronounce stamina spelt like this stamina

25 Storm Capricorn

This beyblade has a unique performance tip which can only work with M145 spin track. This bey when launched is heavy which can leap onto another beyblade.
*WARNING: This bey can sometimes be a little weird as he jumps through the beystadium. *

Storm capricorn is strong but, it can't beat my storm pegusus, rock leo, evil gemios, galaxy pegusus, earth eagle, flame libra, cyber pegusus, l drago, flame segitero, and my earth virgo.

Storm Capricorn has a diagonal performance tip which makes him jump

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