Top 10 Best Beyblade Metal Fusion Beys

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1 Earth Eagle

Earth Eagle is the strongest bey ever. It has amazing defense and a lot of stamina. Eagle can last longer in a battle because of its wide defense performance tip that allows it to spin longer at a slower speed. Mine has beaten Flame Byxis, Burn Fireblaze, Gravity Destroyer (Perseus), Earth Virgo, Galaxy Pegasus, Lightning L Drago, Twisted Tempo, Grand Cetus (Blue), Thermal Pisces, and Storm Pegasus.

Earth Eagle is pretty good, but very bad with today's new Zero-G and 4D system parts. The Energy Ring Eagle has good synergy with the Fusion Wheel Earth, causing even weight distrubution and more Stamina and Defense. The 145 Spin Track is good for Attack and Stamina, but still outclassed with today's new parts. WD is top tier for Stamina. Overall this Beyblade is a great buy, but can't measure up to new beys. Be sure to customize it by putting a 100 Spin Track and a Metal Face and you will DESTROY!

This beyblade can beat anyone! Right before he dies he always attacks the opponent back! I got this beyblade from a double pack with dark libra! He can beat Burn Fireblaze, Dark Libra, Legend Cyber Pegasus, Rock Giraffe, Counter Leone, Rock Orso, Thermal Pisces, Ray Striker, Flame Byxis, Storm Pegasus, and 20 more!

I think earth eagle is the strongest bey it has a good stamina and his attack and defense powers are unbeatable. Once I fought against six beys flame sagitario, meteo l drago, pheonix, flame libra, earth virgo and evil gemios and my bey, earth eagle, defeated 4 of them by sending them out of the stadium and 2 of them I defeated inside the stadium.

2 Burn Fireblaze

I own a burn fireblaze and it's the best bey I own! Sometimes I switch the metal performance tip with my lightning Ldrago's tip and it still kicks my dads beys. My dad uses sageterio, poison scorpio, galaxy pegasus, rock scorpio, and storm pegasus and I've beaten all of them many times! I love burn fireblaze and win with Ldrago's tip or the original metal tip! I wish it was at the top of this list because to me it should be.

Burn Fireblaze is beast. It is my first bey, and it beat all my other 53. Boom. It has very good stamina, and okay defense and decent attack. My Burn Fireblaze made 8 cracks in my Basalt Horogium, dismantled my Meteo L Drago, and took out my Galaxy Pegasus in one shot.

Burn Fireblaze is the BEST it beat my Earth eagle, thermal Pisces, earth Virgo, tornado eagle, ray unicorno, poison Scorpio, dark libra, thermal lacerta, dark wolf, and poison Capricorn And all my friends beys. Everyone should get this bey it's awesome!

Earth Eagle is just crap Burn Fireblaze is so coll It can destroy Earth Eagle and Galaxy Pagasus at the same time. It has very good defense and It looks cool I tried with my dad and my dad It 3 times and it still got up. Burn Fireblaze will never give in or back down becuse it is strong and I mean it! I canot see any good reason why this should not be nuber one! I think it can beat Hades Kerbecs and even Destroy L Drago! Burn FIreblaze should be nuber 1 in the whole world!

Burn Fireblaze all the way!

Vote for Burn Fireblaze now!
Let It Rip!

3 Rock Leone

First thing is that it's my first beyblade I got it as a gift and I was very happy. Next coming to the performance it has got nice stamina and the spinning power is nice. The fusion wheel it has is very nice looking as well as got nice defensive and attacking strategy. So I love Rock Leone. Go Leone!

Rock leone is the best bey. Because it has nice stamina and some times it attacks also very well. Rock leone really rocks. There is no such bey that can defeat it.

Rock Leone is a tough stabilized bey that can hardly be knocked over with his amzing strong Rock Fusion Wheel and sturdy-built components. This beyblade has a wide ball performance tip which help knock the opponent away from defeating him.

He is the king and can defeat every Beyblade because it has good defense, stamina, and attack. It can even defeat stamina types thanks to its good attack power. It has the coolest beast of all beys. The lion rules

4 Poison Serpent

Poison Serpent has many good things and it also has a spin track that has two modes, attack and defense which makes it more harder to defeat because you don't know which mode it is on.

The poison in Poison Serpent really works on beys because he gets more power by each bey being beaten by him!

I think poison serpent is the 2nd bey because his metal wheel has 15 blades and it has good balance.

Awesome and totally cool the 15 blade shot my friend's earth eagle out of the stadium.

5 Earth Virgo

This beyblade has a totally insane spin rack that can keep the bey standing strong and sturdy for almost forever. His Gravity Bowl Spin Track keeps him standing stronger than ever and never letting and beyblade touch him until he is weakened.

Earth Virgo is my bey. I have beaten nearly all my friends with it. The Bey I could not beat was Lightning L-drago because of the rubber part on the fusion wheel. And once I didn't tighten the face bolt properly so when fury Capricorn attached my Virgo it went to pieces. Earth
Virgo is a girl because on the face bolt you see long hair. THANK YOU

Well I think GB145 makes it the best Beyblade but I don't have it so I don't know how it performs... But I think earth eagle can't be defeated with it. Well its good 2 know about it. Earth wheel is good for its stamina and defense. Attack delivered by the 145. The fusion wheel and energy ring come in contrast by color brilliantly

I think earth virgo is the best because he has a great balance he can spin the longest he's the strongest bey blade.

I've beaten everybody with him he'll keep spinning when ever he hit's my fan I've got him to 75,000 with him!

He's my most favorite bey blade.

6 Lightning L-Drago

Lightning L-Drago is the best because it can spin steel with it's rubber and it's attack are very powerful.The flat tip on the bey has good attack power but L-Drago has bad stamina.

It the best and the strongest bey in the whole Beyblade metal fusion beys. I think that it is more stronger than rock leone. If you want to buy a bey just buy this one.

My Light Draco Destructor Broke Bigbang pegasus, dark wolf, and hell kerbecs into pieces. Lightning l drago can't even stand a chance against it.

If anyone actual has a attack stadium you would know l-drago is amazing. The hasbro stadiums suck! L-drago can KO earth eagle and other stamina beys easily, and can usually outlast good defense beys. And 100 and hf aren't bad either. And really guys... Hasbro gave it good stats and it looks cool, get real

7 Rock Aries

He should be the best bey-blade in the world. He has good stamina balance and defense. I love the bey-blade a lot. I practice with him. I do tricks with him to.

I think Aries is the best Beyblade because it beat my earth eagle bad! And it destroyed my friends Beyblade from the 4 piece bey it's not evening useable.

Rock Aries is powerful and strong, though I like Clay Aries more.

Spinning spin track makes this bey awesome plus rock fusion wheel

8 Dark Bull

This is a great qualitied bey with a great spin track that can defend a low attack type whilst zooming through the opponent with a hard lunge so that its garrunteed that bey will be defeated.

Amazing defense and stamina withstands any attack I have him ( and always win) plus easy to get

9 Storm Pegasus

I gave my storm pegasus a semi-flat performance tip which gives it more attack, speed, and balance. It took out my meteo l-drago, dark bull, it sent my leone flying out of the stadium, it beat sagittario, my burn fireblaze, galaxy pegasus, and plenty of other Beyblades. It is amazing. I can spin it first, wait 20 sec. then spin fireblaze, and pegasus will win.

He's in most of the shows he's my favorite chacrter and he beat most of the people here is a list of my favorite Beyblade's L. Drago serpent and pegusus I love pegusus not in the homo way have a good time battling people beat Dark Wolf for Andrew White the 2 oh, beat serpent and libra I like sepent but he wasn't up there be the best for me Storm Pegusus take care serpent to I have Cyber Pegusus Galaxy Pegusus too I'm trying to get Storm Pegusus

I totally agree that this great beyblade has special features lurking beneath its components. I believe that the bey glides through the arena with full power and and thrash and opponent down easily. The bey glides crazily through the beystadium.

Best attack type because it have thin and strong layer of fusion wheel to is also stronger than galaxy and cosmic's the best attacker so it deserves many votes..LET IT RIP!

10 Evil Gemios

I think this Beyblade is a 1,000,000/1,000,000! I love it! It destroys all the rest, even Gravity Destroyer! I share it with my brother, we think Evil gemios is the best Beyblade ever! We think you should vote it and raise its percentage as much as possible. Evil Gemios is unbeatable in its defense.

Evil gemios is a great Beyblade. It beat my flame saggitario. It is a really strong Beyblade. So far it beat my galaxy pegasus as well.

THe best bey... It can win from rock leone so it should be gone to 3rd. But it cannot beat earth eagle...

With the FS performance tip it defends strong attacks and attacks when necessary. Also my zodiac sign. GO GEMIOS!

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11 Rock Orso

I have rock orso and I don't personally think its good but it's a fact. I put it up against rock leone and it rekt it within seconds

Rock orso owns he beat hyper aquario, rock leone and several others

12 Storm Capricorn

This beyblade has a unique performance tip which can only work with M145 spin track. This bey when launched is heavy which can leap onto another beyblade.
*WARNING: This bey can sometimes be a little weird as he jumps through the beystadium. *

Storm capricorn is strong but, it can't beat my storm pegusus, rock leo, evil gemios, galaxy pegusus, earth eagle, flame libra, cyber pegusus, l drago, flame segitero, and my earth virgo.

Storm Capricorn has a diagonal performance tip which makes him jump

13 Storm Aquario

Great Stamina, great defense... You just gotta have the touch for it, can wobble around a lot if not!

Storm Aquario is my is my first Beyblade and it keeps taking out my sister's Rock Aries.

My storm Aquarius 100 hf won against everything I have 26 beys and many combinations! So if any bey were to face mine it would die. The only one that came close to beating it was earth sagittarius gb145 bs. That is why my bey can never be beaten

I think this guy is the best because of its amazing ability to swap tips.

14 Thermal Pisces

Pisces is an excellent bey I have it and it can beat almost all my beys except phantom Orion and earth eagle. It needs to be among the top five. It has an excellent attack and even better stamina. It's fusion wheel and tip is great. It's a superb bey in battles and looks cool. Trust me just buy it.

My first Beyblade and it's my favourite! I beat everyone with this today; smashed Earth Eagle, demolished Poison Serpent! Looking forward to many more wins with this slick, cool looking Beyblade. Best looking Bey!

It is amazing! It is great! It is fantastic! It is the best! It is fabulous! It is astonishing! It cannot be defeated! It is THERMAL PISCES! The best bey to live. YAY! -crowd cheers-

Thermal pisces is epic! Thermal controls the air, it has a t125 spin track. It throws other beys away. It owns battle strikers!

15 Earth Wolf

THE BEST BEY EVER. It defeated Hell Kerbecs, Earth Eagle, Dark Wolf, Meteo L Drago, Lightning L Drago, Gravity Perseus, Rock Zurafa, Ray Unicorn, Galaxy Pegasis, Twisted Tempo, Diablo Nemeses, etc. My friend launched his Ray Unicorn and Lightning L Drago on top of my wolf. Unicorn's energy ring and drago's performance tip broke. It happens to have a unique ability to fight when needed when Meteo L Drago tried to absorb his spin it absorbed Meteo's spin, which I found it awesome. You name it this cool bey can beat it. It has a perfect blend of defense, attack and stamina. SO please VOTE FOR THIS COOL BEY...

It is the best my dad has it it smashed all of my best beys I have earth eagle tips I put it on all of my beys and I took it to school and I smash every one and there are 100 beyblades. It rocks it is so cool please vote for it has never lost a battle in the world you have to get it never trade earth wolf eaven for every beyblade never get it lost or you will have to by it again for 25$$$

My friend has Earth Wolf its his best beyblade he beat all of my beyblades. I have rock orso, meteo l drago, legend counter leone, legend thunder lidra, storm capricorn, flame saggitario and galaxy pegasus. Earth wolf is awesome so I recommend you to get him.

Yes I agree earth wolf is super sweet! It beat all my Beyblades in less than 30 seconds. It has great balance, defense and stamina. So it beats any bey

16 Rock Pegasus

Rock Pegasus is a good stamina type but it's a great defense and balance best bey eve. So fun to use and easy to beat people

17 Counter Leone
18 Hyper Aquario
19 Dark Gasher

This beyblade, with good attack aggressively through the bey stadium. He is capable of defeating with many loops and tricks and surprises.

20 Evil Pisces
21 Cyber Pegasus

This bey is really amazing. When I shoot it, it spins around the arena and it takes out all of the the competition.

I have one... Its about an average Beyblade. I reccommend it at about an average level.

22 Torch Aries

He is awesome his whole bey looks sweet and his defense is unbelievably strong

23 Rock Scorpio
24 Rock Gasher

Why is this so low? It beat cyber pegasus and was still going strong! Great pt good defense and stamina

25 Midnight Bull
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