Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Guns

I've been playing Black Ops since it came out, so please listen to me, these guns are the best.
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1 Commando

I use this gun a lot and if you know how to aim right with it you can shoot from sniper distance (Only assault rifle I can shoot from that distance). Also, you don't even need dual mag or Sleight of Hand for it due to the fast reload. Like using silencer (Never see it coming) and red dot sight (iron sights aren't as good as Galil).

Has a very high damage at almost all ranges, although the accuracy is a bit hard to control and the rate of fire is rather slow. It has a lot of attachments and is an overall good gun, you also wont get hated on for using is like you would if you were using the ak-74u or the famas. Definitely worth the CP 2000.

2 AK-74u

Very nice weapon, good fire rate and damage compromise, does more damage than most smg's but still fires quite fast. I recommend using rapid fire and a grip as the high fire rate causes it to kick faster and the grip neutralizes that. I use hardline and second chance pro, as well as warlord, got me my first chopper gunner

Amazing I have the most kills with the galil but I now find this gun so much easier to kill with. Rapid fire, silencer, scavenger, warlord, ninja with frag (throw farther) concussion and claymore

3 Famas

In my opinion this gun is a beast. I tend to use it with extended mags as the ammo can run out fast. The rate of fire is perfect as well as the damage. Of course there's a weakness to every gun and for the FAMAS it's the recoil. But even still, it's recoil is better than most other guns. But apart from that, it's great. :p

I like this gun because it has good firing burst, but it less accuracy. I like the Famas with a supressor. The perks are sleight of hand pro, lightweight, and at last hacker. My secondary is a CZ75 with a full auto upgrade. I use a frag, concussion, and claymore. Hope this works!

4 AK-47

Better than the commando it is the best with dual mags, extended mags or acog. Try this with dual mags and sleight of hand. I am not trying to argue with anyone but why wouldn't this gun be number 3 at least it has low recoil and high damage, it a 3 shot kill at close range and a for shot kill at a distance. It is a 2 to 3 shot kill if you hit the head and why is this gun not in zombies.

I mean its an ak. Can't beat it period. All it takes is a little practice and this is your killin machine. Attach suppressor. I do ghost, sleight of hand and marathon. Semtex, concussion and claymore. China lake as secondary for when those two idiots run past right next to each other.

5 Stoner63

This gun is an average gun, but one of my favorites. It has bad accuracy but if you spray you kill the enemy most of the time. Use Extended Mags on this weapon.

The most powerful close range gun in black ops. Unlocked when you unlock all lmgs. Great with red dot for long range. Iron sights a bit strange but good.

It is 3 shot kill at any range and it has the fastest fire rate. Great gun but recoil can also be a problem

6 Aug Hbar

Don't know which one I like better that's why I tied them up at rank #5. Aug sounds more real, the sights are pretty much the same. I play better with the Aug but I think the Famas looks better.

This gun has great accuracy (a little to much kick but... ), I personally like the AUG with extended mag and suppressor (using warlord perk), or suppressor with Sleight of Hand...

This is also one of my favorite guns, but it gets way too many hitmarkers. The range is good, and so is the accuracy. Use Red Dot Sight or Reflex Sight on this gun.

7 Galil

This gun is really storng but if you shoot it full auto the bullets all fly to the right. If your good at shooting in bursts, this is a perfect gun for you. Use Red Dot Sight or Extended Mags.

What's wrong with you people? This is the 2nd best gun in the game, it should be 2nd behind the commando. Best with suppressor Silencer.

Great overall gun and if used with a suppressor you can't do wrong, It's a beast. 8th spot come on you got to be joking, really.

8 G11

This gun is really fun to use and is easy to kill people with. The down side of this gun is that it has really bad attachments, but if you use the ironsight for this it is almost always a one burst kill.

Is the fastest killing gun. 1 burst at close range that's it at far it may take 2 bursts. Accuarate too. But it would have been 1st but the 3 round burst ruins it!

9 Spas-12

I love this gun. If you us the perks Lightweight, Sleight of Hand, and Marathon, you will get all those high killstreaks you've wanted. Don't put silencer on this gun.

Silencer doesn't take off any range or damage, so it can be a silent killer. I recommend a laucher or crossbow to add a little range to this class.

10 MP5K

Good gun, but there is so much better than it. It has good damage, but no range. Use Reflex Sight or Red Dot Sight on this gun.

Best gun! I use it with Tiger camo and Rapid Fire. I prestiged twice with it! All time best SMG. I recommended it to many people who play.

I love this gun, I always used the ak47u with warlord (grip and rapid fire)but resently I have been using the mpk5 with red dot and seen as in online it is a lot of close combat is owns.

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11 Kiparis

The kiparis is the hardest smg to use but once you learn all the little tricks behind it, this gun becomes unstoppable. It has the same auto focusing as most assault rifles so if you start by hip firing and then zoom in it locks onto your target immediately. I use a grip/rapid fire attachment on FFA and extended mags/sleight of hand pro on Team games. This gun has excellent range and is equipped with superb iron sights. At very long ranges cycling the weapon through two short bursts and a third long burst almost always gets the kill. It is the best of both the smg & AR worlds

12 M16

I like the finesse of a 3-shot burst kill. Those quick kills can allow you to take down several targets without reloading (and it makes you look like a pro on your enemy's kill cam). I like it with sleight of hand, but is a surprisingly good hip firing weapon with steady aim. Oh, and red dot sight (no room for argument here).

Why is this gun near the bottom? Just put a grenade launcher on it & you have the best weapon (in my opinion) in the game. This is good if you know you're going to hit your enemies at least half the time.

13 MPL

Best gun ever! I use it with rapid fire and grip. It owns in close combat!


Precision bursts at the enemy means death in 2-3 shots, With a silencer and red dot sight this weapon becomes a crazy killing machine!

15 AK-74
16 China Lake
17 RPK
18 L96A1

Definitely the best sniper ever. Awesome for anything, quick-scope, sniping, ANYTHING! If anyone can help me, what is that scope with the two metal bars sticking out from the bottom? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

A really long gun and perfect for sniping with incredible damage.

19 M14
20 Spectre

It's viciously accurate, has a great rate of fire, good range, mediocre power, bare mininum recoil, and looks pretty darn sexy if you ask me. The Spectre is great for Multiplayer and the Campaign (Not so great in Zombies). It's a worthy SMG and gun in general.

21 Crossbow
22 M60

I used to use this gun all the time. It takes 2-4 bullets to kill, and has 100 bullets per round. The only bad part of this gun is the horrible range. Use Red Dot Sight on this gun.

23 CZ75
24 Thundergun
25 Python

Pretty good second weapon, 2-3 shot kill good for close range
And is always there to finish off an enemy when the primary gun
Needs a spank back into action

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