Best Multiplayer Maps In the Halo Franchise

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1 Blood Gulch - Halo: Combat Evolved

Aside from being part of one of the greatest machinima series ever made, this map is beyond fun to play. It's just one of those maps that screams "EPIC". It made for some of my fondest memories in the multiplayer, and I love how each remake of it holds up to this day. Of all the versions, I'd say Coagulation is the best, but all of them are incredibly fun no matter what.

I prefer Halo 3, but this map is just too I C O N I C. It helped spawn one of, if not the, greatest machinimas ever, lots of vehicles for vehicular mayhem, beautiful scenery, and, above all, it is the most recognizable map in all of Halo. There is no other map that even compares to the iconicness of this map. Maybe Valhalla, but that even is based on Blood Gulch. You ever wonder why this is here?

This creates of a serious of maps, to Valhalla, Ragnerack, and is a big part of Forge World, which is the best forge map by far.

Ever wonder why we're here? , I'll tell you why, to have fun online

2 Valhalla - Halo 3

These are basically the same map, and upgrade that couldn't of gone better.

3 Sandtrap - Halo 3
4 Guardian - Halo 3

I apologize for my extremely terrible list for the best halo maps, I had made this list a few years ago when I was both younger and dumber. I will make a newer version of this list if anyone wants to come see it

5 Last Resort - Halo 3
6 Construct - Halo 3

Beautiful map. So dynamic with the lifts and the BR corridors. And this map is bearable when not Team BRs

7 Exile - Halo 4

It has the tunnels for people and the roads for vehicles, and is outfitted with gravity lifts and mini bases. There's nothing like it in the Halo franchise.

8 Sword Base - Halo Reach

This map pisses me off because the one floor level only has like two entrances, unless you want to get dmr'd a thousand times while you're in the air.

Camper's base.

9 Ascension - Halo 2
10 Lockout - Halo 2
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11 Chiron-TL34 - Halo: Combat Evolved
12 Beaver Creak - Halo: Combat Evolved

Great map but how could you stuff that up

13 Headlong - Halo 2
14 The Pit - Halo 3
15 Battle Creek - Halo: Combat Evolved
16 Zanzibar - Halo 2
17 Infinity - Halo: Combat Evolved
18 Damnation - Halo: Combat Evolved
19 Standoff - Halo 3
20 Countdown - Halo Reach
21 Timberland - Halo 2
22 Foundry - Halo 3, Heroic Map Pack
23 Sidewinder - Halo: Combat Evolved
24 Asylum - Halo Reach
25 Danger Canyon- Halo Combat Evolved PC

Great horseshoe map with connecting tunnels

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