Worst Halo Games

Halo is a popular first person shooter series which I loved, but some games were not as good as others. Here is the worst Halo games.
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1 Halo 4

This was the stupidest Halo game I have ever played! It's like 343 didn't even play Halo 1 2 and 3! First of all, Elites!? Seriously!? Secondly: The covenant speak their OWN language! I know they spoke their own language in Halo: Reach too, But that was a prequel! And the campaign was the worst story ever! Only noobs who started at Halo 4 would like this!

I won't lie this game was not very good, but it certainly isn't terrible. I would put his between 3 and Reach. This game made changes I LOVED. Change is bad now? This explains why Call of Duty AW failed. Nothing can change, it always has to stay the same, then.

Certainly better than what others think, Halo 5 and this have the worst multiplayer, but some of the better story telling. Cortana's designn is the best in the series in this one, and she and Chief get some well deserved development. Multiplayer, like H5's, is Call of Duty pandering.

I like this game. The multiplayer is very fun, and the campaign was cool. But it is most definitely not the best either.

2 Halo Wars

The only two I don't like at all are this and Halo 5, but due to some good updates for 5 and a really great custom games and forge, I have to pick this one. It's not fun to play, it's not a good Halo or RTS game, it's boring and lackluster, and it's easily the most forgettable main game. The only good thing about it is it's decent story and epic cutscenes. Otherwise, it's just a waste.

Honestly, I would normally not care about this game and think it's a good idea, if it wasn't already done before. This is literally the same thing as the Supreme Commander series, and Supreme Commander does it better. Much better. Halo needs to stay an FPS and not a strategy game like Supreme Commander.

Don't you think this should be number 1 yes because this waste of around $10 is not even first person I mean halo is not a game where you are some guy killing covenant from a distance, halo 3 odst should be no.2 this I don't have time writing so go to number 1

Console RTS's should not be made. Ever. Controls are sloppy, game is boring, and it doesn't have that classic Halo charm. I miss the old days when Halo would release every 3 years, and release a great game each time. Now they release every year with schmuk like this, ODST, and Reach.

3 Halo 3: ODST

I don't hate any of the halo games. Each one of them has there own charm. I think halo wars was ok for breaking Halo's FPS system and had some of the best looking cutscenes that look as good as Halo 4 even and the gameplay was solid. Don't know why everyone gives it so much hate. Halo 4 was also ok but was sort of a letdown with it's weak multiplayer. It's campaign could have also been better the pelican flying was too easy so I think it's the second worse. I make ODST the worst because there wasn't much done to it. The story and gameplay was good but the graphics were the same as Halo 3. Also the two things you can do is the campaign and firefight so there wasn't much variety. Like everyone says it should have been a DLC. I don't hate it, but it was the weakest in the entire franchise.

Hands down this is the worst Halo I have ever played, Halo 3 was the second worst, why Halo 4 is in 3rd confuses me that was an awesome game. Halo 3 ODST worst Halo in my opinion

I got this game expecting something fun and enjoyable. But when I finished it made me feel like I wasted my time.

This is Halo at it's worst. I love Halo but this game was a huge flop. Halo 3 should be 2nd this is not a good game at all

4 Halo 5: Guardians

Literally the most pathetic halo game I have ever even seen. It doesn't feel like halo, look like it either. it's bland and the same copy paste bull flooding the FPS market.

Halo 4 had interesting characters and environment plus an emotional ending that was quite stressful to complete for younger me. the multiplayer was new and lacked a certain feel that prior games had, however it wasnt even nearly as bad as this sheer abomination of a video game.

Halo 5 lacks everything that makes a story and game good in my opinion.

This should be higher. However, I still think Halo 4 is far worse. The only thing halo 4 got right is the story (and that even had issues). This game manage to make a story that's devastating to the halo universe, add microtransactions, remove Splitscreen, falsely advertise the game, remove a lot of the fan favorite gametypes from matchmaking, and launch without forge mode for two months.

This games story relies too heavily on expanded universes like books and comics, the multiplayer is absolute crap. Microtransactions, more Call of Duty mechanics than Halo 4, Cortana's new design is SJW pandering and stupid. it should be somewhere around #5. You know, instead of the 2 best games in the entire franchise.

WHY IS THIS EVEN HERE? Sure... there might be no split-screen. WHO CARES> The storyline was boss, the new moves were boss, and the combat specs were great. No matter what anyone says, this will always be a great game.

5 Halo Spartan Assault

Spartan Assault is an absolute joke. Let's just say, "if it's on Steam, it's not Halo."

How Isn't This Number One? , It's A Game For 5 YEAR OLDS!

Yeah. It was way too easy! Too short! Cutscense that were even worse than the CE Anniversary cutscenes, etc.

Wasn't an fps, and it didn't even pull off a good non fps halo game like halo 3

6 Halo Reach

THIS is the halo game EVERYONE played the most! I mean the campaign is sad yeah but it's still awesome! Then everyone would be playing Big Team Battle or Infection. then forge... Looking at files for new creations then seeing hundreds of new maps! This game was a RISE in the halo series

The DMR bloom, armor abilities, sprinting, level design, everything. Everything about this game is terrible. It started the death of Halo. Not to mention how lazy Bungie was when adding new maps to MP. Nothing but those damn forge maps

Bungie why... You should have gone out in a bang... But you didmt you had a great opertunity to make this a great game... But you used way to many elements from 3 that people didn't like... And "made them better"
The only reason why I like this game is because... Forge... But halo 4 has a way better version and h2a has a much much better one... Ugh reach
... More like screach

This game has the utmost best multiplayer in the series. Granted, the story isn't the best, but the multiplayer is awesome.

7 Halo 2

Best story, awesome multiplayer. The cliff hanger alone isn't even enough to warrant #10, whats putting it at #4? Is it too mainstream, or are the Call of Duty fan boys salty because they can't hip-fire?

By far one of the best halos in the series, It's mp was very competitive and it's campaign was great, why is this in spot 4?

This game was amazing for its time and still is a great game

This was one of the best games in the series!

8 Halo: Combat Evolved

This game was outstanding at the time, and while games have come a long way since CE, I still think that it should be #1 because it really is one of the most groundbreaking games out there and without it we might not have made the advancements that we have.

Why is this even on here. Without this game, the rest of them would make no since.

Come on, this is the game that started it all! Why the hell is it on this list!

9 Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary

There is something you forgot, username34; this adds Xbox live multiplayer, which the original did not have. And Xbox Live multiplayer makes the first game even better.

It's the same as Combat Evolved, but with better graphics. That's it. Honestly kind of a waste of money.

Definitely a very tedious game

10 Halo Wars 2
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11 Halo: Spartan Strike
12 Halo 3

This game is awesome... but the worst in the halo franchise. This is an indication of how great halo is beyond compare to the fps genre. The issue was the only thing I would say bad in anything to do with halo, was the horrible flood additions and forms. Tank forms were just huge slow bullet sponges, and the others were pointless and boring

This is with out a doubt the worst halo in the history of halos. Clunky aiming system slow down to a snails place and if you weren't playing lan you may as well forget it. Sloppy build sloppy execution plain and simple.

Why is Halo 3 number 7? Because retards think a game that came out 8 years ago has terrible graphic, that warrants this place? And some noobs can't counter-camp? All the people complaining are just salty because they're idiots.

It's so bad now like halo 2 and halo combat evolved is with the graphics compared to Halo 4 and Halo Master Chief Collection

13 Halo: The Master Chief Collection

Most of the old game work well, and its nice having all the campaigns. But halo 2 anniversary has the worst servers I have ever seen.

This is the best one here, it has all the original Halos. Its OP

This is the best game

14 Halo

Best game ever

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