Top Ten Hardest Physics Topics

Physics is number one my best things to learn. But, there's something that you may fed up when you learn them.

The Top Ten

1 Quantum Mechanics

Well, Niels Bohr said that anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it. Quantum Mechanics are fascinating, but I know that even the greatest of minds see it as hard. I love Quantum Mechanics from Heisenberg to Schroedinger.

Dear quantum mechanics I don't love you but why You love me :(

It is very fun, but that doesn't make it less difficult.

No doubt about it..most fascinating as well as most difficult

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2 Electromagnetism

It took time and patience to learn this properly, and even then, I'm confused when to use the Left-Hand Rule, and when to use the Right-Hand Rule. But it's more interesting than any other topic, definitely.

EM is the basis of almost everything, yet there are not too many good professors who can teach it in an intuitive manner. So definitely the hardest topic, hands down!

It is about six years ago since I studied physics and I can still remember very well how tough electromagnetism was

I agree. But why is EM so difficult to understand?

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3 Projectile Motion

Projectile motion, while being one of the first things students learn in physics, is actually one of the most difficult to grasp and enigmatic entities in the entirety of physics. Richard Feynman once said, "Projectile motion. A topic of immense importance and of utter confusion. If you throw a ball with a known initial velocity, and you know something about the medium it travels through as well as gravity, you can know exactly where it will land. How in the world does this work? It is enigmatic". The true mysteries of projectile motion are still yet to be discovered and can only be postulated as of today's research.

You guys must be kidding, any regular physics student can eat this, by looking at the other topics I can say that the one who made this list is a kid

I struggled so much with projectile motion. I think it must be one of the hardest things besides Newton's First Law. Maxwell's Equations were wicked easy though, I don't understand why we don't start with those.

Projectile motion is not hard, its fairly easy. I would say quantum mechanics is the hardest

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4 Electronics
5 String Theory

One of the most specialist areas in all of Physics. Most of Physics, nailed it and love it, but String Theory just drives me this way and that! But it's still awesome, despite the fact that it's entirely mathematical and isn't tested yet.

I love this theory because it Theory of everything

6 Relative Velocity

This topic has always made me suffer in physics. Rest of all the topis mentioned are quite easy. This is not a topic in modern physics. Slope problems are damn easy

7 Radiation

It's actually not difficult, if you love the amazing world of physics.. then it's certainly not ( trust me it's great ) - Ananya

8 Force

The interaction between objects is known as force. It may be push or pull ( it depends on the nature of interacting objects)

Who put this thing in here? It is elementary level Physics.

9 Motions
10 General Relativity

It is a very interesting topic to learn, but also very confusing at times, the hardest of any other theory of relativity. I don't think you can learn it just by reading, you need to see what happens with animations just to get a glimpse of what's happening, unlike many different topics in physics.

Very hard to grasp

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12 Pressure

Hardest ever

13 Astronomy

So much out there that even college can't cover it all. It's something so amazing if enjoyed and studied well, but it can be tricky!

Easy - TheRemixr

14 Thermodynamics

Man this is the best yet one of the most difficult in physics

Best and interdisting

This sucks

15 Rocket Science


16 Electricity

Electrons have dual nature same as light

Actually this is vast yet very easy if you use the Laws in a practical manner like Maxwells laws,Flemings law,Ohms law etc.First understand the concept android try it practically it will sink in your brain.

Go to hell kirchoff with your laws...i can't even identify a wheatstone bridge and tomorrow's my physics exam...i'm gonna fail...i guesss!

17 Classical Mechanics

Just one word.."TOUGH! "

It is tough

18 Black Holes

What a fantastic topic but need patience to understand

What you need is fantasy and patience. If you have these you are in good way.

Just think about it...

19 Dark Energy

It is the most difficult
As don't have much information about it

And there is so much for imaging about it

20 Simple Harmonic Motion

The worst and most difficult topic ever! tons of formulas, no matter how hard I try, I just can't understand it. :(

21 Cosmology
22 Special Relativity
23 Units and Dimension

Units and dimensions.

24 Rotational Mechanics

Toughest chapter for 11th students

25 Statistical Mechanics
26 Moment of Inertia


27 Nuclear Physics

Nuclear physics is the most interesting but one needs to have basic knowledge of chemistry and a little of physics

28 Heat
29 Friction
30 Waves
31 Fluid Dynamics

Ever heard of turbulent Energy Dissipation equation? If not look it up, It makes me want to die more than Einsteins field me.

32 Virtual Particles
33 Condensed Matter
34 Engineering
35 Mass
36 Chaos Theory
37 Gravity
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