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21 Lusamine (SuMo) Lusamine (SuMo) Lusamine is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. She is the head of the Aether Foundation.

Her Mother Beast form is overpowered as hell! - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Strong and varied team. Mamaged to knock out even some of my overleveled mons

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22 Iris (Pokemon Black 2/White 2)

Definitely had EV trained Pokemon. She apparently had a Lapras! What the hell is wrong with that? Oh yeah! Lapras is an ice type!

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23 Lysandre (X and Y)

Gyarados will give you hell every time. He's got a great theme, though.

That Mega Gyarados of his is absolute HELL to fight. Not to mention Mienshao with Fake Out. Great theme, though.

All of Lysandre Pokemon were easy with my team of Charizard, Greninja, Yveltal, Talonflame, Diggersby, and Pikachu

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24 Torterra (Pokemon) Torterra (Pokemon) V 1 Comment
25 N (Pokemon B/W)
26 Zekrom (Pokemon Park 2) Zekrom (Pokemon Park 2) V 1 Comment
27 Phoebe (Pokemon RSE)

So hard, at least on oras.

28 Champion Iris (Pokemon Black and White 2)
29 Palmer (HG/SS)

This guy is just ANNOYING! First match he has a dragonite, a rhyperior and a annoying milotic. Second match he has a heatran, regigigas and cresselia. I didn't even get there.

30 Benga (Black2/White2) V 2 Comments
31 Greevil (XD: Gale of Darkness)

Fighting him whilst having to catch ALL SIX of his team is a nightmare. All the Pokemon are strong. They are Rhydon, Exeggutor, Tauros, MOLTRES, ARTICUNO AND ZAPDOS. All of them also have high catch rates, especially the birds, so you will need LOTS of Pokeballs. Also, if you score a critical hit, you may accidentally KO one.

For those who are unfamiliar with, the goal of the game is to catch all the Pokemon your opponent has that are Shadow Pokemon (in Greevil's case, all 6). These Pokemon also have special attacks that deal super-effective damage to all non-Shadow Pokemon - they will hit any Pokemon you use hard with the exception of other Shadow Pokemon. I strongly recommend not purifying all your Shadow Pokemon before this match else your entire team will be KOed quickly (especially Salamence - could have not won without it! )

And if you want to use the Master Ball on them, that means no Master Ball for Shadow Lugia. And any damage you take against Lugia gets carried ...more

Have to catch 3 legendary birds, all with equal catch rates to lugia! Not only that but also 3 other difficult Pokemon to catch as well! And even if you don't catch them all their attacks are super effective.

First, you have to get Shadow Lugia. Then you have to catch another 6 Pokemon IN A ROW! (Plus, half of them are the legendary birds! )

32 Flannery (Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald)

In ORAS, her torkoal was way too powerful, even if you're using a Pokemon that resists fire.

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33 Cyrus (Pokemon Platinum)

Cyrus has a lot of tricks in his team of 5 fully evolved pokemon, including heat wave on honchkrow for steel types, thunder fang on houndoom for water types and earthquake on gyarados for slower electric types. He doesn't mess around.

How is this not in the top 10? Cyrus is a killer, especially in nuzlockes with his beastly earthquake gyrados and heat wave honchkrow. I found this fight significantly harder than Cynthia, Crasher wake, and even Fantina in my most recent nuzlocke of platinum.

34 Wally (Omega Ruby Alpha Sapphire)

Walle from ORAS has IV bred, EV training, Hidden ability Pokemon with items. In other words, it is like playing a competitive match. So hard!

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35 Arceus (Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs) Arceus (Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs) Arceus is a legendary Pokémon from the Pókemon series. He first appeared in the 18th Pokémon movie alongside other Legendary Pokémon.

Honestly I think the reason this boss wasn't even on the list is because nobody has ever made it to it. You need to beat every temple in the past and then before you even fight arceus you need to capture every Pokemon in the temple and it's all under a VERY strict time limit. It's the only Pokemon boss I've ever fought that I've not managed to beat to this day and I doubt I ever will

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36 Shadow Mewtwo (Pokken Tournament) V 1 Comment
37 Darkrai (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2) Darkrai (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon 2)

Okay, I agree that Dialga was REALLY hard to beat. Fortunately, I was a Mudkip and learned endeavor, so when he tried to pulverize me with Roar of Time, I used Endeavor and Turtwig delivered the final blow. But Darkrai... I made it to him two years ago and still haven't beat him. Of course I don't play the game 24/7, but still. He has a team consisting of a lot of ghost and dark types, and that really hits Cresselia hard. She's almost ALWAYS the one who faints (due to her suckish moves and type disadvantage. *Sigh*
I just need to beat him before I beat the entire game.

38 Koga (HGSS)

There is one word that descibes how anoying Koga in HGSS is. Muk. It spams Minimize so you can't hit it, It Poisons you, and Has Swagger (which if you don't know, raises the opponents {Your} Pokemon's Attack and then confuses you) To make matters worse, He has this thing on the Muk called Black Sludge which works like Leftovers (gains health back at every turn) I'm suprised I had to add this as a new item, it should've already been on here, and in Number 2 after Whitney

39 General Aqua Leila (Pokemon Trozei)

It's been 3 years so far, and I still haven't beat this jerk.

40 Rampaging Entei (Pokémon Ranger)

Oh the frustration. Pokemon Ranger was one one the first Pokemon games I had as a kid and I was never able to beat it until I tried again years later.

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