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41 Tate/Liza (Emerlad)

Confuse Ray, Calm Mind, and Light Screen will ruin you plans. Solrock and Claydol can do serious damage. They are so hard to kill it's ridiculous, I had to slowly whittle down their health while using a huge pile of healing items.

42 Steelix (Pokemon Ranger)
43 Sableye (Ruby)
44 Giovanni (X and Y)

Giovanni isn't from X and Y. He's from the original Red and Blue games I think. - RiverClanRocks

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45 The 3 Legendary Dogs (The Original Pokemon Ranger)

You have to draw more than 30 circles around them at once ( this was at a time when you had to do all he loops in one go! )

46 Maylene {Pokemon DPP}

If you don't have a Staravia on your team your going to get owned

47 Gardenia (Pokemon DPP)

I know she's supposed to be easy but she gave me a heck of a time her roserade can own your team if you got piplup and maybe turtwig

48 Olympia (X and Y)

It took me more tries to beat her than it took me to beat the champion! But that's psychic for you.

Easy as hell couldn't find an easier battle.

X and Y may have been hard, but Olympia was the hardest of the hell known as Kalos.

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49 Palkia (Mystery Dungeon 2)

I had to fight Palkia 58 TIMES its gonna mess you up with spacial rend I probably used at least 200 reviver seeds on Palkia. Still my 6th favorite Pokemon though

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