Top Ten Hardest Things In Life

The Top Ten Hardest Things In Life

1 School

Waking up in the morning, even in winter JUST WANT TO STAY IN BED AND START DREAMING

I personally enjoy school, but that doesn't mean it wont come with a lot of frustration and anger and crying. I guess that's what it takes to be successful. - keycha1n

You just wait until adulthood. Unless you're talking about college.

Frankly speaking I don't know whether this is that hard because I myself am 16 yrs old and in last year of my high-school and I have still so much hard things awaiting. But surely it is difficult like to get up early, write pretty nonsense things in the name of so called notes and byhearting so many things and languages which we are sure to forget soon. And most importantly wasting so much time in byhearting rather than understanding. I am sure we would have many genius people if they stop these unnecessary things and focus on skills instead of so called traditional teaching system. It is a hard part and becomes worse when you realize that you are wasting your time sometimes over nothing.

2 Accepting death

Some die old, some die young. That's just how life is. You can't do anything about avoiding death except for trying to face the fact that we all die one day.

Oh how my heart aches for us all... We live, we thrive, some strive... Some die old, some die young, yet we all die. But if we only set out, purposefully, to seek out truth we would find it! Why live a life to die when you could die to start living? People wake up. Truth is calling out... Seek it before it's too late! This is certainly not the end but the beginning. We don't just die and disappear. There's much more and the proof is out there. Just seek and you will find! Don't live like the rest... Hopeless and waiting and accepting death. Death is no more!

I believe that there is heaven on the other side, but so far no one can know, unless you die. I'll just live life to the fullest, because you can't redo your life once it's over. Death is a part of every life cycle, and it's happened for billions of years. It keeps the circle of life going. People will continue to be born after you die. Plus, your family will remember you after death - ethanmeinster

Yes, accepting death is one of the toughest thing in the life. You can't believe that you cannot see the person next morning, who used to taunt you, tease you, scold you and much more than that, who used to love you.
I realized this thing, when I lost my Grandfather at the age of 26. I was very matured by the time and I realized what death means. I did not cry, I could never cry for his death. But deep inside I felt, how weak I am. Can not control a thing. Weak, very weak and very poor. Specially when I saw my Grandmother crying for my Grandfather, my sister, my aunts, who really loved and cared my Grandfather.

3 Growing up

Its especially hard when you leave for college or something and have to say goodbye to almost all your friends and family and the ones you got close too

Don't take things for granted, you 13 year olds and younger. During those times, things can truly be "magical". - gimi8609

That means the rest of ones life is bad apart from the day they get married - Harri666

Especially if you're autistic...I'm autistic and I'm an adult but I don't know how to properly be one!

Read catcher in the rye and you'll understand better

4 Taking rejection

Having the feeling of rejection is worse than all the problems in life as the possibilities of accepting this is limited. People not accepting you for who you are, poor grades in school, and many more is painful to endure. The worst part is that because this seems so shocking to us, we aren't able to learn from this and all this depression we feel will be all for nothing. Everyone wishes to have a carefree life but this may be necessary as it can teach us to push ourselves in the end.

My arrogance made me feel like I could win everything, but I didn't know that there were better people than me, and that people aren't perfect. I had trouble whenever I got rejected from ASB or got rejected from a math competition, and I felt like the stupidest person ever. I was in depression for days on end (I was one of the straight-A students). Being rejected by a crush, is worse. It make you feel so angry when your crush likes the jerk (true story). Life gets better though. You can't have it all, but it's hard to accept that. - ethanmeinster

I remember growing up I always felt rejected, like no one wanted to talk to me. Like everyone was going out of their way to avoid me. I'm not sure why, I don't want to be a show-off, but I was really nice to everyone and tried so hard to make them like me. They weren't mean to me, but it was obvious the didn't like me as much as they liked each other. I still feel like that sometimes... - SilviaCat

Rejection is one of the most basically horrible things that can occur. If there was no such thing as rejection, there would be very little to be unhappy about in life. Of course, that's an unreasonable thought since rejecting some things are entirely necessary, but the point stands.

5 Raising kids

I totally agree, I have Teenage daughters 16,15 and a 6 year old son who can at times be a little testy. My teenage girls stopped being the sweet cheerful easy to please happy go lucky girls about 4 years ago and kids now days you can raise them to show respect as I did but now they have got older and think they are grown, so when I call there names when they was little girls it was yes mam' now its what and I say excuse me and they say I said what. They challenge my authority all the time and sometimes even try to fight me... I told my friend why does people put themselves through the misery of caring them for 9 months and than labor pains to have kids disrespect you probably hurt you more than anyone in your life ever will and appreciate nothing and have no clue the value of a dollar and how much hard work you have to do to make a dollar... Once AGAIN, I AGREE 100% I TELL MY KIDS ALL THE TIME YOU WILL SEE BEING A PARENT IS BY FAR THE HARDEST THING I EVER HAD TO DO AND HERE'S THE ...more

I am never having kids

This is why I don't wanna get married - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

This is harder then you think. - Userguy44

6 Being depressed

Medical weed helped me a lot with depression, I find that I can relax and resolve my problems after smoking

Wait are you talking about having depression, or just being depressed. Either way sucks. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I'm depressed because all I can think of is death, war and Russia! They're making a super nuke that will 'make the atomic bomb look like a popgun'. It's all I can think of!

I am sort of depressed. I don't want to seek attention, but when the dodgy "cool" girls think you're "weird", life just gets tough. - Lunala

7 Work

Disagree...Work will be the hardest thing in life it is not meant for you and you are doing it. If it is not your passion and you do not love doing it, then it is the hardest thing in life. I love my work and it is my passion and I love doing it for long hours without thinking about time or food. - ashakantasharma

Work is MUCH harder than school believe me. You have to stay for a select amount of time, most likely doing the same thing for lots of hours, sometimes you have to go overtime because of some reason. At least with school there are set times and all that. - NuMetalManiak

Lair school is harder,but losing a loved one is the WORST

8 Losing a loved one

How is school number one? I agree that school is difficult, but losing a loved one is much harder. - LiamCoasterFan

I do not want my family to die and want and pray God to take my life before my family as my life is fully attached with my family members and I can not live without them. May God accept my wish and take my breath before my family. Peace - ashakantasharma

This is actually a very heart paining experience you are alive when everything seem depressing.

This isn't hard


9 Losing a pet

I have lost my horse named Midnight... I think she is dead by now... Also my two dogs died, Bailey and Angel. What I heard was that someone else shot them or something. And also a cat name Zorro... He died when he got lost. We found him under our porch, dead. ALSO my cat Voodoo... She was the sweetest thing ever... She had seven kittens once. We kept two. Annabelle and Pepper. They are getting old though... But with Annabelle, she was super super scared. Nobody could go near her. She knew that Voodoo lay down with me every day though, and when Voodoo died, Annabelle came up to me. She's just like her mom. And my dog Hidie, I very very old. But she is still with us today, but has a problem with her leg... Once I had a horse named Honey. She had a baby, then the next few weeks we found her dead. Laying in the field. :'-( I had some dogs named Molly, and Ziggy. But they died... One of them died of cancer and the other, old age... I have many more experiences with my other pets that I ...more

Losing a pet is like losing a loved one/friend. Someone you can never replace.

Big Brain Idea kid

I had a parrot when I was 15 when I got back from school I went to check her but I saw her on the floor murder by crow
I was shocked I was about to faint but I tried to save her but it was too late
hearing her last words before she dies was my name
i cried the entire week

10 Controlling your actions

I agree, this one is really hard, cause with all you have to do in this society, you can't do a slight mistake without being shouted over and things like that. You have to be perfect in all of your actions. - MaxPap

I find really it is very difficult for me to not to do bad things even though I know that there will no any result come from it.

To control your actions simply control thoughts. What you think you become. - ashakantasharma

Yup that's very difficult - Ananya

The Contenders

11 Child birth

I'm sure this is very painful. I feel bad for people put through this. But I've heard that once it happens you get such a feeling of joy that you don't even remember the pain. Is anyone else in a sour mood today? Maybe it's just me. - Icantbelieveitsnotbutter

I'm glad I'm a guy, that has to be the most painful thing ever, besides getting stabbed, shot, limb ripped off, etc... - RustyNail

Probably the hardest thing to go through at the time of actual childbirth but also the most rewarding I should imagine. - Britgirl

Very painful, but Nothing compared to getting kicked in the balls

12 Getting dumped

Getting dumped by the First Love is a very Hard Thing in life. - ashakantasharma

And that's why I stayed single

Relationships are stupid. this doesn't count

It never gets easy. - egnomac

13 Having to move away

I only had to move away once so far and luckily I don't have a lot of friends so for me it was pretty easy - Ajkloth

The only thing that would be hard about this for me is leaving all of the family members I have here. - 3DG20

It happens several times - YanRocky

14 Unemployment

That must be so depressing..Always work hard to achieve what you want, If you dedicate your time and energy to your dreams ( The things you want to be), Nothing will stop you, no matter how hard it might get - when you have determination for something to achieve then even time... the hard time will kneel down - Ananya

Upto child days you are safeguarded by someone dearest to you, but after studies you depend on them for money and safeguarding your life is more worst and at the time of unemployment and long unemployment you are forced to this situation. It cannot be explained but in words, but in the day to day life it is the most worst thing and the people who have not realized are more luckiest.

Yeah unemployment sucks but it doesn't last forever - Ajkloth

To those who say school is hard, wait 10 years and see if you're going to say the same about high school.
Being unemployed is a top 5 in my book.

15 Being alone

There is a key difference between being alone and being lonely. Being able to be happy alone is essential but, for many, life seems purposeless when you feel like you don't belong. And sadly that comes with loneliness.

That's stupid, I love being alone!

I like being alone. I feel awkward in groups of kids, because 95% think I am "weird" or whatever. - Lunala

Disagree...Introverts loves being alone...It is the easiest and peaceful thing in life. - ashakantasharma

16 Taxes
17 Asking your crush out

This is a pretty hard thing to do. I've only been through it once. Strictly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. - Britgirl

I think there's something harder to do: When your asks you out and you're not interested to date. I can't say yes, because I'm not interested to date, but I can't say no either, because I'll break his heart and lose a friend - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

That's hard to do, but it's not the hardest thing in life in my opinion... - MaxPap

That Is so true

18 Talking to your crush for the very first time

Just hard, just just hard

This should probably be in the list.
Your hearts starts beating faster when you step closer to her/him and you start sweating..
At the last moment you just run away because you feel shy (At least I think that).
It takes nearly more than a hundred times to actually 'start' talking to your crush.

That’s why you should force them to talk to you first. - sadical

19 Addiction

It says it in its name addict

Addiction carrys a burden which a lot of these things


20 Finding love when your true love passes away

Like Forrest Gump and Jenny - istooduptoabully

I think if you lose someone you really loved so much,their is No one in this world who can replace that person.

It is extremely sad.

21 Goodbyes

Being in a forbidden relationship with the love of your life and your parents move you schools just so you won’t see him.

When you make a new friend on the beach only to say farewell to him and never see him again :(

22 Beating cancer

I was just told (after 10 years) that I beat cancer and was cured. Best day of my life, and probably (adding in the mental aspects) probably the hardest thing I have ever done.

Definitely very hard also taking care of a loved one who is suffering. By we'll with the effort. University was hard but there are different types of hard through life

Homework is the only thing harder


23 Loving someone who you can't have

Yes. It happens to me all the time. Some people tell me that "come on get over it! " Like u have no idea how much I've tried but it doesn't work to control what my heart feels with my mind... So, what I am doing is just thinking/fantasizing about him while realizing that I probably haven't crossed his mind at all. I mean how could that be even possible? He just feels like a soulmate...

This is something that should be way higher on the list. it’s a mix of rejection, and not feeling worthy

You know you can't be together but still you can't stop falling for him, u can't stop blushing, u can't just leave him, but still u can't have him too...

24 Divorce
25 Accepting criticism

It's hard to know that you will never be perfect, but criticism is people trying to help

I have accepted many rude comments in my life, and I’m still pretty young... It’s been because I’m a Latina, or because I’m female or for my culture or race. But I don't care, because the things that these people are criticizing me for, are all advantages.

26 Math



At first...
Hah, this is too easy. 12 x 7 x 2 = 168!
*brain explodes due to overthinkingness and stress* - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

That’s why there’s a such thing as “calculators.”

27 Succeeding

If it was easy, everyone would do it. Most people go to school, though, so I don't see why it's at the top. - nabbithero54

I know this is a rather complicated matter. Everybody has his own terms in calling his life a success after a long period of time. But I think it's the hardest thing to achieve regardless of your personal objectives.

Yes, at what you want accomplished!

28 Losing a child

I would never be able to live. I love kids as I am one. But just losing one is like killing yourself you can not replace them nor be replaced. I would hate if someones child died and then they don't care. I would get so mad. How do think people who can't have kids see someone lose kids and they don't care. Just a tragedy:( - TheMazeRuner

Sounds awful, glad I've never had this happen to me, but I know some people aren't so fortunate - SilviaCat


No parents deserve to lose their child! 😢😭💔

29 Being a Christian

Being a christian means that you have to go through countless trials of your faith and people that are constantly judging you. It is especially hard to be a christian when people assume that you hate Atheists, Liberals, Feminists, Muslims, Jews, and members of the LGBT community. Christians love everybody, that is assuming that they are an actual christian and not someone that is just wearing a mask. That ancient book never tells us to hate anyone. Luke 6:35, "But love your enemies, do good to them and lend to them without expecting to get anything back. Then your reward will be great, and you will be children of the Most High, because he is kind to the ungrateful and wicked." You have to read that ancient book in order to tell others what it says @PolishGuy

Actually, I'd say hating atheists, liberals, feminists, Muslims, Jews, and members of the LGBT community is easy, especially if you believe in an ancient book that tells you to hate them. - PolishGuy

30 Getting sick

I don’t feel so good

31 John Cena losing a match

John Cena isn't even my favorite wrestler. Far from it.

I cried when he lost to AJ styles at battleground 2016

32 Stress

It’s the hardest when you are aware of the pain you put yourself through, yet can’t control it.

33 Breathing

Troll alert - MaxPap

34 Having no one to rely on

You don't have to rely on anyone, Make yourself so independent, so strong that you don't have to rely on anyone...Always love what people you are important in your life...And yes - don't ever forget to help them when they need you - Ananya

It's one thing to have family and friends, but to be able to truly trust someone is not in the cards for me. Trust is an illusion; there is only mutual self interest.

I'm an oldest sibling, which means I have no one to rely on in my family, and I'm lonely and don't trsut people too easily, which means I have no one to rely on outside of family. It's just me, myself, and I, I can't rely on anyone else - XxDarkStorm_PhoenixMothxX

You don't have to rely on anybody - Ananya

35 Sports

PE is just the worst thing to think of - Jake09

We still need to at least be physically fit, you know?

P.E. is a death warrant to you and your dignity. - PositronWildhawk

I hate sports play more video games less sports more fun qurenteed exepht if its Call of Duty

36 Making friends

It's easy for some people, and hard for others. - MaxPap

37 Quitting smoking

I could imagine how hard this would be. - funnyuser

38 Losing

Losing what? I’m usually really good at being last.

39 Accepting opinions

This can be difficult for sure.

40 Being religious

Everyone thinks you're weird when you do rituals and say why don't you skip doing that it makes life so much easier, but no it's my religion. They don't understand that.

If you know why you believe what you believe, it shouldn't be that hard to talk to people lol

41 Crime

I know doing crimes is worst activities in life but still sometimes it help you earning lump sum amount

Or you could call jg wentworth 877 cash now

It’s good if its hard, because then people won't do it! - sadical

42 Loving someone too good for you

Is it really too "good" for you, or is it
A) you don't believe in yourself enough. Trust yourself!
B) it's someone too different from you. But even with this one, if it's meant to be, it'll happen. - nabbithero54

43 Making unbiased decisions
44 Putting toothpaste back in the tube

This task is extremely hard, I've had many years of attempts, all have ended with my house catching on fire.

Oh well...Would anyone try? - Ananya

Basically impossible

45 Being a Jew

It must be hard regarding the massive hatred they receive.

Not a jew but am glad Hitler is dead. - Lunala

I hate jews bruh moment

46 Kindergarten

...Is this a troll submission?

47 Ending a friendship

Sometimes, I feel like I need to do this, since I’m currently in an extremely toxic friendship.

48 Music Theory
49 Fighting

Not true it's simple it's aruging - Jake09

50 Death

We don't know what it's even like, so how do we know it's hard? It's not in life either, you're dead when death happens.

It’s to late for me.

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