Harry Potter Characters We Didn't See Enough Of!

Who are the Harry Potter characters we either didn't see enough of or didn't see at all? Well here they are!

The Top Ten Harry Potter Characters We Didn't See Enough Of!

1 Katie Bell

Katie Bell was cursed by a necklace in the Half-Blood Prince and she's on the quidditch team. Oh, and she's a year older than Harry. That's all we know and we want to know more! - RoxanneBell

2 Astoria Greengrass

I do not like her Sam I Am

Who is the mysterious wife of Draco Malfoy? Astoria Greengrass, all we know about her is that she has an older sister called Daphne, and that she dies in the cursed child. - RoxanneBell

You don't like her? oh oh oh because Draco didn't marry Pansy or Millicent.
Pathetic fandom.
With the ships.

3 Angelina Johnson

Angelina Johnson... couldn't get enough of the Weasley Twins... She was in the same year as them, the same quidditch team... and she went out with Fred yet married George. - RoxanneBell

4 Rolf Scamander

JK Rowling nearly was going to put Luna and Neville together. But Luna is a bit dotty for him. She found Rolf Scamander who was nearly going to tell the story of the Deathly Hallows but was cut from the book like that Weasley Cousin who was a Slytherin, and annoyed Molly Weasley and Hermione Granger she was a first year in Goblet of Fire. There was also going to be another character who lived in Hogsmeade who was like Mrs Figg but loved dogs and would've looked after Padfoot. But instead he stayed in the cave in Goblet of Fire, a Death Eater in Philosopher's Stone who was cut out because the beginning of the book could've been Harry in the ruins of his home and Sirius meets the Death Eater. But it was changed to The Dursleys.

Speaking of Luna... what about her husband? Why Rolf? Why not Neville? Or at least someone we know... We only know two things (not including their marriage) about Rolf. Scamander... ring a bell? That's because he's the grandson of Newt Scamander and Tina Scamander (Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them) and he has twin sons, Lysander and Lorcan. Oh, and he's a half blood. - RoxanneBell

Really would be nice to get to know someone who Luna would marry. Makes you wonder what his personality is like. Are Luna and he similar or do they have an opposites attract thing going on? I'd watch the crap outta a movie or T.V. special about this love story. - NerdBunny

5 Audrey Weasley

Penelope Clearwater was a minor character.
Does it matter who marries who.
It's not your book.
Cho married a Muggle who has no name.
The author chooses not you.

We only know two things about this woman. She married Percy Weasley and had two children with him, Lucy and Molly. We don't even know what school, house or year this girl was in, we don't even know her maiden name! Oh yeah, and what happened to Penelope Clearwater? - RoxanneBell

Who is she?! - Cyclne

6 Fluer Delacour

Honestly, Fleur is in my top ten characters and I do definitely want to know more.

Fluer is probably the person on this list that we know the most about. Let's see... she marries Bill, she competes against Harry in the Triwizard Tornament, she has a little sister called Gabrielle and she attended Beauxbatons and she has kids called Victoire and Dominque... - RoxanneBell

7 Hannah Abbot

Luna was a bit dotty for Neville. They nearly became a couple because JK Rowling was going to pair them but thought not being dotty. Neville only becomes more in the plot in the last book so who cares if he marries Hannah. RoaxanneBell are you from Fictionalley Park the forum of dunderheads.

Sure she's in the books and the movies but she's more of an extra. Let's see... she's a pureblood, she's in Hufflepuff, she has blonde pigtails. Oh, and she marries Neville Longbottom instead of Luna marrying him... - RoxanneBell

8 Marrietta Edgecombe

She didn't talk, she was just Cho's best friend because all Cho's other friends ignored her in her sixth year. She was probably one of the giggling girls when Harry wanted to ask her to the Yule Ball and he didn't like them giggling.

If your asking who's this? She's Cho Chang's BFF who betrayed the. She doesn't appear in the movies though... - RoxanneBell

9 Peeves

I hope he's in a Fantastic Beasts movie

YES! He was the best in the 5th book in my opinion because of what he did when Fred and George left. I was reading this in class and it was so hard not to laugh!

He should've been in the Philosopher's Stone film but no they decided to cut him out completely.

We saw quite a lot of him in the pholiphesers stone *sorry I don't know how to spell*

10 Arianna Dumbledore

Arianna Dumbledore is the sister of Aberforth and Albus Dumbledore. She was killed in a three-way duel between Gellert Grindlewald, Albus Dumbledore and Aberforth Dumbledore. She was tortured by three muggle boys. She tried to supress her magic, making it come out in dangerous bursts now and again. Oh, and she accidently killed her mother. - RoxanneBell

The Contenders

11 Alicia Spinnet

Alicia Spinnet, the last chaser on Gryffindor quidditch team along with Katie Bell (^) and Angelina Johnson (^). Angelina and Alicia seem close being in the same year and might possibly be close with Katie despite Katie being a year younger. That is literally all we know. - RoxanneBell

12 Olympe Maxime
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