Best Harry Potter Female Characters

The Top Ten

1 Hermione Granger

Ginny's not awesome? Ginny basher.
Ginny was a background character.
She was not being herself until her fourth year. Ok she was being herself in the first book but she was only 10 years old and was just over-excited at the end of the book.

Hermione has right to be number one. She is totally my favorite Harry Potter character, and the ultimate female. Anybody who disagrees is wrong. And Ginny's not awesome. Hermione is kind, super smart, independent, loyal and brave. Hermione's a main character and female, which makes her double awesome. Hermione changes a lot. She was first introduced in the books as a bossy, bushy-haired, buck-tooth, know-it-all, but by the end of the books she was a wonderful, smart beautiful woman. She saved Harry and Ron many times, such as the deville's snare. Hermione's awesoem.

2 Minerva McGonagall
3 Ginny Weasley

Ginny she finally became herself around Harry when she couldn't wait on and on for him to like her.

4 Molly Weasley
5 Nymphadora Tonks
6 Luna Lovegood Luna Lovegood was a witch, the only child and daughter of Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood. Her mother accidentally died while experimenting with spells when Luna was nine and Luna was raised by her father, editor of the magazine The Quibbler, in a rook-like house near the village of Ottery St Catchpole more.

How is luna not number one

Yersh! My girl! Ravenclaw, teen, weird, me! happy...

7 Fleur Delacour

She is absolutely amazing. My favorite character, female or not. Fleur should be number 1, but it's always, ALWAYS Hermione! Fleur is so pretty and kind and loyal. LOVE HER

8 Cho Chang
9 Pomona Sprout
10 Angelina Johnson

The Contenders

11 Pansy Parkinson
12 Bellatrix Lestrange A psychotic death eater who escaped from Azkaban, and is fiercely loyal to Voldemort. Murderer of many people such as Sirius Black, and also a sadist who drove the Longbottoms mad.
13 Dolores Umbridge

An awfully evil lady who is cruel to every student

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