Most Hated Grand Theft Auto Characters

The Top Ten Most Hated Grand Theft Auto Characters

1 Jimmy De Santa

Good for nothing loser that just whines and complains to Michael, not to mention he intoxicated him, sold his yacht without his permission, and took money from him believing he was doing the right thing.

Couldn't stand him. Hated his voice, the way he disrespected his dad, the way he was spoiled and expected everything to be handed to him loke it was owed to him. And I hates the way he blamed his dad for all his problems. I hated how Michael just up and forgave him for drugging and robbing him. If it were me id have cut him off and threw him out on his ass ages ago.

Jimmy is a fat, jobless, dumb junkie that always smokes weed and playing video games instead of looking for a job. He tried to sell His fathers Yacht cause he needed money, he drugged him to take his car and leave with that Yoga Guy.

Jimmy personifies everything that is wrong with modern society, fat, lazy, self absorbed and totally unwilling to shoulder the burden of responsibility for his actions. Everything is the fault of of anybody but himself.

2 Playboy X

Totally agree with you. Never trusted Playboy from the start. Kill him, take his crib and befriend Dwayne enough so you can unlock the extra help from his gang. Why is Kate a hated character? I was sad when she died but not as sad as I would've been if it was Roman that died - Danielsun182

Like Manny, he was arrogant, hypocritical and pretentious. He did however, have some genuity to his intentions unlike Manny, but he was still irritating to be around, I also hated the construction site mission and most other missions you do for him. It was pleasing to be able to have his personal loft. I liked Dwayne, I felt as though he was more authentic and worth saving, because I believed he deserved another chance at life, unlike Playboy.

Don't kill Dwayne, kill this snitch and take over his crib.

If you kill him you can take over his house

3 Lazlow

He honestly should be #2 I'm happy jimmy is #1

I hate Lazlow so much, he is such a prick!

Lazlow has been in too many GTAS

Lazlow is the biggest dick, why could anyone like him. - danielwotsits

4 Amanda De Santa

She's a hypocrite towards Michael. Judges him for killing people, but has no problem spending his money that he earned by killing people and robbing. Calls him a "whore-mongering asswipe" but cheats on him with two guys ( I bet you she was going to screw Michael's psychologist next). Overall a stupid character who loves victimizing herself

Annoying, disgusting, horrible hypocrite. She's also partly responsible for how Jimmy and Tracey act, but blames it all on Michael. Basically blames everything on Michael, nags him constantly, and pretends to be the victim, all while committing crimes herself, and cheating on him. I honestly would've been perfectly fine with it, if her and Jimmy both left for good, and Michael just lived with Tracey. She's the only one of the 3 that's actually decent, since she shows that she actually cares about him, when it comes down to it.

Amanda De Santa is such a downer. She hates him for having sex with a prostitute yet she has sex with every Yoga Coach, and, shes on a sex website. - danielwotsits

Indeed, and her kids aren't any better either.

5 Tracey De Santa

Michael has one hell of a rough family we love to hate. Jimmy is an A-hole, Amanda whines and cares about yoga and Tracy... Geez, she should stay in the closet and never come out because she's a b_tch!

She has the most painful whiney voice I've ever heard.

In the first mission where you listen to her talking to her friend made me die of laughter "Hello?" - danielwotsits

I voted for Haines before I saw this. She is so annoying. - CartoonCriticizer

6 Dimitri Rascalov

This guy has irredeemable qualities. At least, Mikhail (despite being paranoid and extremely violent) had the best of intentions for his family and his most respected men. Dimitri was, is, and always will be a backstabbing ass. And what is worse, depending on the path you take, he is either directly or indirectly the cause of death to the people closest to Niko. At least, you get to off him in both ending missions.

I always hated him, he's just a total piss-taker. I chose to kill him, RIP Kate. - danielwotsits

He turner out to be a idiot folks

7 Stretch

What the hell, Stretch? You betrayed your own neighborhood and almost had Franklin and Lamar killed like 3 times!

So bad to franklin clinton

Stretch, why did you betray the Ballas? And I actually liked you, prick. - danielwotsits

8 Mikhail Faustin

He shoots Roman, and expects you to be on his side, what a retard. - danielwotsits

Great character. No wonder he's not up on the list.

Mikhail fauston was awesome he didn't shoot roman ok dimitri did and mikhail he even gave up when you kill him

9 Steve Haines

I never liked him from the start. He made Michael, Frank, and Trevor do life risking situations just for his satisfaction, and then he betrayed them in the end.

I hate Steve Haines, I'm so happy when you get to kill him in Ending C. He's so annoying, honestly, I wish I could've killed him earlier. - danielwotsits

Get this guy to the first. I know Jimmy De Santa is annoying. But this guy is just evil. - CartoonCriticizer

Jackass always acting like he's a genius making Michael working for the FIB.

10 Michael De Santa Michael De Santa, formerly Michael Townley, is one of the three protagonists in Grand Theft Auto V, along with Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips.

Really? Really? You hate him with the explanation everybody gave throughout the game? I mean, Trevor said so himself that he's a liar, a thief, a killer. He betrayed his friends to protect his family. Would you rather let your family live in agony and possibly die, or save your maniac friends. I like all the three Grand Theft Auto 5 characters, but Michael is very relatable. It's the simple things that make him happy.

Complex character. Maybe too complex for the small minded person who put this here.

Michael De Santa is the person I liked in Grand Theft Auto V, Franklin is ok, Trevor is a maniac who put Michael in this situation. How could anyone kill him in Ending B, it amazing destroyed me to kill him, yes his family is annoying and ungrateful, but Michael had more to lose to his family, plus, he is just the nicest, but He is shaky

I don't like him and I don't care about his silly family business

The Contenders

11 Brian Jeremy

I rather just kill that fat weasel in the mission Bad Standing than just letting him live, I hate that fat biker.

Brian is such a little ass-kisser that I'm surprised he didn't spend most of The Lost and Damned literally suckered on to Billy's ass, with Billy dragging him around everywhere he goes because of it.

The most obnoxious, annoying character that will ever be made in any game I might add, when I was done with him I had to empty my automatic pistol, shotgun into him and leave a pipe bomb at his dead carcass

Brian is a traitor and he's so annoying I failed in missions just to kill that ungrateful slimy prick.

12 Devon Weston

I hated Weston so much. But what interests me is that he is a villain modern society see's every day. He's a government agent who used power to gain a ridiculous amount of money. Once he had money and power he manipulated the law to suit him even though it got people killed. Devon Weston is a game version of a lot of capitalist government and business men and that's quite interesting. A lot of time was spent into creating characters like Weston and Haines who are actually culturely relivent characters. I still hated Weston the most because I cannot stand people who think money makes them untouchable and above the law

I'd rather kill all of the menaces and kidnap Devon than killing Michael or Trevor. Option C as in "deathwish" is the right choice for me to spare all three player's lives.

What a finest terrible character made by Rockstar Games yet. Rockstar fortunately made me to choose the available endings, and thank God I would choose C than any other endings. To date, he's my most hated character in the Grand Theft Auto series.

I'm so happy that I chose C, pushing him off a cliff was a dream. - danielwotsits

13 Eddie Pulaski

Never like that dirty cop so much, but at least you can take him out in San Andreas.

Stupid corrupt cop

I carjacked that piece of crap idiot with a baseball bat than killed him by whacking his face

14 Catalina

Most annoying antagonist in Grand Theft Auto history. Couldn't stand her and that voice in Grand Theft Auto III. She was alright in San Andreas and had some moments. At least I understand what she was saying unlike in Grand Theft Auto III when its was in one ear and out the other.

Half the time I couldn't even understand what she was saying and when I did understand her I just shot her cause she's so annoying!

Everyone know why she is here and we gotta say thanks God for Catalina no exists in real life

She's the worst female in Grand Theft Auto history

15 Vincenzo Cilli

This spineless rat treats you like crap and put you into some dumb jobs for him, but at lease you can flush him out on a boat during one of his missions.

16 Manny Escuela

If I had a penny for every time Manny says "man", I would be able to afford to build 50 mansions. - Pizzagamecube

He was a pretentious, arrogant hypocrite. I hated him immensely. As well as Playboy X, I would do him too if I were to vote for two, because he is the same, I always gladly kill him and take his loft, Dwayne is just too authentic, and I wanted to be merciful and give a death to someone who actually really deserved it.

The scene were Manny died was so funny "I'm not in the mood for this right now" He deserved a slower, painful death. - danielwotsits

I killed him by shooting him in his balls

17 Rocco Pelosi

I hate this guy, I wish he shows up in Grand Theft Auto V and gets killed by Michael but I'm sure that won't happen. It's kinda dumb but I like to think that Ashley Butler moved to Vice City and killed Rocco Pelosi under Tommy Vercetti's orders.

Actually, it did happened in Grand Theft Auto V. Michael saves Solomon from Rocco in one of those missions and Michael chase and kill Rocco. Plus, Johnny Klebiz and Ashley move to San Andreas but he got killed by Trevor.

I played with is dead body after I kill him. Like spin the tires on it, pitch sticky bombs on his balls and explode it.

I killed him by pushing him into the water

18 OG Loc

A dumb character, all I could say is the most stupidest artist ever in Grand Theft Auto series

He's sucks butt what ever

Representation of a wannabe rapper

Damn his rap is terrible

19 Franklin's Aunt Denise (GTA 5)

Annoying ungrateful girl. Calls franklin ungrateful, but completely ignores that it was her sister ( frank's mom) who gave her a home in the first place.

Trevor should have killed franklin's aunt just so franklin wouldn't have to hear her keep talking that feminist

I hate his Aunt's. "I'm finding my inner feminism" yes, because everyone yells to find there gender... - danielwotsits

Worst character in Grand Theft Auto 5

20 Trevor Phillips Trevor Phillips is a character from the game Grand Theft Auto Five (GTAV), a Mature rated game from 2013, created by Rockstar. He is one of the games 3 antagonists. He is the former friend of Michael DeSanta, who he was part of a bank heist with 9 years prior to the main plot. He is known for being more.

Trevor is the only character not motivated by money. He might eat people, he might not- All the characters kill people, Trevor just put em to use in the same way Cletus does with hunted animals. His sanity issues can be easily understood after learning more about his childhood and past. His loyalty is beyond doubt and shows true sadness at Michael's 'death' shown by the R.I. P Michael tattoo on his upper arm and keeping in touch with Brad. He also shows the same loyalty to Franklin. "grew up in five states, two countries, fourteen different homes, eight fathers, three care homes, two correctional facilities, one beautiful, damaged flower of a mother"

What is he doing here he's awesome, just don't like that he killed Johnny Klebitz.

WHAT?! He Is The BEST Character Not The Worst

Whoever says Trevor is the worst I hope he finds you and sticks a turd down your throat lol.

21 Lamar Davis

Lamar davis was awesome he gave you a dog he also is franklins friend for a long time yea he's a little stupid but dang he is awesome

One day... one day a DLC will come out or in Grand Theft Auto 6 if that happens... we will get to kill Lamar... and I will do it by drowning him in a toilet of his own piss!

Literally the worst character in any Grand Theft Auto game. He's worthless, stupid, and it adds insult to injury that you can't kill him.

My favorite but annoying to

22 Vlad Glebov

Funny how Niko shoot Vlad in the head and blood spewed out of him.

Fat idiot

Vlad was always a annoying "fattie". I shot him with an RPG, even though the cutscene was him getting shot with a pistol. - danielwotsits

Bloody deathđź’‰

23 Roman Bellic

Even if I'm that annoying, they should not choose me to die, because I have a family, and I can't die. I'm a nice Cousin, but Niko Bellic always kill people, like a crazy psychopath, I just wanna go bowling, go for a lunch, go for a drink, but Niko always says no. - CasinLetsGoBowling

No Roman, I don't want to go bowling. No Roman, I don't want to catch lunch with you. This goes on and on. - evil7

Hey niko, let's go bowling. - Fullwalking

I'm not going to a strip club with you, no bowling. Why would I help you with your business, leave me be. - danielwotsits

24 Zero

The last mission for him on ps2 is so hard I broke my controller

Zero deserves this spot. If he hadn't of bragged about the plans of the Caligula heist to Berkley, the casino heist would have gone off without a hitch.

I'm not sure if I hate him more for his lame ass missions or his actual demeanor

This guy is not that bad but should be at number 12 spot

25 Sgt. Jerry Martinez

That cheating rat that made you kicked out in the army in Vice City Stories deserves to get killed in the end of the mission. I use the gatling gun to take that slimeball and Diego out or take Diego out first and grab Jerry behind him and snap his neck.

The stupid guy kicked you out of the military and tried to kill you several times.

26 Lance Vance

Hey now, cut him some vance slack dance. But seriously, hating him is a terrible idea, especially for betraying Tommy Vercetti. - Gehenna

He is the most annoying character in Grand Theft Auto series. I hate his face and voice and annoy too much in missions

I can't believe I put this annoying twat on this list, Glad Tommy killed him!

He's sooo annoyin I couldn't wait to kill him SMDH! I hate his attitute I hate his face how did all of Armando mendezes men miss when they were shooting at him (lol)

27 The Mechanic (GTA V Online)

Johnny on the spot. He never delivers on his promises!

Common he is just Johhny on the spot! - SuperGeek


28 Reni Wassulmaier

Sex changes gives me the creeps, especially this guy in Vice City Stories

29 Little Jacob

He is Jamaican, everybody from Jamaica speaks like that, so remove him from this list, he is a nice guy!

I can never understand what this retard is saying, not to mention the helicopter rpg mission...

Can never understand what he says with the fake-ass accent.

30 Frank Tenpenny

I don't know why he isn't on the list. He should be in the Top 10.

He's a well-written character despite being a scumbag. That's why he's not among the most hated.

Such a Dick, he wanted to be a good cop but all she does is took drugs. That officer, she's a faggot, he's not he is she for him

31 Debra

Debra is unfaithful, always leaving Floyd behind, keeps making him her slave. Poor Floyd

Yes psychotic woman

Get out of my condo

32 Mori Kibbutz

I wish we can kill him in Grand Theft Auto 6

Annoying he given the boringst missons

And I hated Brucie, but this guy... Fml. - danielwotsits

I’ve never hated somebody as this douchebag. Seeing him cry wasn’t enough, why couldn’t rockstar let us kill this joke.

33 Ray Boccino
34 Armando Torres
35 Sonny Forelli

He is just a backstabbing good for nothing weirdo

36 Dr Friedlander

Dr Friedlander is the biggest prick alive, or dead, mwahaha ( - danielwotsits

This douchebag betrayed Michael for a stupid T.V. show. I was so mad I couldn't catch up to him to kill him!

37 Ricardo Diaz
38 Denise Robinson

Just totally bitch

39 Kate McReary

Hardly ever saw much of her in the game so the character was just a name to me. They built up practically no emotional attachment.

She's so damn picky on where you take her on dates when SHE herself calls you for them. She also gets pissy if you reject her date and ignores you for some time.

Good thing shes dead in my playthrough, she's so judgemental about what car you have, where you take her and what you wear. - danielwotsits

Kate mcreary dies its sad she gets shot she was a good person she loved niko not like the otger women karen( also she is in gta5 as a agent for the IAA when you kidnap mr.K

40 T-Bone Mendez

T bone mendez I hate him he talk trash to cj and he such a dick

41 Dwayne Forge

DWayne gives you 2 people to roll with you and you get his friends pent house

How could anyone hate Dwanye? He's so loyal and cool, he's never mean to Niko, not like Playboy. - danielwotsits

He ain't annoying just HIS genaral anaxiety

42 Elwood O'Neil

Elwood could actually be an interesting character I think if he was not an antagonist. - danielwotsits

43 Avery Carrington
44 Adam First

Talking during the final chorus of Poison Arrow is not cool >:(

Worst DJ ever!

45 Donald Love
46 Ballas

Stupid african american gangbangers trying to Get cool

I think they are Going to Get their balls shot by cj some time

47 Maude Hanson
48 Ryder
49 Tony Prince
50 Evan Moss

Evan is my favorite Grand Theft Auto character but very annoying and dumb

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