Most Heart Breaking Moments Regarding Online Friends

Friends tell me
Have you ever been betrayed by someone who you trusted the most?

The Top Ten Most Heart Breaking Moments Regarding Online Friends

When someone you trusted so much, betrays you
When someone who knows everything about you leaks those information with others
When someone you trusted and shared everything says that you are not important to him or her
When someone used your information against you
When your friend tries to be nice in front of you but tells everyone that you are the worst person they have ever met
When you friends don't care about your feelings
When they scold you for no reason.
When parents say that if you don't do chores then you can't go out with friends even though you have had plans during the day and don't have time for chores or to blow off another friend that you made plans with
When you are ruined completely because of the one you trusted
When parents accuse you of playing games or chatting with online strangers when you're not
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