Top Ten High School Marching Bands

Just about every school features their own marching band, whether the band competes in state, national and world competition or is just for show. Some high schools even find their band to be the most important part of the school, and students devote huge portions of their time to the activities. What are the best high school marching bands, in your opinion?

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1 Carmel HS Marching Band - Carmel, Indiana


2 The Pride of Broken Arrow - Broken Arrow, Oklahoma

For Sure the best

The best band in america.

Best band program in U.S.A.

Hardest working High School marching band I have ever seen!

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3 Pride of Bixby, Bixby HS - Bixby, OK

Bixby has improved over the years and this year was a shining example of there work

Best visuals and tons of passion! Only the best wear white!

Great Front Ensemble

Tons of passion. The trumpets are amazing. Love seeing their shows!

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4 Reeths-Puffer HS Marching Band - Muskegon, Michigan
5 Jenison HS Marching Band - Jenison, Michigan
6 Centerville HS "Jazz Band" - Centerville, Indiana
7 Petoskey HS Marching Band - Petoskey, Michigan

Best band ever! Amazing sound and great movement!

This high school has amazing sound and an amazing look this high school has a huge side line over 9 tubas and only 200+ kids in the band

These people are like marching band gods! They have about 1,000 people in the whole school, and 250 in their band! They have 7 bass drums in their drumline, and a HUGE sideline! They have a huge budget, and they are a joy to watch! - Turkeyasylum

8 Avon HS Marching Band - Avon, Indiana

Consistently has the best scores in the country. World class

Year in and year out, Avon Marching Black and Gold are contenders for Bands of America national championship. Band parents always show respect to others and stand and applaud competitors, win or lose.

Avon has class! Students and fans alike.

We are the only marching who has gotten top 3 in the nation for the past 10-12 years

9 Plymouth-Canton Educational Park HS Marching Band - Plymouth, Michigan

Great Program always entertaining

10 Godwin Heights HS Marching Band - Godwin Heights, Michigan

The Newcomers

? Susquehannock Marching Band - Glen Rock PA

They aight I guess

? New Oxford Marching Band - New Oxford, Pennsylvania

Maybe not the best in the country but easily one of the better ones

Obviously amazing, you go guys!

Aight, I'll admit...they pretty lit for a high school band

We stan

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The Contenders

11 Flower Mound High School Marching Band - Flower Mound, Texas

I think that Ayush Mishra lowers the overall rank

Pretty good

We are going to the rose bowl this year

Amazing band program!

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12 Marian Catholic HS Marching Band - Chicago Heights, Illinois

I love the Marian catholic high school band. Always a nice selection of musics. The kids carry themselves in such a professional manner. Go Marian.

They have won Illinois state university marching invitational for 30 years in a row (they did not last year because the finals competition was cancelled because of severe weather)

Great, great band. Great director!

13 Walled Lake Central HS Marching Band - Walled Lake, Michigan
14 Vandegrift High School Marching Band - Austin, Texas
15 Jenks HS Marching Band - Jenks, Oklahoma

Jenks has improved so so much in recent years. I expect them to move towards better and brighter things in the years to come.

These guys have worked so hard this year to achieve their goals. I love their visuals, and I love their show!

16 Homestead Spartan Alliance Band - Ft. Wayne, Indiana

I too am surprised not to see on list

I like their drill but their music and general effect ehhh...

6 state championships, 8 time state runner up, 31 years in a row being a state finalist, 4 time grand national finalist, and constant innovator. Very surprised not to see this on the list.

17 Lassiter HS Marching Band - Marietta, Georgia

Going to Lassiter! Band is Amazing! Last game announcer roasted other school I quote “Now for you real high school entertainment we give you the Lassiter high school marching band! ” I was like dang! Then they came out and absolutely SLAYED Queens Bohemian Rhaspoday should be the best in country! This was after the other high school had a girl who hit herself in the face with a flag and knocked herself out: Super Funny the other high schools was SUPER cheesy it was like some weird Halloween performance and basically the whole performance was some girl running around in a dress with a pumpkin with background music. Anyway Lassiter Band is amazing!

18 Park Vista Performers - Lake Worth Florida

Big doesn't mean better.

19 Norwin High School Marching Band - North Huntington Pennsylvania

Best band in the east!

20 Fort Mill HS Marching Band - Fort Mill, South Carolina
21 Hickory HS Marching Band - Chesapeake Virginia


Da best

we da best

22 Moore HS Marching Band - Moore, OK

Their show has loads of passion!

23 Londonderry Lancers - Londonderry, NH

Traditional and fun!

I Love My Band Family. every one appreciates each other, and no one is rude. Also we have directors who want to help us improve no matter what.

Band is precise and amazing!

Awesome Band

24 L.D. Bell HS Marching Band - Hurst, Texas
25 Oak Mountain Spirit of Cahaba Marching Band - Birmingham, Alabama

Award-Winning and Amazing! This band is going places, and has already played at so many festivals throughout the nation! Bravo!

26 Desert Vista Thunder Marching Band - Phoenix, Arizona

7 time state champions in the last 8 years - Tristpop4

27 Lake Park HS Marching Band - Roselle, Illinois

Very good band

28 Timber Creek HS Marching Band - Keller, Texas
29 Plainfield HS Marching Band - Plainfield, Indiana
30 Kennesaw Mountain High School Marching Band - Kennesaw, Georgia
31 Bethel Park Marching Band - Bethel Park, Pennsylvania
32 Vero Beach High School Marching Band - Vero Beach, FL

Amazing Marching Band!

33 Grand Haven Marching Band - Grand Haven, Michigan

It may be ridiculous to add my own school on here, but we actually almost beat Petosky's show at an invitational. - Turkeyasylum

Rly good lol

34 Northern Guilford High School Marching Band - Greensboro, North Carolina

They crush battle of the bands

35 Delaware Hayes Grand Pacer Marching Band - Delaware, Ohio


36 Spring HS Marching Band - Spring, Texas
37 Ferndale HS Marching Band - Ferndale, Michigan
38 Southmoore HS Sabercat Marching Band - Moore, OK
39 Coppell High School Band - Coppell, Texas
40 North Hagerstown High School Marching Band - Hagerstown, Maryland
41 Chartiers Valley Showband - Bridgeville, Pennsylvania
42 The Woodlands HS Marching Band - The Woodlands, Texas
43 Lawrence Central HS Marching Band - Indianapolis, Indiana
44 Westfield HS Marching Band - Houston, Texas
45 Rocky Mount HS Marching Band - Rocky Mount, North Carolina
46 Newaygo HS Marching Band - Newaygo, Michigan
47 Shiner HS Marching Band - Shiner, Texas
48 Whitesboro HS Marching Band - Whitesboro, Texas
49 Cedar Park HS Marching Band - Cedar Park, Texas
50 Lake Central Marching Band - St John, Indiana
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