Bobby Hull


Hull tried to change the status quo of ownership over player rights both by holding out for fair contracts and by supporting an alternate league (WHA) but what he did was make many powerful enemies who have since managed to diminish his place in hockey history. Hopefully he will eventually be recognized as one of the best three players in history along with Howe & Orr and for breaking open the salary negotiation structure of professional sports. He may be the most important figure in hockey history although it came at a great personal cost due to the corporate greed and vindictiveness of the NHL owners.

Not only was the Golden Jet the best goal scorer ever, but one of the most durable and complete players ever. When he was with the Chicago Blackhawks Bobby Hull played 40 minutes many nights. He not only took his regular turn at left wing, but was always on the power play and penalty killing units because of his great speed. Ask the 1976 Russian Hockey team which player on Team Canada not only scored the most goals in the series, but hit them with the most crushing, but legal bodychecks.

The greatest players all have comparable qualities like superb skating, stick handling & puck control, physical presence (not all), anticipation, awareness, passing ability, quickness of shot etc. The most elusive skill seems to be skating speed. When a player possesses a full set of skills along with that rare component of explosive speed, then the other players seem to be standing still on the rush. I think of Bobby Hull & Bobby Orr and how that exclusive speed they possessed was what made them so dominant in their day.

I think that it should be noted that in the days when Orr, Hull and Howe were so much better than their contemperaries that they played in a league that was small and only the best played in the NHL. These guys played on perrenial basement dwelling clubs that had poor coaching (ie: Chicago's Billy Rae promoted going into a defensive shell anytime a one goal lead was acheived even though in Hull he had the most explosive offensive player ever. Goal tending was at the top level on all teams and Montreal had the only all star lineup. Players had to be physical and were not protected as with Gretzky. I place Hull at the top of the all time list along with Howe and Orr and so would many other people if it were not for the fact that the NHL blackballed him and dis-allowed even the mention of his name for decades after he jumped to the WHA! My only dissappointment with Hull was that he did not have the mean streak that Howe had or the temper of Orr. That would have been interesting.

You forgot to mention about Bobby Hull that the Golden Jet could skate at 29.7 miles per hour without the puck and 28.3 with puck on his stick. Who was ever faster the that?

Deserves to be in the top five players on this list. The fastest skater and hardest shooter ever. Most exciting player ever--nobody brought the fans out of their seats like Bobby Hull did! Scored many goals on spectacular end to end rushes or 60 foot slap shots that would over the opposing goal tenders shoulder before he could move. The main reason all of the goalies today wear masks.

The Golden Jet was the greatest combination of power and speed to ever play. Power and speed as a skater as well as a shooter.

He deserves to be in the top five players on your list. Bobby Hull is one three players with over 1000 career goals-- who the other two? He had over 2000 career points. He was the associated Press NHL player of the decade for the 1960's. He played at a high level for 23 seasons--from age 18 to age 41. The best left wing of all time bar none. Sidney and Alex don:t belong ahead of him.

Once upon a time I might have agreed that Alexander Ovechkin was now or would soon become a better left winger than Bobby Hull. Now, we're seeing #8 struggle for the second straight season. Once Bobby Hull established himself as one of the top offensive players in the NHL - and played a full season - he was always productive.

Sorry, that tells me that #9 was the greater left winger, and legend.

If this is the player you rate 26, you know nothing about hockey!. Bobby Hull was the hardest shooter ever, best goal score ever, most exciting player ever, strongest player ever and scored 1018 goals in professional hockey, including 77 in 78 games in the 1975 season with th Winnepeg Jets at age 36. He belongs in the top five players of all time!

This list is a joke! How do you rank a player the 9th best of time after he scored over 1,000 career goals and over 2,000 career points? Thatis what Bobby Hull did in 23 years of professional hockey. The Associated Press voted Bobby Hull the player of the decade for the NHL during the 1960"s. He should be in the top five players on your list. So should Gordie Howe. Crosby and Alex the great haven"t played long enough or consistently enough to be compared with Hull and Howe.

Something about Bobby Hull that is rarely mentioned is that he had 2017 career points counting the playoffs in both the NHL and WHA. He scored 913 regular season goals with another 105 in playoff games. His assist totals were 895 in regular season games and 104 addtional assists in playoff games. Two times late in his career in the World Hockey Association he had 70 or more assists. In 1975 when he scored the record 77 goals he also had 65 assits. The reason Hull was such a good passer was that he was a center in junior hockey and his first two years in the NHL before being shifted to left wing. One of the most complete players ever as well as the most dangerus goal scorer of all time.

You are playing pond hockey and you take Yzerman before Hull... You must want to lose for some reason... Bobby Hull dominated when Howe played... A man among boys

The hardest shooter of all time. One of the strongest and fastest players ever. Should be in the top five players on your list Sid the Kid and Alex the great haven't played long enough or consistently enough to be rated over the likes of a Bobby Hull.

Bobby Hull deserves to be in your top five players of all time. Only Wayne and Gordie had more career goals. Hull had 1018 career goals--counting the pLayoff games and was voted AP player of the decade for professional hockey in the 1960's.

Not many players could have accomplished what Hull did while lugging a shadow on his back for most of his career. Hull was an animal, no elegance, no subtlety, just raw power, speed and a face that showed he played head first.

Bobby Hull deserves to be in your top five players of all time. He was the player of the decade for the 1960"s. He scored over 1, 018 career goals and 2017 career points--counting playoff games. And he played at a high rate for 23 years from age 18 to age 41.
Sidney Crosby is the best player right now, but he does not deserve to be in your top ten of all time yet. He is too injury prone.

Canada 74 game 4 hat trick in the first period he lead team Canada in 76 scoring Hattrick with Winnipeg in 5 3 win over Russia, Hull was simply the best player of his time rated #7 no way maybe #3 I could swallow that pill. If he had remained in the NHL 900 goals was a definite possibly.

Shot the puck upwards of 100 mph with a piece of lumber. Imagine what he could do with a graphite composite stick.

Lets not forget Bobby Hull had his own chocolate bar named after him, beat that for greatness.

:-) :-) He's definitely definite definitely definitely the best he is super great.

Led Chicago to the Stanley Cup in the early 60's.

As a Chicago fan, this one's for me. Hull is the absolute greatest, and we will never forget him.

Bobby Hull is the best player in the NHL.

Greatest goal scorer ever! Hardest shooter ever. One of strongest and fastest players ever. Most exciting player ever. And one of the most complete players ever.
Deserves to be much higher on this list than 9th place. A true legend of Hockey.