Best Hogwarts and Ilvermorny Houses

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1 Slytherin

If only there were no biases in Hogwarts, I think everyone would want to be friends with at least one Slytherin because we're actually loyal and intelligent. We are cunning and resourceful. If you put four people in an island, each person would be from the different houses, with no access to magic, I think the Slytherin would be the one to devise a plan to get off the island. Not the Ravenclaw, because s/he might be too busy thinking about how long it'll take them before they die there. The Hufflepuff would be looking for resources. And the Gryffindor would try to swim...

Slytherin for the win!

My house
Best house

I'm a Slytherin. TRY ME.

2 Gryffindor

We Gryffindors are beyter than any all ya, but Thunderbird is kind of like us

I'm a Gryffindor, and we RULE!

We rule by far. Roar!

Gryffindow is the best in the world and the main house!

3 Ravenclaw

I don't get why every one says we are not loyal. Hello Luna lovegood was she a bad friend? Just because we are smart Disney mean we are stuck up. We are also wise and creative.

Ravenclaw is the best house from Intelligency. Leaving hermione from gryffindor everyone is loyal and wise. You cn test them by their minds. I am a ravenclaw And I m proud of it. Bless you ravenclaw!

Ravenclaws have the best traits (wisdom, creativity, curiosity and intelligence) which I think are really important. They also have the best characters like Luna Lovegood. Their dorm is cool because it opens after a riddle, and to Ravenclaws, that is fun.

Ma Ravenclaw dormmates where are you?

4 Thunderbird

Before Fantastic Beasts was shown, and no one knew what they were people thought this was 5-4-3-2-1 Thunderbirds Are Go.

By far the best ilvermorny house - ruled by the soul which I love - pjo

I'm a Thunderbird, and they are awesome! - neehawgamer

5 Hufflepuff

I love being in Hufflepuff. It's the friendliest house by far :D - neehawgamer

Tonks, kids. Tonks was in this house.

So underrated... - neehawgamer

Hufflepuffs are kind. Why do we get such a bad rep?

6 Pukwudgie

I am a Pukwudgie according to Pottermore
So,I will give my vote to this

Pukwudgie is the best

We rule best house ever nobody can compete


7 Horned Serpent

Let's be honest... Horned serpent and thunderbird should be way above on this list

Let's be honest, it's just american ravenclaw lmao - pjo


At least our house name isn’t Wampus

8 Wampus

Wampus, were kinda like Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, but put together. So ultimately were better

I myself am a proud wampus and I think of this to be the best house, because we favor warriors, and warriors are seen as strong, cunning, brave, and all that stuff

I love wampus


9 Roy Moore

Whoever added this you're annoying and also hilarious - pjo

I love this house because it nice and cool and swag

10 Hitler: The Rise of Evil
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