Top Ten Most Horrific Ways That Lightning Can Eradicate a Life Form

You're dumb list of the day, folks. Any life form counts, not just humans.

The Top Ten

1 Direct strike outside
2 Striking a tree and causing it to fall on the life form.
3 Striking on the ground next to and beneath the life form causing a deadly shockwave
4 Striking the life form's presumed shelter causing it to collapse
5 In a bad rainstorm, striking the water around a drenched life form electrocuting it.
6 Striking metal that which the life form resides on.
7 Striking volcanic lava and causing the lava to shoot outwards, killing the life form via flying lava
8 Directly striking a life form inside of its shelter
9 Striking a flammable object near the life form or its shelter, causing flames to erupt.
10 Striking the ground near a life form somehow causing a big hole, which the life form falls into.
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