Top Ten Ideas for YouTube Videos

These are not just ideas I want to do, but ideas that everyone wants to see. A lot of people would watch these videos and they would go viral! The ideas can be anything as long as it is not too sexual. It can be a death match, a challenge, or whatever comes in mind. There are a lot of YouTube videos that we want to see that haven't been created yet. Here, you can express what video do you want to make, it might even be made into an actual video if a YouTuber sees this and likes it. So speak up and let your YouTube idea come to life! For example, I really want a Rock Music Video Death Match based on rock music artists like lets say, Led Zeppelin, or Blink-182, or Green Day. I would add it to the list.

The Top Ten

1 YouTuber Battle Series: ShaneDawson Vs. PewDiePie

Two very popular YouTubers battle against each other in an animated series that should be created called YouTuber Battle Series. The YouTubers themselves voice act their own character and do a match on who makes better videos and who is funnier and the judge will announce the winner based on the votes of the people. This will be a challenge since a lot of people love these YouTubers, it will sure be hard to decide. And no ties, only one YouTuber can win the battle.

2 Destroy Your Least Favorite Album Challenge? Who Did The Best Destruction?

I got this idea from me watching videos of smashing The Little Panda Fighter DVDS and BOTDF CDs. This video will basically involve regular, normal people smashing CDs of their least favorite music artist. Lets say your least favorite music artist is One Direction, and your sister has an album of them that they don't like anymore, you can smash it. Smash it in the most creative, awesome way possible until it is into tiny bits. The person who does the best smashing will get the most votes on the comment section. For example, I am making a video of destroying a BOTDF album that I hate, I would come up with a creative way to destroy it, like cooking it on a pot in boiling water.

3 Battle Of The Bands Animated Series: The Beatles Vs. Led Zeppelin

This is similar to the idea of the battle of YouTubers and Celebrity Death Match. Except this is a whole band playing against each other and debating on who is better, the instruments or vocals can be used as super powers to fight one another, and the winner is announced in the end. Since these bands are loved by billions of people, we must see which is the superior of the two according to fans. And this series can continue with other band fights like AC/DC Vs. Guns N' Roses or Linkin Park Vs. Three Days Grace etc. No solo artists though since this involves bands, not solo music artists, sorry.

4 React To People Dissing Your Favorite Music Artists On The Comment Section

This can be made with normal people telling the host who their favorite music artist is, then they show them nasty comments about their favorite music artists. Then they will read them and react in some way or another and respond to the comments out loud. This idea sounds lame, but there can be some really hilarious reactions from people, especially obsessive fans. I think most of us will be able to relate to that video since we all are not very proud when they diss our favorite music artists.

5 Donald Trump And Friends Episode 1: Making Friends With Vladimir Putin

This can be a political animated parody series based around Donald Trump and his relations with other world leaders and him trying to ally or make enemies with other political leaders. Then he meets Vladimir Putin from Russia and tries to become friends with him, but making a relationship is harder than he thought it would be. The main antoganist of this parody series is Hillary Clinton, since Donald Trump doesn't really like Hillary Clinton(this is not my opinion on HC, but since DT does not like her, and the series is about him, she is the bad guy).

6 Rick And Morty And Regular Show Crossover(YouTube Special)

Two cartoons that are very similar to each other should definitely crossover and meet. Rick And Morty and Regular Show both have a lot in common, both comedy shows and they have similar art style. These two popular modern day cartoons meet each other in a mission to save the world from different dimensions. A lot of people will sure love this and this will get a lot of views due to how much fans these shows has. It would be a YouTube hit.

7 Watch Your Least Favorite Movie Without Cringing

This is a challenge where people state what their least favorite movie of all time is. Then they have to watch it without cringing the whole time, and whoever cringes and complains right away is elimanated out of the competition. The person who can hold on the longest watching their least favorite movie wins $100. It would be pretty fun and hilarious to watch this. There would be about 10 contestants on this video.

8 TheTopTens Show Episode 1: Admin Bans Puga Again

This is a YouTube series about TheTopTens, which involves some of your favorite and most notable users, which take part on this series. But they will be drawned as people instead of commenting like we do in real life and make it animated. This episode is how Admin bans Puga for saying some jokes Admin did not like, then he got suspended in a detention table (portrayal of online suspension) and some users kept complaining about what he did to Puga and tried to make him have a shorter suspension time.

9 Video Brinquedo Ripoffs Vs. Actual Films Match

This a parody cartoon of the Video Brinquedo characters facing their real versions and getting protested on due to ripping them off. Then they have a battle for justice and victory, and the actual real characters from the original films win. The Video Brinquedo characters get sent to jail due to plagarism and so does their creators. Then the actual characters throw a party and celebrate the Video Brinquedo versions getting arrested. I would totally watch this, lol!

10 Sarcasm Music Opinion Series:Metallica Sucks And Nicki Minaj Is Awesome

This would be absolutely hilarious, lol! It would be a good comedy series! A person who likes Metallica and hates Nicki Minaj says otherwise sarcastically. They would give really bad reasoning to like and hate them. Like for example, Nicki Minaj is a good role model and makes pure Christian music while Metallica are bad role models and worship Satan. Or other reasons like Nicki Minaj is pretty and the Metallica members are ugly. If you want a good laugh, this should definitely be made.

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