Top 10 Most Immoral Fetishes

I'm not really one to kink shame but there's some fetishes that are downright immoral and actually dangerous. So please do yourselves a favor and don't even try these out. Trust me when I say it's not worth it.

The Top Ten

1 Infantophilia

As horrible as zoophilia truly is, I gave this one the top spot for being a baby fetish (I think this could also apply to baby animals as well).

2 Pedophilia

David Winkle from SuperMarioLogan is a pedophile

Do I really need to explain this?

3 Incest

I am happy it is legal in France.

In many countries no one cares... It's not a crime... It's not on the books as anything...its just Sex... Look up France...its only really America that is so Puritan and Sick but too stupid and arrogant to know all this.

Again, do I need to explain?

4 Zoophilia

The reason I put this ahead of pedophilia is because I personally think it's way worse because kids can tell you if they were sexually assaulted, but animals can't because they can't talk.

People who are attracted to killing animals.

5 Necrophilia

If you're actually turned on by corpses, then you are a sick, heartless mess.


6 Xenophilia

Not sure if you people are familiar with this one but it's when you're attracted to aliens. I know we haven't made contact yet but I'm just saying that if we ever did meet them, they probably wouldn't have the same genetics and characteristics as us (making love to one might even give you health effects).

Every Mass Effect fan is shaking - cjWriter1997

7 Neurophilia
8 Oculophilia

This one is very harmful because it could hurt your eyes.

9 Satanophilia

I mean, why would you wanna screw the lord of darkness? Is he even sexy because he can literally be anything? I can guarantee you that a certain form he might choose would be a serious boner killer.

10 Arachnophilia

A spider fetish which counts as zoophilia. I'm just saying you probably don't wanna have Brazilian wandering spiders crawl all over you because they actually carry a venom that's enough to cause a painful erection.

What the hell?

The Contenders

11 Zoosadism

Every Zoosadist can burn in hell. - TopTenTed

Should be number one.

It's just so sick & cruel to not only want to have sex with an innocent animal that can't speak up for itself, but to also physically torture an animal, which would probably lead to severe trama for them or a brutel undeserved death. I wish people wern't so sick & horrible. - Thelistmaker

12 Bestiality
13 Coprophilia

Is this... loving poops? O_O - Metal_Treasure

14 Formicophilia

It's where you love being covered in insects. I put it on here because not only is it another type of zoophilia, but certain insects can be pretty dangerous so you definitely don't wanna be covered in those.

15 Biastophilia
16 Emetophilia
17 Guro
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