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21 Bangladesh Liberation War 1971

90,000 Pakistani troops surrendered to Indo/Bangla army, thus leading to the formation of Bangladesh. - polarbear

22 1054 East-West Schism

Changed the whole political landscape of Eastern Europe. Many people in Greece, Russia, and other East European countries are majority Orthodox to this day. - ethanmeinster

23 Battle of Thermopylae

It wasn't quite only 300 Spartans against 1 million Persians like you see in the movies, but the unprecedented ferocity of the defenders saved democracy and western civilization for future generations.

24 The Big Bang

On the one hand, it's the most important thing that ever happened.
On the other hand, it was long before humans or any life even existed, so probably does not fit the parameters of this list.

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25 Burning the Library at Alexandria

The loss of most of the books on earth at the time set science, engineering, and general knowledge back by hundreds of years.

The conquering Muslim leaders did not want the populace to know too much.

If this hadn't happened we would have sent humans into space by the 1500s.

26 Cultural Revolution of China

Roughly 1966-1976, and with over 65 million civilians killed by government forces, may have exceeded WW2's total death toll, and even somewhat approached that of the Black Death.

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27 Yucatan Meteor Impact

If it didn't happen, mammals wouldn't be dominant. - ethanmeinster

28 Partitions of Poland
29 Nanking Massacre
30 Council of Trent
31 Muhammad's Vision in the Cave
32 Imperial Maratha Conquests
33 Russian Revolution of 1917
34 Hitler's Rise to Power
35 Fall of the Byzantine Empire
36 French Revolution 1789

The French Revolution had a major impact on Europe and the New World, bringing liberalism and the end of many feudal or traditional laws and practices.

37 Rise of the Achaemenid Empire
38 The Battle of Talas River
39 Rise of ISIS

Also knows as Islamic Stare of Iraq and Syria

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