Top Ten Best Indiana Hoosiers Basketball Players of All Time


The Top Ten

1 Eric Santa

Manager dressed for a game... Baller... Program changer - Asslick

2 Todd Jadlow

Had a serious case of Tourette's that befuddled opponents - Asslick

3 Magnus Pelkowski

The Columbian assassin has a mean free throw game - Asslick

4 JaMarcus Ellis

Cocaine's a helluva drug - Asslick

5 Eli Holman

Smoked the weed... Sold the weed. - Asslick

6 DeAndre Thomas

Controlled the paint... Now controls a Hardee's when the full time manager is on vacation - Asslick

7 Eric Suhr

Athleticism... Bottom line. You were getting dunked on... Period. - Asslick

8 Bawa Muniru
9 Peter Jurkin

If there is one thing everyone has known for years, it's that IU fans LOVE Peter Jurkin. - Asslick

10 Tim Priller

He may be allergic to sunlight but he's not allergic to the panties often tossed at him at the Chi Omega house. Stud. - Asslick

The Contenders

11 Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Thomas Isaiah Jamar Thomas is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.
12 Victor Oladipo
13 Tyler Zeller
14 Reggie Miller
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