Top 10 Invader Zim Episodes That Should Have Been Made

The Top Ten

1 Dark Harvest 2

I think that it would basically play out with Zim being worried about looking more human, so he tries to steal more organs. BUT, this time Dib is prepared.

How come most ideas are just continuations of past episode? Can someone think of a good, creative idea?

Because I Was Super Bored When I Made This List - MrMonkey

Then dark harvest 3, 4, 5, and 6

2 The Saddest Tale of Chickenfoot
3 Zim Farts
4 Tak the Hideous Old Girl
5 Zim vs Dib
6 Zim Eats Poop

More like zim eats crap

7 Zim VS SpongeBob

That Gonna Be Cool

8 Zim Has Diarrhea

Zim eats a whole entire bag of haribo sugar free gummy bears and has super diarrhea and the whole entire world gets filled with poop

Zim eats a giant bag of dorritos then has diarrhea

9 Dib Abuse

Whould be really really really really really bad

10 Gaz Goes Crazy and Stuff

The Newcomers

? GIR At Mental Hospital

The Contenders

11 Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff 2
12 Zim Kills All The Gravity Falls Characters

Gravity falls wasn't even around at the time

Whould be the worst episode ever

13 Gaz Abuse

Didn't we already have something like that in Gaz Taster of Pork? - TailchaserFan10

Whould be a really, really, really, good episode.

14 Invader Gir

Whould be funny

15 The Doom Song

We see what gir said while he was going to earth for 6 months. That's right folks! 6 straight months of the doom song!

16 Zim's Revenge

Zim gets his revenge on dib

17 Zim Abuse

Let's hope none of these ideas happen

18 Zim Goes To The WWE
19 Invader Zim Is Good
20 The Sad Sad Tale of Taco Foot
21 Gir Abuse
22 Run of Doom
23 Game-Slave 3
24 Stuff Happens
25 Dib Taster of Pork
26 Everything Becomes MLG
27 The Ultimate Weapon of Doom

In which the irken empire attacks earth. Dib sees this and tells everyone that he was right. But still they don't believe him. Then dib says ITS IN THE SKY DO YOU SERIOUSLY NOT SEE IT? but from an unfortunate turn of events for the irken empire they keep failing at attacking because everyone in the ship is stupid. Meanwhile zim tries to help but dib locks him in his base he tries to get out but he can't. Then dib tries to stop the armoda but before he can the armoda blows itself up. Then zim finally gets out of his base but the moment he does the armoda is gone. The end.

28 Going Anime Style
29 Dirge Of Poodle

A parody of Final Fantasy 7 : Dirge of Ceberus

30 Dib Membrane vs Sheldon Lee
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