Top Ten Most Irritating Things About Traveling by Public Transport

*Shivers* Gah! Even making this list is bringing me out in golf ball size lumps but I REALLY NEED TO AIR MY FEELINGS! Feel the same? Have your own thnughts? Well? You knnw what to do by now...

The Top Ten

1 Kids

Scream, whine, stare, jumping up and down on the seats... - Britgirl

Especially if you're an introvert, you'll hate these guys. - dhruvchauhan1333

Especially when you're stuck with them crying on an airplane for 5 hours. - kaitlynrad11

2 Smells

Smells + Huge Crowds = Gross and not comfortable. I don't use this kind of transportation but if I did I'd be irritated with this - Curti2594

All kinds of strange odours... - Britgirl

"We were only farting for your pleasure m'um" - Billyv

3 The Heat
4 Nose-Pickers

Seriously! Ugh! For 45 minutes of a journey there are these offenders who have a good ol' rook around, look at it, eat it or wipe it on the seat. STOP IT, you dirty birdie! Ugh! - Britgirl

5 The Idiot Chooses to Sit Next to You

Why me? No. Seriously! Why pick on ME?! - Britgirl

6 The Huge Crowds
7 McDonalds Takeaway Eaters

It smells! And bits of Big mac gets stuck to the seats and on unsuspecting victims. - Britgirl

Wow this is a great idea! Next time I may tale with me a double quarter pounder :P - keyson

Trust me, it's horrible. And one guy said "can you have an apple, I'm not hungry. They're McDonalds, so they-"

Me: have loads of chemicals

McD Fan: Don't you dare badmouth my McDonalds. - PizzaGuy

McDonald's is OK. Though you could have more etiquette by not eating them next to someone. - Garythesnail

8 People Sneezing / Coughing

Right on the back of my neck. Sick. - Britgirl

Yechh... One time I was on an 8-hour airplane and someone was coughing behind me all the time and sometimes even sneezed. - RaptorOnFire1206

9 Miserable Bus Drivers

Even the sign above their heads which read "show the driver your pass" (rhymes with arse) doesn't make my day when I greet the driver with a friendly smile, only to be grunted at. It's not my fault you're having a bad day! - Britgirl

10 It's Boring

The Contenders

11 Gossiping Old Women

"Ooh her at number 42 had the that milkman in again..."
Oh please. So what?! - Britgirl

12 Autistic People

Really dude? - BorisRule

HEY I'm autistic and I find this offensive! >:(

13 The Same Route All the Time

One day I'm just going to shut my eyes and board any old bus or train just to break boredom - Britgirl

14 Old People
15 Crying Babies
16 People Playing Loud Music on Their Headsets that Everyone Can Hear
17 Paying a fee
18 No bathrooms
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