Top Ten Most Irritating Things About Traveling by Public Transport

*Shivers* Gah! Even making this list is bringing me out in golf ball size lumps but I REALLY NEED TO AIR MY FEELINGS! Feel the same? Have your own thnughts? Well? You knnw what to do by now...

The Top Ten

1 Kids

Especially little kids (2-5 year olds) - Randomator

Scream, whine, stare, jumping up and down on the seats... - Britgirl

Especially if you're an introvert, you'll hate these guys. - dhruvchauhan1333

Especially when you're stuck with them crying on an airplane for 5 hours. - kaitlynrad11

2 Smells

Smells + Huge Crowds = Gross and not comfortable. I don't use this kind of transportation but if I did I'd be irritated with this - Curti2594

All kinds of strange odours... - Britgirl

"We were only farting for your pleasure m'um" - Billyv

3 The Heat

Never a good thing and it’s always worse in public - Randomator

4 Nose-Pickers

Seriously! Ugh! For 45 minutes of a journey there are these offenders who have a good ol' rook around, look at it, eat it or wipe it on the seat. STOP IT, you dirty birdie! Ugh! - Britgirl

5 The Idiot Chooses to Sit Next to You

I mean sometimes they’re okay to talk to at least - Randomator

Why me? No. Seriously! Why pick on ME?! - Britgirl

6 The Huge Crowds

Ah yes an introvert’s worst nightmare - Randomator

7 McDonalds Takeaway Eaters

It smells! And bits of Big mac gets stuck to the seats and on unsuspecting victims. - Britgirl

Wow this is a great idea! Next time I may tale with me a double quarter pounder :P - keyson

Trust me, it's horrible. And one guy said "can you have an apple, I'm not hungry. They're McDonalds, so they-"

Me: have loads of chemicals

McD Fan: Don't you dare badmouth my McDonalds. - PizzaGuy

McDonald's is OK. Though you could have more etiquette by not eating them next to someone. - Garythesnail

8 People Sneezing / Coughing

Right on the back of my neck. Sick. - Britgirl

Yechh... One time I was on an 8-hour airplane and someone was coughing behind me all the time and sometimes even sneezed. - RaptorOnFire1206

9 Miserable Bus Drivers

Even the sign above their heads which read "show the driver your pass" (rhymes with arse) doesn't make my day when I greet the driver with a friendly smile, only to be grunted at. It's not my fault you're having a bad day! - Britgirl

10 The Boredom

The Contenders

11 Gossiping Old Women

"Ooh her at number 42 had the that milkman in again..."
Oh please. So what?! - Britgirl

12 No Bathrooms

There are bathrooms on motor coaches, but we are recommended that we do not use them because it can stink up the entire bus.

13 The Same Route All the Time

One day I'm just going to shut my eyes and board any old bus or train just to break boredom - Britgirl

14 Old People
15 Crying Babies
16 People Playing Loud Music on Their Headsets that Everyone Can Hear
17 Paying a Fee
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