Top Ten Johnny Test Episodes That Should Be Created


The Top Ten

1 Death to All
2 Darth Vegan Kills Johnny
3 Johnny Abuse
4 Dukey Abuse

Dukey Gets Sent To Animal Control & Dies

5 They Go to North Korea
6 Johnny Test Dies After an Experiment


7 Johnny's Funeral
8 Dexter Kills Johnny
9 Gil Abuse
10 Everyone Dies and the Show Ends

They disserve this. You know it.

Even though I don't like the show no more,I kinda think that this list is kinda harsh. No offense!

The Newcomers

? Dukey Gets Sent To Animal Control

The Contenders

11 Johnny, You're Fired!
12 Paw Patrol Kills Johnny

Why is this last it is going to be funny

No hate comments on paw patrol

Yeah paw patrol rocks johhny test stinks

13 One Coarse Experiment

Johnny has a failed experiment so he commits suicide - Goatworlds

14 The End


15 Johnnyboarding
16 Darth Vader Vs Darth Vegan
17 Poison in the Air
18 Slender Johnny

It's Johnny and Dukey get to play Slender. They both will get scared to death!

19 A Pal for Johnny

Puffy Fluffy appears and kills everything in Porkbelly - Goatworlds

20 Johnny's Face Freeze
21 Johnny in the Wringer

Johnny is in the wringer and is stuck! Dukey fixes it with glue and he gets stuck there for the rest of his life. - Goatworlds

22 Johnny Meets Younger Johnny 100 Hour Special

Johnny meets his old self from season one and they become freinds and swtch lives

23 Johnny's Splinter
24 Johnny Gets Beaten Up
25 Sanjay and Craig Meet Johnny and They All Die
26 Ashes, Ashes, We All Fall Down
27 Someone's in the Kitchen With Johnny
28 The Johnny of Bummer
29 Johnny's Yellow Book
30 Johnny Baby
31 Choir Johnny
32 Fungus Among Johnny
33 Johnny Loves a Patty
34 Johnny's Good Neighbors
35 Johnny Test and Dukey Go to Jail


36 Johnny Gets Pregnant
37 Johnny is Gay
38 Everyone Gets Abused
39 Johnny Test in The Attack On Titan
40 Gidget Beats Johnny And The Cast Up
41 Game Theory: JOHNNY is actually CAILLOU?!
42 Johnny in Attack On Titan
43 Johnny Gets Eaten by A Titan from Attack On Titan
44 Johnny Babysits the Mega Babies
45 Bling Bling Boy Gets Diabetes
46 Vash the Stampede (from Trigun) steals Johnny's Spikey hair
47 Johnny Gets a Spanking
48 Lila Test Farts
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