Top Ten Knitting Projects for Beginners

There is so much to learn and take in, which can make knitting overwhelming and complicated, especially as you are just learning. Taking the time to learn the basics and develop a good foundation for technique can be valuable. This doesn't mean you have to stick to swatches or make the same projects over and over. Below is a list of the top ten knitting projects perfect for beginners, but enjoyable for knitters of all levels as well.

The Top Ten

Wash Cloths


Hot Pads

Similar to wash cloth projects, but you can start to focus more on the aesthetic turnout for your kitchen accessories. You can also start playing with bulkier patterns, since a too-thin hot pad will lead to burnt hands. - aFinch


Want to try something with a bit more bang? A basic scarf is a nice project early on, requires some commitment, and leaves you with something you can feel proud about making. - aFinch

Simple, rectangle, and cute

Eternity Scarf

Similar to a scarf, but start to work on knitting seams by connecting the ends to create a continuous or eternity scarf. - aFinch

Head Warmer
Hand Warmers

One of your first projects can be super fun and trendy! Hand warmers can be extremely basic or slightly more involved with a cable or alternating pattern. This is a great “beginner” project that will leave you feeling less like a beginner and ready to show off your results. - aFinch

Mug Cozy

Mug cozies are pretty adorable. They just so happen to protect your fingertips from burning while sipping a hot drink. - aFinch

Leg Warmers

Join in the round with shorter circular needles and knit up a sweet pair of leg warmers for going to yoga class, the gym, lounging, or tucking inside your favorite boots for extra warmth. - aFinch


Blankets are very useful and easy to knit! 😀

A blanket can be quite the endeavor; there are also plenty of basic and beginner patterns out there. You can even knit a blanket using your arms - instead of knitting needles - and super soft and bulky yarn. - aFinch

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