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ARMYs are one of the most toxic fandom. Trust me, you don't want to deal with them. I rarely see a nice ARMY. Even worse, some of them made a ridiculous video about why you should stan bts. It's like ARMYs forcing people to stan bts when they don't even know/listen to kpop. They always compare bts to other groups and they think bts is the best group in the entire world. Idols have their own success. just don't compare bts to other idols. Whenever a person say something about bts that ARMYs don't like. They would attack them. Man, I'm young person. I have seen ARMYs who are older than me are worst then me because they are immature, toxic, disrespectful and judgement. I'm not an AMRY anymore, I'm sick of this fandom. I'm just a fan of bts.

I like some BTS songs also my bias is Jin. What I just don't like is the fandom. They too much idolize their idols. And mock others group that they can be even in BTS achievements and popularity. Also sometimes they are the one who starts fanwar especially the younger fans. They are so immature, they act like they know anything, that BTS only can do that. I hope Army's especially to the toxic one's, be kind and respect other fandoms. Focus on your faves and don't mind and talk back to the bashers, be a mature and responsible fan. I know your faves will didn't like this. I'm hoping all fandoms be mature not only the Army's, so they kpop world be better and at peace.

Armies are the wildest and most toxic fandom in the history of Kpop. Their idol could be raised by buying awards and having American promotions, and they became so proud of it. Every time you see the comments of any post (even if it has nothing to do with BTS), you will definitely find an Army that says "BTS is the best and your artist is a flap". I don't think there is any fandom that they haven't fought with them, It doesn't matter if that fandom belongs to Kpop groups or a Hollywood artist. Armies are always rude and immature. I'm sure this case sometimes bothers even the BTS members.

I think the reason ARMYs are seen as being so toxic, is because their fandom is seriously big. More people eventually will bring in more toxicness, but this fandom is really out of control. They not only gang up on other fandoms, but also other groups and they're so delusional to the point where they think BTS is its own genre... ARMYs are the reason the kpop fandom as a whole is seen as immature, rude and toxic.


EXO is also really great group but I do not the mindset of the fans. They even make fan wars between the fandom. Some of my friends do not want the same bias each other. They do not want to do multi-fans.

I support EXO but I just don't love the fandom. They seem to always compete with other groups. I am a ARMY and this is my opinion. They go against BTS... quite... often let's say. Early in BTS' career, they did some really rude things to BTS. For instance, there were some photos of EXO-Ls sticking their middle fingers at BTS. That really made me angry. Not at the idols but at the fnas for being mean and always wanting their idols to win at awrd shows and when they didn't they get a little out of control. Make that REALLY out of control. Hello! I get that you love your idols very much, but respect that all groups are special and talented. Sometimes it really makes my blood boil when I hear that BTS are getting death threats. I try not to be too protective of my idols but they make it very hard.
I've had a case with a EXO-L before. Can you believe it was my COUSIN!? We got into a huge fight even though it was over the internet. She is a EXO fan and I stan a bunch of other groups. I ...more

I don't think EXO-l's whole fandom is annoying. I think the small percent of immature ones that every fandom has, EXO-l's ones take the cake. From their holier than thou mindset to just being crude for the sake of it or because a certain group is actually getting ridiculous. These immature ones think that EXO is original and that everyone else copies what they do. These immature ones are arrogant about EXO. Don't get me wrong, is good to be proud of your group but to bash people in the process is just wrong. I'm not going to go about what that small percentage did in the past but what I've been hearing now about them *cough*BreakWings*cough* is absolutely ridiculous. Like I said, there are a small percentage of immature fans in every fandom and sadly when you get popular, these small percentage paints the whole fandom. It's just that EXO-l's small percentage of bad fans take the cake in comparison to other immature fans of other fandoms. They go to the extreme.

They simply piss me off. There's a difference of being bitter and realistic. Seriously, I like exo, just don't want to be part of the fandom. Exo-l concluded to harming other fandoms *cough* k-army. I mean it. Physical harm. I'm being honest here. 25% of that fandom is what makes their fandom the worst. The other 75% of chill. We don't here from that 75% because that 25% really shows their true form. When I think of exo it makes me happy, but when I think of how much hate because of their fandom they have to go just makes me sad. I'm pretty sure 98% of the comments are army. And I'm pretty sure that number one on this list is exo-l complaining about army. I'm horrified of how fast our relationship changed.

3 Blinks -  BlackPink

I'm sure there are nice Blinks, but a lot of them can't seem to accept that there are people who don't think Blackpink are the best. If you're making a list of the best kpop dancers and you don't put Lisa, or if you're making a list of the best vocalists and you don't put Rosé, they will be really immature and mean. Even if you phrase it nicely like "They're talented, I just prefer other idols," they will harass you. There are also a ton of solo stans for each of the girls, who are downright rude to the other members. It's the toxicity of their fandom that makes me not like the girls as much, which is sad. (I do like Jisoo a lot though, her stans aren't really toxic from what I've seen and she's gorgeous and an amazing singer.) It's not the girls' fault at all. But if my first association with Blackpink is their toxic fandom, it's gonna drive me away.

To be fair, every fandom has its fair share of toxic people, as well as nice ones. I feel like we think of the biggest fandoms, ...more

Honestly, blinks can never praise Blackpink without hating or bashing any other group and literally milk the crap out of Coachella as if it makes them any better. Most armyblinks would start shipping Liskook, Jirose, etc. Almost every blink I've seen has said things like "Blackpink outsold so and so" or "Lisa can out rap Yoongi, Zico, and Changbin" "Rose can out sing Baekhyun, Jungkook, and Suho" Lisa can out dance Jimin, J-hope, and Kai" Literally always bringing down other groups just for their faves to look good. they can never accept the fact that Blackpink isn't and wouldn't always be number one.

Honestly I have never met a nice Blink. Wherever I go I meet these mean Blinks who are always being rude about other artists or claiming that BP are the best.

I am an ARMY (I am NOT toxic) and once I had commented that we should stream and break BP's previous record. Note that I mentioned BP, that's true, but I did so just to give credit to the current holder of the position. I said something like, "We need to stream hard and beat the 24 hour record that BP is current holding" A blink replied to me saying that I'm just jealous of BP and that I'm toxic and I was just shocked. I never meant that BP was bad, I just mentioned that we need to break the 24 hour record FOR BTS. I tried reasoning with her and she said that she used to be an ARMY but she left the fandom because it was toxic and I was dumbfounded. I decided to ignore her comments and also deleted the BP part of my original comment, just in case it really was that triggering (though honestly I don't think it was).

Blinks are annoying. Some ARMYblinks go too far and start shipping the idols together. Once when Jimin was live on YT, someone in the comment box wrote "jimin please love blackpink rose". WHAT? It was in English, thank god. Do you know how uncomfortable Jimin would've felt if he saw it? Just disgusting. To ARMYs that basically means one day their idols will leave them for a girl. To Blinks who have proper mind, it means their idols will leave them for a man one day. The fans will also feel sad. My cousin is the queen of shipping BTS and Blackpink. I saw straight up to her face, you don't even know which one is which. My friend is a single stan, for only Blackpink. She always tells me I like boy group. I stan more girl group than boy groups. I stan Blackpink too, but I don't like the fandom too much. They just can't take the fact that their idols can't win every single award every single year. They think Blackpink is the best group in the world and when they start going on and on about ...more

4 Twice - Once

Twice isn't a bad group. From Onces' over-protective attitude, to them being those mothers who spoil their children rotten. They are quite wild. They can't take the fact that when people say somethings about Twice, it can help the idols! Just some advice abut their voices. Doesn't mean the people who comment are Thrices. Don't make assumptions. I especially hate the Twice x BTS ships. Some edits are TOO much! I can't even tell you how many of my ARMY friend hated it! One edit was especially insane but I won't tell you unless you want to throw up.

They just compare with blinks even I am not a blinks. I love Tzuyu from Twice and also their songs, but I can see that they make too much comparing and wars with blinks.

Typical edgy gg stans. They love to hate on other groups for fun, but get mad when someone does the same thing to them. Their number one victim used to be GOT7, but since they "disbanded", I wonder who their next target will be.

Honestly in my opinion, once fandom is filled with armyonces. If the army's stop supporting twice and turn their back on once's just like how they did to blinks and blackpink during d4 era, once's are nothing.

5 Red Velvet - Reveluv

I am a reveluv before, but now I'm not. I am a victim. They are too sensitive and cannot accept any query easily get mad aggressive bash me leave their fandom. They always mention BlackVelvet are family, and ignore another fandom. This is really annoying.But they don't know blackpink most of streamer on US no a permanently fans. Actually blink can't help they so much. I can see a lot of thrice and blonk account had a comment sections in red velvet mv before. I guarantee most of thrice and blonk are reveluv, because they all come from big3, but they come back sametime, twice and blackpink can beat red velvet easily. They starting jealous make a fake once and blink account make fan war between once and blink.

Most arrogant and selfish fandom I ever see. They only help more popularity group and next time comeback will help them back. They don't care about small fandom. Redvelvet is good groups. But their fandom really worst than twice and BlackPink. Cause many hater to twice and BlackPink. Because many thrice and blonk keep bashing another fandom. I meet some once and blink are very good to me. A lot of reveluv don't accept yeri now, then let me feel sad. Always compliment Irene, it's true.

Honestly, Reveluvs for the most part are really nice and supportive. But some of them are SO DAMN ARROGANT. Most of us know Red Velvet has talent- but they aren't that much more talented than the average girl group. I hear and see so much "Red Velvet will end your favorites" or "Red Velvet is the only group with talent" followed with aggressive hate and rude remarks towards other groups. It's a good thing this is only a small portion of the fandom, otherwise they'll get real toxic real quickly.

Worst fandom I ever see. They are arrogant and selfish. They only care about more popularity group help them on next time come back,they don't care about small fandom. Redvelvet is good group. But reveluv is worst. I don't think once and blink mean and rude, I meet some once and blink they are good to me. It's too many thrice and blonk keep bashing another fandom. Now, some reveluv also deny yeri, this make me sad. They always compliment Irene is true.


This seriously, since exo debut no one boy grups or girl girl that exol don't hate. Exol have a lots of enemy. Most korean fandom is ever fight with exol for example is elf, vip, sone, now they fight army, wannable and nuest fans. Morever, near 2013-2014-2015 I think, exo l start foght with western stan like one direction fans or justin bieber fans. I don't have no idea why they like this. I'm a netizen, actually I'm a western stan but I know exo from their immature fans

They blame any group for plagiarism even for the smallest things. They throw hate to army for anything we do. Army could be annoying but that's only 50% of army. Majority of exols are just down right mean and obsessive

Lets be honest some exols are really immature and annoying sometimes but I wont place it on 1st there is already someone who already is and bymistake I was also a die hard fan of them.

Exotics are already first place, why is there also this?

7 Orbit - LOONA

At first I didn't know the name of the LOONA fandom. I know when they vilify my idol, they are not actually involved, but they are also involved in badmouthing my idol. I really don't want to give any details. I'm really surprised, they blaspheme my idol with his account as a loona fan, I think loona is also ashamed to have fans like them.

Orbits are the worst fans with no empathy. When western celebrities died many of them posted Stalker cams under the death announcements. Pure disgrace and the scum of mankind!

They constantly attack my faves with every racial slur they could find, fat shame and even slut-shaming my faves. I had enough with this fandom. One time when some members of Loona went to my fave's talk show, the Orbits just go off making a fuss about why the members went there. Like why? That show got high ratings and viewers in SK and will also help Loona to promote themselves but Orbits were being so bitter about that. A lot of discussions said this fandom is that toxic because most of the Orbits are white people and of course, Americans.

They just won't listen, They kept going circles about their toxicness. Literally they were much more toxic than armys altho they weren't known as them.

8 Big Bang - VIP

VIP are not Toxic at all, because I never heard of any issue with that fandom with other fandom and we all know that VIP and ARMY are really good friends, because we all know that BTS are very good fans of Big Bang and I love Big Bang too, my bias is G-dragon.

When Big Bang is promoting they are practically non existent to the Kpop world. Seriously. But when they promote, it's like the worst fandoms with that small percentage of immature groups combined. Severely arrogant and rude to other fandoms and their groups because Big Bang is the best and kings of Kpop and your group is not. It's literally a I'm better than you parade with VIP when Big Bang is promoting.

They are just, uh.. super toxic. They actually are the most arrogant fandom but act entirely like saint. They call themselves "chill and mature" fandom when they are the most immature, toxic, overreact, even worse than Once, ExoL, and army. They are just typical arrogant self centered YG stan, just like blackpink.

They are toxic and immature, always trying to discredit other group. Since they are YG stan, they are the definition of arrogance. They are 10 year old fandom but act like 5 year old brat who cannot keep their filthy mouth down.


Agree with you. My own experience, sometimes no analysis about their bias although I still used polite and good words to express it. I was a fan of suju but little bit afraid. No room for analysis or criticsm although at another time they analyzed or wrote critical jokes about their bias on their own. Oh God!

Being a mulifangirl, to me ELFs are very rude. I'm still pissed at the fact they wanted Sungmin out for wanting to have a significant. That's just stupid and wrong on so many levels. Then decides to boycott them, that didn't do anything! International ELFs like me from America thought that was stupid. If you were they're fans then stand up for them!

Sungmin situation made them a complete hypocrite. "Ever Lasting Friends", well until you find a wife who you love very much.

The korean Elfs yes are very rude. They want Sungmin out of Super Junior because he got married seriously he just got married and you want him out of his own group what kind of fans are you. I feel really bad for Sungmin whi couldn't even be in Super Junior's comeback because of these dumb k-Elfs

10 SNSD - Sone

They always say that new groups copy SNSD concepts and I really hate it. I think they are even worse than Army or Once. This is just my opinion of course. Everyone is free to see their idols as their kings or queens, so they need to stop bashing other groups just because SNSD won a lot of awards or they are called "national girlgroup". I know myself that they're talented but their fans are very immature and I also think that new groups have to be recognized because I find interesting seeing the evolution of Kpop with new idols. SNSD will stay in Kpop history forever so there's no need to start fanwars

Honestly if you try and put even a slightly negative opinion on snsd sones will go at you. Like if you don't like a persons voice when they rap but think their pretty good at singing sones will say your bashing that person because you think they're not perfect. They put snsd on a pedestal and worship them like goddesses.

They're very delusional, and keep defending any single member whenever that member gets into trouble, even if it's the member's fault, they ultimately defend them like they're such an innocent, goddesses, princesses that would never do harm to anyone. Especially their golden era, they're worse than Exo-ls and Armys combined.

SNSD has a pretty immature fandom for a 11 year old group. They aren't as annoying as the other fandoms above, but still has a lot of annoying fans considering how long they have been in the game

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11 Wanna One - Wannables

They were generally fine, but man... it grew so fast that there was some toxicity and too much favoritism towards certain members. Generally not so bad, though.

Their fandom is starting to bring out some of their rude and disrespectful attitude towards senior grps like snsd. Some of them also had sexualized Guanlin when most of them are still a bunch of kids. They're insensitive and only cares for their oppa.

Wannables want love and support them while they're still in the same group. Some people may be so rude, but doesn't mean this fandom bad. You guys don't understand how this feel, I mean, the feeling about their disbandment, they're just gonna spent their precious time with wanna one. So don't disturb our happiness.

So many are sasaengs. Get out of here. I hate the ones who keep wanting them together. I know some of them miss their groups, stop forcing them together. There is a deadline and that deadline is SET.

12 NCT - NCTzens

I was NCTzen and I really like NCT before, but after some time, I just realized that NCTzens really love to throw their opinions on others, but it actually looks like "they are mature". You know, what I mean "you can stan everyone you want, but NCT will be still the best". Many fandoms do this, but I find it extremely annoying from NCTzens. They just need to express their opinions EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Just chill, guys, I know you love your group but you shouldn't try to change my opinions only because NCT isn't my most favourite group in this world.

I swear NCTzens with post rumors online & say "omg don't stan this idol! They did this, this xw&z!" Plus, they spread rumors(not all of them)one toxic nctzen leaked my address just because I said "I don't like the song chewing gum that much but the song is iconic"

Trust me, Nctzens is a whole supportive back bones for our boys and we will never drag other kpop group down. If they're not insulting NCT then we have no BEEF honey.

Besides, we're only pointing the blame to Sm actually who's not giving our boys extra lines like guurlll, they need to SHINE too!

Tbh, this fandom is getting on my nerves lately. THE AMOUNT OF SOLO STANS ARE RIDICULOUS. They just want to hype up the already popular members and leave others in the basement. You say something against it and everyone gets ready to attack you. Especially, Taeyong's solo stans are beyond my understanding. They always want him to have all the spotlight while the other members should act like his backup crew or something. The more popular NCT gets, the closer this fandom gets to being extremely toxic.

13 Momoland - Merry-Go-Round

Momoland's fandom is not at all toxic! But when blinks and armies attacked them for no reason then merries got angry witch anyone can be! All the fandoms always try to protect the idols which Merries also do! Merries always try to protect their girls but also keep this thing in the mind that they don't hurt other kpop groups and the fandom! Momoland fandom can't be called as toxic fandom!

They're are hella rude. One I asked if Momoland's saejaegi have been solved and all Momoland fans kept telling me that I was being salty or jealous that Momoland was getting popular. How was I being salty or jealous for asking a simple question because I was curious and obviously I really think Momoland did do saejaegi just saying.

The fans are so arrogant and can't accept the fact that Momoland is a one trick pony.

They don't respect other fandoms.

14 Stray Kids - Stays

Not nearly as bad as some of the fandoms on this list, but I wanna have a serious talk with people who still defend Han Jisung after that racist rap of his. This fandom is full of annoying children who can't see the mistakes of their own artists, but love to point out the mistakes of others.

They are toxic, THEY ARE REALLY TOXIC and what happed with stray kids ex-member KIM-WOOJIN tells it all their were only groundless rumors and stays believed it and started hatting their once favorite. Idol and they still don't want to believe that KIM-WOOJIN is innocent. I love stray kids and their music but I don't want to be called a part of their fandom..

Honestly I can say with pride that STAY is one of the nicest fandoms out there and shouldn't even be on this list, along with Carats. I know that after Wonho left Monsta X, a LOT of Stays went to go support monbebes because they understood how they felt and because they didn't want monbebes to feel alone. Stays in general have very caring personalities, and whenever there is a toxic one around (which rarely ever happens) the rest of the fandom won't tolerate it and ask you to stop. Take this from someone who's in a lot of fandoms, and I can testify stay is really chill and cares about their idols as well as other idols and fandoms

I'm a baby stay (I've only stanned them for three months) and I'd say some of them can be toxic from what I've read , although I haven't encountered a toxic stay yet.


Seventeen is the best, but I would agree if many fandoms will stop bashing other K-pop groups, especially to Seventeen. CARAT fandom is very peaceful. But in my opinion, SEVENTEEN'S fandom is the BEST

They are really peaceful. They aren't that much toxic as we are already spoiled by contents by Seventeen. As a Carat, this is the best fandom ever

A handful of ARMYs found out about Seventeen when they started to become popular and those ARMYs brought their annoyingness along with them. Newer Carats themselves are pretty rude and lacks manners too; they were one the reasons why Seventeen's performance on Sketchbook was canceled.

Twitter Carats are annoying...

16 2ne1 - Blackjack

Some are a little rude in my opinion and they think like their idols are the queens and the best. Always complain to old agency and do not respect to others. Really toxic.

They are so annoying. Bratty, selfish, rude, hateful, everything you could imagine in an immature fanbase. They spew hate because they don't get what they want and wish death upon people when they don't even know anything about business nor anything that's going on with the company. They don't even know that YG isn't the CEO. They don't know that he only has 20% and don't know how decisions including shareholders are made. They just throw shameless hate because they are upset. They aren't grateful for teasers or music that is released. They hate on more talented groups or any of their rival groups. Overall disgusting human beings

They bash like there's no tomorrow. Spreading unpleasant rumours. They are the worst fandom. Boastful. Pathethic creatures. They always compares 2NE1 to the much "BETTER" groups. Claiming that they have the best kpop girl group, but hey haha we all know whos the best one and for sure its really not 2NE1. And for all groups you acussed to have undergone beautification surgery, are you just insecures for the beauty they had? And do you think yours hasnt? Why? Are you that expert to conclude that your group hasnt undergone any surgery? When it can be clearly seen that they are not surgery free.
Tch. Please grow up. You all are immatures, clearly.

They seriously are the bullies of the k-pop fandom world. They pick on anyone who doesn't like 2ne1. Not only that but they come in packs. So if you say " I don't like... by 2ne1" they all jump on you for no reason at all.

17 SHINee - SHINee World

I should admit that SHINee world (or Shawols) are one of the nicest fandom. They love SHINee so much. They also love other groups too. Even if they don't like any group they don't hate the group or don't do any hateful thing to them. But it's true that every fandom have some hypocrite fans more or less. SHINee World is no exception. As a Shawol I admit that some fans can't stand other groups to be popular. But that types fans are so few in numbers compared to other fandoms

How is SHINee World even here? We don't deserve to be tagged as annoying. Hardly we comment on something that's not even SHINee related. We stick to our own and never dragged anyone down. And to the one comment below, how are we even rude?

18 Gfriend - Buddies

Yes maybe some person on this fandom are really disgusting and spreading toxic comments. But this is a fandom where I can share my opinions and nobody really curse me. They can discuss thing and not get mad easily like any other fandom. Well you maybe say that my opinion isn't valid because I'm a buddy. But I'm objective. If you ask me to list negative sides of gfriend, I can do that. Every group has positive and negative side, and so that their fandoms.

Buddies are disgusting but people rarely recognise it. All I see buddy do is put down other groups like red velvet, twice and blackpink, always saying Gfriend are better. Gfriend have dance/sung covers from SNSD and say they are fans but couldn't even be bothered to give them their album? They never bow to their seniors either. Guess a disrespectful group leads to disrespectful fans...

Please Buddies, stop that competition between GFriend and the other popular girlgroups... Stop it because it's annoying. I'm so sick of seeing posts like "GFriend are going to take place in the Top3 girlgroups". Do your know what are you saying? I don't want to put names here, but there are other girlgroups that aren't know by everyone and their fans don't say similar things like that. Please enjoy their music and if you have chance, listen to some other groups, so you can make an opinion

I find this fandom not really annoying, most of buddies are enthusiasm. But a lot of buddies keep consider gfriend is the top one in the world. Sometime they don't show respect another groups, I know everyone fans think their group is the best. But please show more respectful on your posts.

19 Got7 - IGOT7/Aghase

They have some serious gang mentality. You can say you don't like a certain member's solo music, and next thing you know you have 100+ Ahgases in your mentions. And I'm saying this as an Ahgase! They gang up on people too easily for no reason, making fun of their looks if they posted selfies etc over a kpop group... They're so delusional that they still see themselves as one of the most peaceful fandoms... Besties, that era is LONG gone. We in the top 5 of worst fandoms now.

Concerning the Produce 101 controversy... So many of them cursed under the said trainee's video and said rude things (sometimes with swear words) to people who supported the said trainees, claiming that it was 'plagiarism' but without any supporting evidence at all. Many of them said Got7 should be in the credits. News flash! Seems like they don't know that the group doesn't make the beat. Besides they all said (again without evidence) that it was copying when the key signatures of the two backing tracks are really different. And again without evidence, none of them happened to know that the producer of their dear Got7's track mentored the said trainee. Super annoying and dumb. You scroll down the video and everyone is repeating the same 'they copy got7' thing.

About Produce 101... They keep accusing others of plagiarising. And comment loads of curse words to the said group of trainees. Not only them, but the aghases continuously swore towards people supporting the said trainees. So annoying and don't know how to appreciate music. The fandom has a shallow music sense, since even the most important essence of the song- the keys! are different. And they even said the dance is copied. There are other moves that other groups did that are the same. You don't see their fandom complaining, yeah? These aghases just hate seeing the success of other groups.

They're delusional if they thought they're a peaceful fandom. If we're talking about fandoms that can be quite peaceful, I can name some but Aghases surely are not one of them.

20 MOMOLAND - Merries

I love momoland so much please vote for momoland because momoland is very kind...

I don't like momoland

21 Mamamoo - MooMoo

Mamamoo has one of the best vocal line but I'll be honest, we don't only stan a group based on talent alone. Personality counts too otherwise we would have been supporting singers like Baek Ji young instead. MooMoo are very bitter because Mamamoo who they consider as the most vocally talented group don't get as much attention and attack others who chose to support dancing groups like Blackpink. Sorry, Mamamoo is not everyone's cup of tea.

I'm a BTOB fan. I'm tired of MooMoos comparing Mamamoo to BTOB just so that they could claim that Mamamoo has FAR better vocals and BTOB's songs are terrible and that BTOB is nothing compared to Mamamoo.

22 Monsta X

Their fandom isn't necessarily rude or toxic, but they're just so goddamn cringy. They cry about everything, are still delusional about Wonho and won't let go of their precious ot7. On top of that, they're way too protective of a bunch of grown man who don't know they exist.

Monbebe are really peaceful. Even though there were a few bad things that happened to monsta x or misunderstandings, monbebe never went to war. Overall very chill people. Plus they support all the members equally. You'll find in the comment sections that everyone literally has a problem choosing a favourite member lol. Even if they have a favourite member, they always see to it that they support all of them equally.

I'm a Monbebe and we all welcome everyone to this fandom wholeheartedly. It's not like I'm bragging about this fandom, it's the truth. Monbebes treat everyone nicely and I can bet that not even anyone have ever seen the Monbebes fighting with other fandoms.

Our boys have taught us to be kind and nice to others which we actually do. ☮️

Monsta X is my favorite group and I thought it's friendly fandom, but every fandom has some problematic parts, right?


If my memory is correct, BABY was pretty bad back in the day. However, these days, I'm pretty sure it's all like mellowed out.

24 U-kiss - KISS ME

The way they attacked Rhea Lyn was disgusting and I peaced out of that hot mess of a fanclub.

For me blinks is toxic

Just really annoying

25 VIXX- St✩rlight

Starlight is pretty chill? Why is this even here

Come on, just watch vixx and starlights interaction on utube and you'll know.

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