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I'm an Army too. I love BTS sooo much. I'm an Armyblink. But again the fandom is quite toxic. Is nice to their idols and group but not to blinks and other fandom. They're so greedy like they want " only " " their " group to be top " always ". One of the rudest things they do is:

Hater 1: Blackpink is trash. They're a group but literally has no comebacks lol. So I doubt them as a group.
Hater 2: BTS is only the best group in the world. Others are dumb.

They say Blinks are toxic while they themselves are toxic which is quite annoying. They say " Blackpink copy BTS which is 100% fake ". They spread so much hate and Criticize Blinks, Blackpink, and look down on other fandoms because theirs is the most popular ones. Sometimes they hurt Blinks so much and Blinks in return kindly don't even respond. They also can't stand the fact that Blackpink is the most popular girl group and second most popular after BTS generally. I have a lot of Army friends too, they're kind, friendly ...more

No disrespect to BTS, I love their music, their choreography, etc. but I think the main reason why they are hated is because of the toxic, annoying and childish fandom, the ARMY. This fandom is the most annoying one in this whole damn universe! As an old army, the main reason of leaving the fandom is too much toxic fans. They usually compare BTS to other fandoms and artists who are greater than them just because they cannot accept the truth. And when they are haters, especially those famous celebrities that just didn't support them or anything, they are not afraid to fight those people and disrespecting their opinion, saying mean comments to them like "BTS reached top of the charts, why you never heard of their music?" or "Your just jealous that they have more achievements than you" like these situations are just annoying! Of course, in my old days of being an ARMY, there are a lot of fans trying to stop these from happening but things never change. They are still the most childish, ...more

Army is not a toxic fandom at all, I have been on that fandom more than 5 years and what I really see is that the toxic ones are the other fandoms, not Army, they just try to defend BTS from haters and really toxic fans, I don't see a problem with that and if we "say" those things is because it is true and because we ALL know that BTS are the best musicians of ALL the universe and if you don't see it that is not my problem, it's yours.

When I entered high school in 2016 I was introduced by my classmates about BTS. I became interested about BTS and started to find out about them and their songs, but I didn't become a fan of them because I didn't really like their type of music. I really like them and their songs are really good too. but around 2018 I found out that Army is toxic. Not only are they toxic in social media, but in my life as well when my friends who are also Army mock me for not being a BTS fan.
And another time when we were talking about who is the most handsome kpop idol, I answered another kpop idol but my friend immediately scolded me because I didn't mention Jin BTS as the most handsome kpop idol. And we had a fight at that time.
There are lots of BTS fans at my school who are mature and childish. but there are so many who are stiff. I like BTS but not the fans


I support EXO but I just don't love the fandom. They seem to always compete with other groups. I am a ARMY and this is my opinion. They go against BTS... quite... often let's say. Early in BTS' career, they did some really rude things to BTS. For instance, there were some photos of EXO-Ls sticking their middle fingers at BTS. That really made me angry. Not at the idols but at the fnas for being mean and always wanting their idols to win at awrd shows and when they didn't they get a little out of control. Make that REALLY out of control. Hello! I get that you love your idols very much, but respect that all groups are special and talented. Sometimes it really makes my blood boil when I hear that BTS are getting death threats. I try not to be too protective of my idols but they make it very hard.
I've had a case with a EXO-L before. Can you believe it was my COUSIN!? We got into a huge fight even though it was over the internet. She is a EXO fan and I stan a bunch of other groups. I ...more

I think exols and blinks are super duper toxic towards other groups if u say that other groups are better than exo. Exols and Blinks Think that they are the best but they have to understand that there are other groups out there that's my opinion , and one more thing ...Since Exo is very popular from their debut because their company is big and some members are Chinese so it was so easy for them to gain popularity . And if , by mistake u said that other groups are better than exo , Exols become rude as hell and will say that exols are rich , has more awards and so on...huhh . by the way, that's why I think that Exols are hella toxic.

If I'm being honest, there are a lot of immature ARMYS, Blinks, Onces, and other Kpop fans out there. However, none of these groups actually create petitions to make other groups disband or sabotage their comeback (like the pathetic Breakwings project).

as toxic as Armys, I'm an EXOL myself and I ashamed of them. Ever since EXO went on hiatus they've became toxic as hell, anytime another SM group has a comeback, they hate on them for having one. They jump to conclusions without knowing the full story like Aespa's Karina, they were hating on her constantly without knowing the full story.

3 Blinks -  BlackPink

I'm not a blink the only BLACKPINK member I actually like is Rose, I like BLACKPINK'S Songs but I don't really consider myself a fan. I've also never met a nice Blink, they're usually arguing about how BLACKPINK is the best K-pop group and how TWICE and BTS are terrible. When Jennie did the lazy dance scandal they turned on her, or when Lisa was judged due to her Thai back ground. There's a lot backing up the fact that BLINKS aren't the best fandom, but I must say they don't deserve so much hate they're just trying to "protect"/support they're favorite K-pop group

Honestly I have never met a nice Blink. Wherever I go I meet these mean Blinks who are always being rude about other artists or claiming that BP are the best.

I am an ARMY (I am NOT toxic) and once I had commented that we should stream and break BP's previous record. Note that I mentioned BP, that's true, but I did so just to give credit to the current holder of the position. I said something like, "We need to stream hard and beat the 24 hour record that BP is current holding" A blink replied to me saying that I'm just jealous of BP and that I'm toxic and I was just shocked. I never meant that BP was bad, I just mentioned that we need to break the 24 hour record FOR BTS. I tried reasoning with her and she said that she used to be an ARMY but she left the fandom because it was toxic and I was dumbfounded. I decided to ignore her comments and also deleted the BP part of my original comment, just in case it really was that triggering (though honestly I don't think it was).

MOST TOXIC FANDOM I've EVER INTERACTED WITH. tbh their songs aren't even that good at all. they only break achievements because they stream and get other fandoms to stream the mvs as well (I've seen it). I remember when roses solo got number 1 on the global billboard chart and then next week, it was OUT LMFAOOA. they like to bring down women artists and fans but then preach about feminism and how we should stan the girls because if we don't, were mysogynistic. STFU KEEP THAT SAME ENERGY WITH EVERYONE. anyways yeah blinks most toxic fandom ever and that's why I left and I can't even support them anymore because y'all ugly bums call me a fake fan...

Blinks are annoying. Some ARMYblinks go too far and start shipping the idols together. Once when Jimin was live on YT, someone in the comment box wrote "jimin please love blackpink rose". WHAT? It was in English, thank god. Do you know how uncomfortable Jimin would've felt if he saw it? Just disgusting. To ARMYs that basically means one day their idols will leave them for a girl. To Blinks who have proper mind, it means their idols will leave them for a man one day. The fans will also feel sad. My cousin is the queen of shipping BTS and Blackpink. I saw straight up to her face, you don't even know which one is which. My friend is a single stan, for only Blackpink. She always tells me I like boy group. I stan more girl group than boy groups. I stan Blackpink too, but I don't like the fandom too much. They just can't take the fact that their idols can't win every single award every single year. They think Blackpink is the best group in the world and when they start going on and on about ...more

4 Twice - Once

I was a fan back in 2015 since sixteen and was supporting them and watch them to debut as twice but this fandom has been too much for me but attacking me and I had left this fandom. Once love to call out army to attack others fandoms and start attacking others groups album sales and views but when one group that has pass all of they sales and views they start saying album sales are not important. This fandom has been bullying one group since they debut and it hurts me more in a part where I was an once and I had watch them bullying them at first. We should respect every group and we never know which group has a potential to be better than so all we could do is support and respect

Where do I even start with this? They can't accept constructive criticism about Twice. Most fans only support their biasses but expect you to join in their individual activity for a particular member, especially Mina fans. Mostly the popular members are the ones being supported. Not popular member doesn't get any support like Jeongyeon and Chaeyeon. During Mina's absence, her fans asked their fellow Once to turn their lightstick into green. No support was given to the other two members. Individualistic fans who do not really care about the group as a whole. My friend even said that Mina's mental health issue is incomparable to Chaeyeon and Jeongyeon. But later on admitted that it was only because she's not a fan of the other two girls so she won't waster her time changing the lightstick color for them. They are too immature and tend to glorify TWICE even if they have mediocre talent. Some of then are supporters of ITZY too only because they are sister group of twice and also support ...more

Twice isn't a bad group. From Onces' over-protective attitude, to them being those mothers who spoil their children rotten. They are quite wild. They can't take the fact that when people say somethings about Twice, it can help the idols! Just some advice abut their voices. Doesn't mean the people who comment are Thrices. Don't make assumptions. I especially hate the Twice x BTS ships. Some edits are TOO much! I can't even tell you how many of my ARMY friend hated it! One edit was especially insane but I won't tell you unless you want to throw up.

they hate on Heechul for dating Momo, They need to stop babying Momo, They treat her like she's a child, Momo is an adult woman and she can date whoever she wants. They act like they're Twice's parents. They also get mad at you for stating actual truths about Twice, they can't accept the fact that Twice is still untalented to this day, only Jeongyeon and Jihyo can sing the rest of them still suck

5 Red Velvet - Reveluv

Honestly, Reveluvs for the most part are really nice and supportive. But some of them are SO DAMN ARROGANT. Most of us know Red Velvet has talent- but they aren't that much more talented than the average girl group. I hear and see so much "Red Velvet will end your favorites" or "Red Velvet is the only group with talent" followed with aggressive hate and rude remarks towards other groups. It's a good thing this is only a small portion of the fandom, otherwise they'll get real toxic real quickly.

I am a reveluv before, but now I'm not. I am a victim. They are too sensitive and cannot accept any query easily get mad aggressive bash me leave their fandom. They always mention BlackVelvet are family, and ignore another fandom. This is really annoying.But they don't know blackpink most of streamer on US no a permanently fans. Actually blink can't help they so much. I can see a lot of thrice and blonk account had a comment sections in red velvet mv before. I guarantee most of thrice and blonk are reveluv, because they all come from big3, but they come back sametime, twice and blackpink can beat red velvet easily. They starting jealous make a fake once and blink account make fan war between once and blink.

Most arrogant and selfish fandom I ever see. They only help more popularity group and next time comeback will help them back. They don't care about small fandom. Redvelvet is good groups. But their fandom really worst than twice and BlackPink. Cause many hater to twice and BlackPink. Because many thrice and blonk keep bashing another fandom. I meet some once and blink are very good to me. A lot of reveluv don't accept yeri now, then let me feel sad. Always compliment Irene, it's true.

Worst fandom I ever see. They are arrogant and selfish. They only care about more popularity group help them on next time come back,they don't care about small fandom. Redvelvet is good group. But reveluv is worst. I don't think once and blink mean and rude, I meet some once and blink they are good to me. It's too many thrice and blonk keep bashing another fandom. Now, some reveluv also deny yeri, this make me sad. They always compliment Irene is true.


I don't know much about EXO because I'm not a fan but I legit know a lot about their fandom. I support EXO as an Armyblink. But I'm actually not interested interested in the group ( still duh ) I got to know kpop at the age of 5 ( 2015 ) and now I'm 11 and I'm seeing that they throw hate on Blinks/Blackpink and Armys/BTS ( most probably they support BTS but I don't know ) like:

Hater: " BTS and Blackpink don't deserve to be the most popular and liked; Why do people end up stanning tRasH and not talent, huh EXO is the best group with the best music and talent and all "

And ever since Jenkai rumours were Korea's hot tea, they started hating on JENNIE and not KAI. because they're toxic.

EXO-Ls are the reasons that I don't want to stan EXO they hated on Jennie when Jenkai rumors started for what? they expect EXO to be the number one boy group forever and consider BTS a "copy" of EXO. the moment the very moment BTS had their debut EXO-Ls immediately started comparing BTS and EXO's daesangs and hating on AMRYs for stanning "flops" so when BTS got bigger they stuk up the middle finger to BTS and sued them like know your place what it's always them


This seriously, since exo debut no one boy grups or girl girl that exol don't hate. Exol have a lots of enemy. Most korean fandom is ever fight with exol for example is elf, vip, sone, now they fight army, wannable and nuest fans. Morever, near 2013-2014-2015 I think, exo l start foght with western stan like one direction fans or justin bieber fans. I don't have no idea why they like this. I'm a netizen, actually I'm a western stan but I know exo from their immature fans

7 Orbit - LOONA

They constantly attack my faves with every racial slur they could find, fat shame and even slut-shaming my faves. I had enough with this fandom. One time when some members of Loona went to my fave's talk show, the Orbits just go off making a fuss about why the members went there. Like why? That show got high ratings and viewers in SK and will also help Loona to promote themselves but Orbits were being so bitter about that. A lot of discussions said this fandom is that toxic because most of the Orbits are white people and of course, Americans.

Posting stan Loona in every forum like shoving to our faces to stan Loona. If there is something unique about Loona, you don't need to force people to stan them.

OMG like they should totally be #1 on this list! Like not all orbits are toxic but a LOT of them suckk! like theyll call YOU toxic because they're being toxic like so many orbits are hypocrites. And like some annoying ones are like 'Stan Loona' and ugh idc if someone died they shouldve stanned loona and they woudlnt have died or like if you want clear skin stan loona like that wont help and the stupid orbits are just being toxic. I have nothing against loona, but a lot of their orbits are SO annoying...

Seriously... Why does people have to say "Stan Loona, Stan talent"? Why? Now I want to share with you my experience... I didn't know Loona well, but I always read about them while surfing the web... I thought they were a new group who just debuted, but back then it wasn't like that! When I knew it, I was a bit confused... Ok, they were already showing a new member every month, but how can you already say that they're going to be so talented all together? Their "fans" were so hyped and they haven't even debuted yet. Your can stan whoever you want, but please, don't claim someone is talented ad all people have to think like that

8 Big Bang - VIP

VIP are not Toxic at all, because I never heard of any issue with that fandom with other fandom and we all know that VIP and ARMY are really good friends, because we all know that BTS are very good fans of Big Bang and I love Big Bang too, my bias is G-dragon.

I'm a VIP, not since 10 years but BigBang is my first kpop group since 5 Years and it will stay forever my favorite kpop group. People saying here VIPS are the most toxic -really sorry to hear that- but I never saw that VIPs been rude to other fandome if you don't start to fight them first. Maybe there are immature peeps around us but do not compare us to Armys or ExoL we are in a completely different leagu and not crazy obsessive and crazy protective about your oppas and walking around with our high nose around like you and never attck you with rude comments if you guy's don't start to pick fight. So please don't talk about Vips like this!

When Big Bang is promoting they are practically non existent to the Kpop world. Seriously. But when they promote, it's like the worst fandoms with that small percentage of immature groups combined. Severely arrogant and rude to other fandoms and their groups because Big Bang is the best and kings of Kpop and your group is not. It's literally a I'm better than you parade with VIP when Big Bang is promoting.

ROT IN JAIL - sincerely an ex-vip now a taeyang solo stan


Agree with you. My own experience, sometimes no analysis about their bias although I still used polite and good words to express it. I was a fan of suju but little bit afraid. No room for analysis or criticsm although at another time they analyzed or wrote critical jokes about their bias on their own. Oh God!

Being a mulifangirl, to me ELFs are very rude. I'm still pissed at the fact they wanted Sungmin out for wanting to have a significant. That's just stupid and wrong on so many levels. Then decides to boycott them, that didn't do anything! International ELFs like me from America thought that was stupid. If you were they're fans then stand up for them!

Sungmin situation made them a complete hypocrite. "Ever Lasting Friends", well until you find a wife who you love very much.

The korean Elfs yes are very rude. They want Sungmin out of Super Junior because he got married seriously he just got married and you want him out of his own group what kind of fans are you. I feel really bad for Sungmin whi couldn’t even be in Super Junior’s comeback because of these dumb k-Elfs

10 SNSD - Sone

They always say that new groups copy SNSD concepts and I really hate it. I think they are even worse than Army or Once. This is just my opinion of course. Everyone is free to see their idols as their kings or queens, so they need to stop bashing other groups just because SNSD won a lot of awards or they are called "national girlgroup". I know myself that they're talented but their fans are very immature and I also think that new groups have to be recognized because I find interesting seeing the evolution of Kpop with new idols. SNSD will stay in Kpop history forever so there's no need to start fanwars

They are ridiculous, literally always bashing every group and pretending Snsd are the whole ass Queens or kpop, but guess what, no, the World is made of opinions, so learn how to respect them, Snsd are great we get it but we don't care, like If we don't stan a group it's ok just be respectful, but no, sones are just going to come for you For EVERYTHING u say abt Snsd, E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G, they often act like real bullies, even bodyshaming other idols and calling them.ugku

Honestly if you try and put even a slightly negative opinion on snsd sones will go at you. Like if you don't like a persons voice when they rap but think their pretty good at singing sones will say your bashing that person because you think they're not perfect. They put snsd on a pedestal and worship them like goddesses.

They're very delusional, and keep defending any single member whenever that member gets into trouble, even if it's the member's fault, they ultimately defend them like they're such an innocent, goddesses, princesses that would never do harm to anyone. Especially their golden era, they're worse than Exo-ls and Armys combined.

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11 Wanna One - Wannables

They were generally fine, but man... it grew so fast that there was some toxicity and too much favoritism towards certain members. Generally not so bad, though.

Wannables want love and support them while they're still in the same group. Some people may be so rude, but doesn't mean this fandom bad. You guys don't understand how this feel, I mean, the feeling about their disbandment, they're just gonna spent their precious time with wanna one. So don't disturb our happiness.

So, I'm a wannable too and I can't say that this is false, it's really true. Recently wannables have been trashing Daehwi because he was happy/excited that Sandglass got #1 on the chart and other wannables complained about how Sungwoon ended up as a main vocal with many lines. There are also many akgaes that I've seen online. Wanna One is not a bad group, but the fandom is just getting worse than originally.

Their fandom is starting to bring out some of their rude and disrespectful attitude towards senior grps like snsd. Some of them also had sexualized Guanlin when most of them are still a bunch of kids. They're insensitive and only cares for their oppa.

12 Momoland - Merry-Go-Round

Momoland's fandom is not at all toxic! But when blinks and armies attacked them for no reason then merries got angry witch anyone can be! All the fandoms always try to protect the idols which Merries also do! Merries always try to protect their girls but also keep this thing in the mind that they don't hurt other kpop groups and the fandom! Momoland fandom can't be called as toxic fandom!

They’re are hella rude. One I asked if Momoland’s saejaegi have been solved and all Momoland fans kept telling me that I was being salty or jealous that Momoland was getting popular. How was I being salty or jealous for asking a simple question because I was curious and obviously I really think Momoland did do saejaegi just saying.

The fans are so arrogant and can't accept the fact that Momoland is a one trick pony.

They are so rude and disrespectful

13 NCT - NCTzens

Tbh, this fandom is getting on my nerves lately. THE AMOUNT OF SOLO STANS ARE RIDICULOUS. They just want to hype up the already popular members and leave others in the basement. You say something against it and everyone gets ready to attack you. Especially, Taeyong's solo stans are beyond my understanding. They always want him to have all the spotlight while the other members should act like his backup crew or something. The more popular NCT gets, the closer this fandom gets to being extremely toxic.

NO ONE CARES ABT MARK OR JONNY HOWER TF YOU SPELL HIS NAME ALL THEY CAN DO IS SPEAK ENGLISH. taeyong is the prettiest and the better famfer that's it. THEY CAn't RAP EITHER LMAOA yeah. nct stans are the mist wirdest people I've interacted with and most toxic of course. they're mysogynistic towards women and always make jokes abt treating them as objects...

NCTzens r so annoying. These guys diss their own baises. They sabotage other sub units so others can prosper. They always blame their Artists company never taking into consideration political factors. Always finding ways to go to war againsts each other over the smallest misunderstandings. NCTzens just SUCK. But I am so proud to be one.

Nctzens have the worst sense of humor. The way they're clowning their favorites are beyond disrespectful. Most of their repetitive "jokes" are very offensive and not funny. AT. ALL.


They are really peaceful. They aren't that much toxic as we are already spoiled by contents by Seventeen. As a Carat, this is the best fandom ever

Seventeen is the best, but I would agree if many fandoms will stop bashing other K-pop groups, especially to Seventeen. CARAT fandom is very peaceful. But in my opinion, SEVENTEEN'S fandom is the BEST

A handful of ARMYs found out about Seventeen when they started to become popular and those ARMYs brought their annoyingness along with them. Newer Carats themselves are pretty rude and lacks manners too; they were one the reasons why Seventeen's performance on Sketchbook was canceled.

THEY ALWAYS BRING UNNECESSARY STUFF INTO THEIR ARGUMENTS AND THINK THEY WIN. I've SEEN MANY EX CARATS SAY YALL WERE VERY TOXIC AND YALL ARE ALL BARK NO BITE. which I agree because I've already exposed and draggeds 3 carats with REAL receipts and they all blocked me... scared mfs

15 2ne1 - Blackjack

They are so annoying. Bratty, selfish, rude, hateful, everything you could imagine in an immature fanbase. They spew hate because they don't get what they want and wish death upon people when they don't even know anything about business nor anything that's going on with the company. They don't even know that YG isn't the CEO. They don't know that he only has 20% and don't know how decisions including shareholders are made. They just throw shameless hate because they are upset. They aren't grateful for teasers or music that is released. They hate on more talented groups or any of their rival groups. Overall disgusting human beings

They bash like there's no tomorrow. Spreading unpleasant rumours. They are the worst fandom. Boastful. Pathethic creatures. They always compares 2NE1 to the much "BETTER" groups. Claiming that they have the best kpop girl group, but hey haha we all know whos the best one and for sure its really not 2NE1. And for all groups you acussed to have undergone beautification surgery, are you just insecures for the beauty they had? And do you think yours hasnt? Why? Are you that expert to conclude that your group hasnt undergone any surgery? When it can be clearly seen that they are not surgery free.
Tch. Please grow up. You all are immatures, clearly.

They seriously are the bullies of the k-pop fandom world. They pick on anyone who doesn't like 2ne1. Not only that but they come in packs. So if you say " I don't like... by 2ne1" they all jump on you for no reason at all.

They are so mean! Slut Shaming all the others Girl groups. And saying that it's sexy when 2ne1 is showing skin or dancing in a "slutty" way too (like they are saying for the others ) Accusing them of doing PS when there is Bom and Minzy

16 SHINee - SHINee World

I should admit that SHINee world (or Shawols) are one of the nicest fandom. They love SHINee so much. They also love other groups too. Even if they don't like any group they don't hate the group or don't do any hateful thing to them. But it's true that every fandom have some hypocrite fans more or less. SHINee World is no exception. As a Shawol I admit that some fans can't stand other groups to be popular. But that types fans are so few in numbers compared to other fandoms

In my opinion Shawols are the most caring and supportive fandom ever (I know that others are too but I see more shawols sorry) but I'm glad that they aren't at the top of this list lol but then again I feel like it's not everyone in the fandom that is annoying, in every fandom there's 2 handful of people that just ruins it for everyone. Everyone should be praised equally in the industry and that 2 handful of people in those fandoms should shut the heck up cause you don't own the idols. k by lol.

How is SHINee World even here? We don't deserve to be tagged as annoying. Hardly we comment on something that's not even SHINee related. We stick to our own and never dragged anyone down. And to the one comment below, how are we even rude?

The person below should stfu.

17 Stray Kids - Stays

Stays Often do very vicious life harm to other fans of Aidou, and often bully newly-born fans of Aidou, who have no respect for their predecessors. They always boast with the company's achievements in water injection, and will suffer retribution sooner or later.

I used to be STAY , tbh stays is the most chillest fandom, love to help other fandoms, but some of toxic STAYS (fetus/baby stays) always make other groups look so bad ! idfk why-

I happen to be a Stay and we are super duper nice, honestly we go to other fandoms to help and support them when something had happened in their group. and if anything happens to our bbys (straykids) we will always be there. in a facetime fan meet one girl was wearing lingerie and calling Han (Jisung- a member of Straykids) inappropriate names and making him feel uncomfortable so stays immediately found her and made her apologize to Han and stays for making us look that way :)

TOXIC ASF I can't go a day without one of these mfs embarrass themselves on the internet. always trynna pick a fight with other 4th and 3rd generation groups as if yalls faves leader hasn't already complimented them LMFAOOA

18 Got7 - IGOT7/Aghase

About Produce 101... They keep accusing others of plagiarising. And comment loads of curse words to the said group of trainees. Not only them, but the aghases continuously swore towards people supporting the said trainees. So annoying and don't know how to appreciate music. The fandom has a shallow music sense, since even the most important essence of the song- the keys! are different. And they even said the dance is copied. There are other moves that other groups did that are the same. You don't see their fandom complaining, yeah? These aghases just hate seeing the success of other groups.

They're delusional if they thought they're a peaceful fandom. If we're talking about fandoms that can be quite peaceful, I can name some but Aghases surely are not one of them.

Aghases are literally the most annoyong fandom out there lmao. aghases act as if got7 was the one who invented EVERYTHING and they make a big deal out of every single thing what. yall need to chill before yall take the number 1 spot on this list. AND I HATE HOW AGHASES KEEP REPEATING THE FACT THAT THEY'RE THE MOST QUIET AND CHILL AND PEACEFUL FANDOM. seriously yall need to think twice. I'm disgusted.

They seem to love verbally assaulting other groups and their fandoms... Seen enough from the Brand New Music Incident.

19 Gfriend - Buddies

Yes maybe some person on this fandom are really disgusting and spreading toxic comments. But this is a fandom where I can share my opinions and nobody really curse me. They can discuss thing and not get mad easily like any other fandom. Well you maybe say that my opinion isn't valid because I'm a buddy. But I'm objective. If you ask me to list negative sides of gfriend, I can do that. Every group has positive and negative side, and so that their fandoms.

Please Buddies, stop that competition between GFriend and the other popular girlgroups... Stop it because it's annoying. I'm so sick of seeing posts like "GFriend are going to take place in the Top3 girlgroups". Do your know what are you saying? I don't want to put names here, but there are other girlgroups that aren't know by everyone and their fans don't say similar things like that. Please enjoy their music and if you have chance, listen to some other groups, so you can make an opinion

Buddies are disgusting but people rarely recognise it. All I see buddy do is put down other groups like red velvet, twice and blackpink, always saying Gfriend are better. Gfriend have dance/sung covers from SNSD and say they are fans but couldn't even be bothered to give them their album? They never bow to their seniors either. Guess a disrespectful group leads to disrespectful fans...

I find this fandom not really annoying, most of buddies are enthusiasm. But a lot of buddies keep consider gfriend is the top one in the world. Sometime they don't show respect another groups, I know everyone fans think their group is the best. But please show more respectful on your posts.

20 MOMOLAND - Merries

I love momoland so much please vote for momoland because momoland is very kind...

I don't know what is the difference between merry-go-round and merries

I love momoland they always show their love to everyone

Kaya niyo yan

21 Mamamoo - MooMoo

Mamamoo has one of the best vocal line but I'll be honest, we don't only stan a group based on talent alone. Personality counts too otherwise we would have been supporting singers like Baek Ji young instead. MooMoo are very bitter because Mamamoo who they consider as the most vocally talented group don't get as much attention and attack others who chose to support dancing groups like Blackpink. Sorry, Mamamoo is not everyone's cup of tea.

Moomoo is toxicer than army hha

I’m a BTOB fan. I’m tired of MooMoos comparing Mamamoo to BTOB just so that they could claim that Mamamoo has FAR better vocals and BTOB’s songs are terrible and that BTOB is nothing compared to Mamamoo.

always comparing everything with mamamoo


If my memory is correct, BABY was pretty bad back in the day. However, these days, I'm pretty sure it's all like mellowed out.

The list maker must be drunk. Lol

A u kissing me? Meh reason

23 Monsta X

I'm a Monbebe and we all welcome everyone to this fandom wholeheartedly. It's not like I'm bragging about this fandom, it's the truth. Monbebes treat everyone nicely and I can bet that not even anyone have ever seen the Monbebes fighting with other fandoms.

Our boys have taught us to be kind and nice to others which we actually do. ☮️

Monbebe are really peaceful. Even though there were a few bad things that happened to monsta x or misunderstandings, monbebe never went to war. Overall very chill people. Plus they support all the members equally. You'll find in the comment sections that everyone literally has a problem choosing a favourite member lol. Even if they have a favourite member, they always see to it that they support all of them equally.

Monbebes are the chillest and coolest fandom. They make sure to stan all the boyz despite their biases.That is why I love this fandom.No hate, just love and support

Monsta X is my favorite group and I thought it's friendly fandom, but every fandom has some problematic parts, right?

24 U-kiss - KISS ME

The way they attacked Rhea Lyn was disgusting and I peaced out of that hot mess of a fanclub.

For me blinks is toxic

Just really annoying

25 VIXX- St✩rlight

Starlight is pretty chill? Why is this even here

Come on, just watch vixx and starlights interaction on utube and you'll know.

Heh, propply the most chillest fandom I've encountered

For real they’re the coolest and chilliest ones honestly

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