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1 EXO Exo is a South Korean-Chinese boy group based in Seoul. Formed by S.M. Entertainment in 2011, the group debuted in 2012 with twelve members separated into two subgroups, EXO-K and EXO-M, performing music in Korean and Mandarin, respectively.

EXO is an incredible group with two subunits to promote in both China and Korea. They have amazing choreography, catchy songs, angelic singing, hardcore screaming, and awesome rapping! Not to mention that they are all also impossibly good looking with unique and adorable personalities! Plus, I love their whole concept of each member having their own supernatural power!

EXO is such a wonderful group. EXO consists of six young Korean boys and four young Chinese boys. Very interesting! Their choreography is amazing, their songs are very addictive, their voices are marvelous, and they have a mixture of slower touchy songs and faster songs that get you tapping your feet and bobbin' your head! Plus they are VERY talented and VERY attractive. From Kai and Kris's sexy appearances to Beakhyun and Luhan's adorable faces. SM Entertainment also created a story for them that they each have their own power. Like how Suho is water and Tao Lay is healing. I love them; they're very talented, funny, and amazing boys.

They're simply perfect! Great vocals (Chen, Baekhyun, D. O, Luhan), amazing dancers (Kai, Lay, Sehun), a super charming leader (Suho), cute rappers (Chanyeol, Xiumin, Tao). Their vocals are also good at dancing and their dancers and rappers are good at singing too. Plus the unique personality of each member and their love for each other. They also have great songs and sharp dance moves. They create new trends and break a lot of records.

And even though they are suffering from a lot of scandals concerning the former M leader Kris and Baekhyun dating, I believe they can overcome this difficult time and continue to give their best.

And don't forget, their fans love them! EXO, we are one! Let's love!

I'm sorry Nu'est, but EXO now has four videos with over 15 million views (what's 60 million altogether) + another amazing videos and songs, both Korean And Chinese. If "Baby, Don't Cry", "Don't Go", "Black Pear", "Heart Attack" were released as singles EXO might be even more famous. XOXO sold 910.000 copies, what any other k-pop group haven't done since 1999! And these things are just facts.
I don't even have to say what they've been through, what they accomplished. Their singing, dancing, psychic and physical appearance! Just amazing! Love you! Exotics will always be with you and we'll tail everything what you do, release etc. EXO FIGHTING!

2 NU'EST NU'EST is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment consisting of JR, Aron, Baekho, Ren, and Minhyun.

Why do I love Nu'est? As a LO/e, I will tell you.
Nuest is an extraordinary band which you can't find in any group.
Their existence brings fresh air into Kpop world.
Never did I find any such talented group before who sent message through their lyrics especially for youths who are drowning into hallyu wave. Moreover, The most interesting part from Nu'est is they always perform different from their MV. When they perform Face, there is a spinning chair. Meanwhile for Action, the use of mask as their property is pretty clever. It's entertaining to both fans and also the audiences. The jump backward is also awesome too. So far I like all of their performances.
I wish nothing but the best for Nu'est.

They're the first boy group from the company Pledis. Ever since their debut, they've only grown better and better. They really care a lot about their fans, and the way they interact with their fans is only remarkable. They're also a group of young age and yet they are already talented and have a lot of potential. Due to their young age, they have a better way to interact with their fans, which in most cases, share the same age as them. And they're in general really hard working!

I've never liked k-pop back then, but when my friend showed me their new single "FACE" I kept hearing it over and over. After listening to their song so many times, I decided to search the group up. Their good looks caught my attention. To me, " FACE" really had meaningful lyrics. And the beat was catchy. Mostly, NU'EST made me change my perspective of k-pop, now I can't stop listening to k-pop! I hope that NU'EST will be able to achieve their dreams in the future.

Most people are fans of a group because of the hot guys, the cool songs or the extravagant MV's. Although Nu'est has all of that it also bring something new to that K-pop world and that is it bring pressing societal issues into light, like bullying and conformity. Nu'est does not sing about love or how cool they are, but they sing about things that actually matter, and that makes them the most inspiring band with fans that like them for the right reasons. Saranghae Nu'est!

3 B.A.P

With most idol group debuts, there is a sense of the producers attempting to conform the group to a concept which tends to stifle the identity of the group & members (I'm not even sure if they are even allowed any say in the matter due to the immense cost & risk of debuting a new group). When it comes to B.A. P the concept seems to be derived from who they are, which led me to believe that the group has extensive input & say in the development (and not just execution) of their music, lyrics, choreography, image & style. This could explain why B.A. P is so comfortable & natural with their performances. And the reason why they are the best 2012 rookie group, because they are not just performers but true artistes.

I LOVE these guys because they're really different, special, unique, and fun. Their music express more that just beat and awesome dance moves, but with inspirational meaning behind and is very, very different from other kpop groups. They're REALLY hardworking and never failed to impress Babys with their performances. Their personal characters are all very different and adorable, yet they managed to perform so well as a team. BAP deserves to win because they're simply the best, absolute, perfect rookie group I've ever seen that became SO popular from literally nothing, to now unlike other groups from bigger companies. I'm really proud of them, and they deserves to win.

I believe they have left their mark in Kpop history by totally moving away from the flower-boy idol group formula & chart their own course. Their unique mixture of intense rock, hip-hop and crump is fresh & new. They dare to allow their message to take centre-stage in their debut instead of being led & confined by the usual commercial concept. All of these make them a truly groundbreaking rookie group & more than deserving of the rookie of the year title.B.A. P will never be in another idol group's shadow because there's no other idol group like them. I dare say they will be eventually recognised as the pioneer of a whole new Kpop movement.

BAP is unlike any kpop band that came before them -- the way they look, sound, perform, and promote does not have any precedent. Their music has an original style that mixes hip hop with rock, they write lyrics that speak directly to difficult social and political issues that are going on in South Korea (which is shocking coming from a rookie group), and BAP has a way of performing that's not so much about flashiness and looking pretty as it as about raw energy and fierce stage presence. In a world that tends to be monopolized by the same look, same sound, and the same values (ie money and fame), BAP breaks the mold. Their honest lyrics and music are a breath of fresh air. But honestly, beyond all that, the reason I root for BAP is because they are sweet, dorky, smart, kind, and they work so hard. Despite the massive hype BAP is getting, they are underdogs with a big dream. I feel like their music can educate, thrill, and comfort people. They are by far my favorite rookie group. In ...more

4 BtoB

They have real talent. Each of them has an amazing voice, plus they seem to truly love what they do. Their live vocals are really good - not very different from the recorded version of their songs.
Unlike other idol groups, they are not afarid to show their true selves, or their makeupless faces.
They have multiple talents, such as singing (of course), dancing, acting, playing various instruments, they seem to lrearn foreign languages very fast.
Also, I feel how much they care about their fans.
From the very beginning, I loved this group, I anticipate every little thing they do.
I personnaly feel (and hope) that they can go really far.

BTOB is the first rookie group to held international activities in already 2 countries, Singapore and Indonesia and soon to invade Taiwan, Philippines and Hong Kong.

Debuted with a highly appealing song "Insane" followed by a comeback ballad track "Father"

BTOB can also become a band type group considering that the members know how to play different musical instruments.

Actor Member "Lee Minhyuk" has starred in an fantasy drama before debut and has worked with members Hyunsik, Eunkwang and Ilhoon before in a sitcom.

BTOB's Members Peniel, Sungjae and Minhyuk came from JYP Entertainment

Their live performance amazing people. Each of them have their own talent. When they performed as a whole group can see the bonding in between them. Love their vocals and also the way they performed on stage. They also will try to communicate with their fans in their way. Overall they can catch people attention and I believe they will shine in the near future. Fighting!

BTOB is so underrated, I'm not even kidding. They debuted with a great song, Insane, that I completely got hooked to the minute I started listening. Then their other songs on the album also blew me away.
More so than that though, their vocals are just AMAZING. Like, no other rookie group even comes close to BTOB when it comes to vocals and lives. These boys are TALENTED.


They are all awesome with catchy song and undeniable great skills of rapping by ravi, strong vocals by ken and leo, it makes them all packed in a unique formation of group. Although they debuted *I think* in not right time. When three giants music company *yg, sm, jyp* promoting their artist, make the stage become the starwars and VIXX, the rookie group, just become a victim when their little star lights covered by the light of the 'sun'.

"Superhero" is the best sing-along song of 2012 along with "Baby Goodnight" by B1A4. "Rock your Body" is also a very nice song. Vixx is cutesy without overdoing it, and they have a very fresh feeling. I hope to see them rise to the top and keep their distinctive sound.

Vixx is such an amazing new group. All of their songs are extremely addicting to listening to. The members in their group have such diverse character and talent. I hope that Vixx will gain a lot of love and popularity in the near future. Vixx fighting!

VIXX is a talented group. Their appearance may not shine like other bands, but their music is extremely attractive. And they really are talented people. I hope that VIXX will soon be back in 2014 with the musical quality products. I love you, VIXX fighting!

6 JJ Project

Wow so many of these groups are really good. For me the top three are Nu'est, JJProject and Vixx. I love all three of them and I'm not sure which one I love more.

They both are talented and bring life to their concerts and fan meeting!
They are one of the best rookie group of all!

JB and Jr. Are very very cute!
They are very friendly with their fans
I love them so much!

Love you jj project &.. Keep going my lovers

7 SHINee Shinee is a South Korean boy band formed by SM Entertainment in 2008. The group is composed of four members: Onew, Key, Minho, and Taemin. Originally a five-piece group, vocalist Jonghyun died in December 2017.

I Just love Jong Hyun's perfect body, powerful voice -- not to mention his high pitch -- and good looks.

Also Key's ability to dance through different girl group dances it's fantastic!

Then there's Lee Taemin, the dancing machine. Also, he's turning 20 this year but still looks like he's just 17. He looks younger than his best friend, actually. No offense to ***

Onew, their leader has the ability to make the people around him smile and laugh. His personality is very bright which makes him look young even though he's the eldest among them.

Last but not the least, Minho's charisma is undeniable. Even though he looks "always serious" and very soft spoken, he never fails to make girls feel this kind of 'Kilig' without even smiling. What more if he smiles?

I just love SHINee. FIGHTING! ;">

SHINee DaeBak! They really have great voices, and really complicated dance, especially Taemin, he is great at dancing, Minho and Key are great at rapping, and Onew and Jonghyun are excellent at vocals! Just watch Sherlock, you will know what a great group they are! SHINee fighting!

Be Honest.
Our shiny shiny SHINee will always be number one. Though they debuted in 2008 but they will be always the best rookies we have ever seen.
But we know also that our SHINee has grown a lot too. Nevertheless we still see the kid side of them.
That s why we love them.

Shinee is the best group among others! Quality performance is present. The charisma is supernatural. Dancing skills is amazing. Most popular korean pop group here in the philippines. God bless you all members of SHINEE!

8 Mr.Mr

They choose a rare style as boyband in music like kind 80s-Jon Travolta-Jacko and different beat like orchestra electric guitar in the united. And matching them with difficult dance. They choose in the different way with positive way. For example The Chaser, is really different style of boyband music, and hard to believe that this song can match with difficult dance, but INFINITE made all of the impossible thing became possible. And I love their way to choose the different thing. And Tablo already knew that. Jjang...

I don't understand why they are in the 9th place. They must be up. Anyways they are in top 10, I can take that. There's no words to describe about them... If I have to use an one word... It is.. AMAZING.. There performance are such an unbelievable dream. They have their own talents. They don't blame each other, they don't have big troubles like the other bands, such a beautiful family.. Love you INFINITE forever.

The trend-dols. Amazing choreography and perfect synchronisation. They have different style than normal groups do. All of them can sing live perfectly and not only can Dongwoo and Hoya rap, but they can sing really well too. Thus, they are all vocally talented, unlike other groups whose members are only in charge of dancing and only sing 1 or 2 lines only.

Infinite... The name Infinite can put a smile on your face at just the mentioning of it. After being together with them, I've realized that my thoughts towards Infinite cannot be expressed by words. It's just how powerful they are. With the members' diverse personalities, and their amazing talents, they immediately melt your heart, even at first sight. I love Infinite, because they are INFINITE. There's no other reasons besides that. INFINITE FIGHTING!

10 Super Junior Super Junior is a South Korean boy band. Formed in 2005 by producer Lee Soo-man of S.M. Entertainment, the group comprised a total of thirteen members at its peak.

I honestly think suju is losing popularity this days because of their age... But as a faithful elf I can guarantee you these guys are still childs in the inside, I mean they look young and all that
. But what I'm trying to say is that suju will always be number one in my heart no matter how old they or I get! That is what makes us elfs different and I'm proud to be an elf and also for being korean!

Super junior is the one and only group that I know, I don't want to know the other groups male I only idolizing sj 4 ever... Fighting

Awesome group in the world, with awesome members..

Hi suju I am your fan I like all of members except of lee teuk, leader I like taeyeon snsd. He break up taeyepn heart. So I hate lee teuk

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11 Teen Top

I love them a lot since they debut, Ricky dance is awesome, Chunji power voice is very cool, Changjo the maknae I like him a lot, C.A. P is a great leader and rapper, Niel emotional voice can calm people down and L. Joe perfect english and rap skill is great. Please love teen top also.

They always top the chart when they release a new song, angels will kept supporting them till the end, they are also the youngest group to debut with an average of 16.5 years old in 2010, despite young age they became better and better each year, I will kept supporting them

They deserve to be a bit more higher they are hot and awesome. I really like their new song miss right and missing you from their new album no. 1. Just from their new album they are the best to me. Teen top fighting! Keep working to reach the top.

I choose teentop even if they are young they act like professional and every MV they do their best to shine and they give an other side of them a very good side of them to love every single of their moves. they do their best every song they want to prove that even if they are too young they can compete with other biggest band in kpop era. they suffer so much and practice so hard in their debut song. and their president is the maknae of the legendary kpop band SHINHWA. lovelots teentop, proud to be an angel

12 B1A4

BEST GROUP EVER! They are a package of talents, charms and attractiveness!
1. Charismatic, foxy, hot, loving, caring, pretty and monster like composing skilled leader - Jung Jin Young (JINYOUNG)
2. Smart, knowledgeable, hot, adorable, sexy and the dance machine of the group- Shin Dong Woo (CNU)
3. Cute, hot, sexy, comical and fast rapper - Cha Sun Woo (BARO)
4. Mesmerizing smile, cute laugh, captivating and powerful voice with an adorable innocent face, child like vocalist with a bottomless tummy- Lee JungHwan (SANDEUL)
5. Last but not the least he is the aegyo machine with a chic eye for fashion, also surprisingly hot baby faced, observant, keen and sly maknae- Gong Chan Shik (GONGCHAN)


I mean there are more things about these boys that is really attracting!

Okay... Why is B1A4 at the 20th? They are the best ROOKIE ever! Most of the bands listed above are pro so I don't get it. Laugh out loud. Nonetheless, I vote for B1A4 because not only did they made themselves known widely, they accomplished so much in just a year! They are now as popular as other groups out there. They are adorable, true and very, very good performers.

They are extremely adorable! Sometimes they try to show a mature side of theirs like in "Tried to Walk" but they look so adorable doing it! They are what I would call the Cute Boy image group. B1A4 fighting~!

I really love B1A4 so much...
Why is it in top 20...
I can't believe...
Ahh... I'll be contented with still B1A4 is the best...

13 Exo-k

Nice Group. There is nothing better than them! Please keep going on! We will always stand by you! EXO-K! We are one!

I love all exo members... They have talents and can dance well.. Hope them can more succesfull in k-pop worlds...

I really really Love Exo-K, Maybe one day I will see them in Personal

Love Them! Their my Ichiban favorite group

14 C-Clown

I'm going to be honest. I just discovered who they are today and they are amazing :D Damn it. They deserve more attention from the Kpop community!

How come cclown is 18
& how come only one comment for god's sake what happened to you people
They are really really talented just listen to solo, far away, cold, goodnight, destiny in the car & 2013 shaking heart

15 A-JAX

They might not get all the hype like other rookies did, but from their debut stages, I can see how much potential they have. They have the personality to be entertaining idols, and they also show that each members are talented and have their own specialty. On stage they show a lot of charisma that are jsut as good as a seasoned group. Even though their debut did not make an impact as I hope, they still proved themselves with strong track and professional stage presence.

When I first heard their song One 4 you, because it was on a "most expensive music video list" I was like, wow! Their voices are interesting, their dancing isn't bad at all. While One 4 you, was fast and action packed, Hot game showed off their more boyish charms, and their song Never let go was incredibly touching :) I think they have potential and can't wait to see what else they come up with. A-Jax Fighting!

They have a unique style of music, and each member knows how to sing, what makes them the best is that they spread their vocals so that each member has an equal line to sing. They seem really supportive of each other and they got along so well with their Sunbae's (Rainbow, and Kara)

I really really love A-JAX! They definitely deserve more attention because they are really talented and full of personality. Get to know them on their reality show, Making the Star DSP BOYZ!
Plus, they are all pretty good looking, which is always a plus!

16 100%

They are very complete and and if you watch in a variety show you can se that they are very funny and good guys.

17 G Dragon

GD is the best and anyone who opposes that has no ear for music.

I'm really sad g dragon at number 16..he should number 1 because he is the best and he is a hardworking in the bigbang..he always cute and all of his songs are of his songs,I like is crooked..his personality is good..came on V.I.P we should vote our leader of bigbang..he is best leader of bigbang in the world and he is number 1 in the world..lastly..G dragon fighting! V.I.P let's vote our great leader of bigbang..fighting!

For me Gd is the best among the rest! Multi-talented guy..

GD! He is so talented. He can even do many mv alone and by himself! Think about it.


King of kpop forever. Dong Bang Shin Ki is the best group of all. Why they didn't get the first place. I will always vote for them. Always be cassiopeia. I want them to make a new mv together so I can enjoy them. Also for their fans that want them to be forever together. Please. At least once. Make sure to work hard every time and make the best mv ever. Fire up DBSK.

DBSK is the best kpop group ever. Even though jyj left, they are still #1:) I'm a proud Cassie. Once and always a Cassiopeia

Dong Bang Shin Ki is king of kpop
-changmin and yunho really work hard after 2years hiatus

19 Cross Gene

What can you say about Cross Gene, they definitely have the potential to become one of the best K-Pop boy groups not only in Korea but in Asia. In fact, their debut album Timeless: Begins ranks 1st in 5 countries and they are currently promoting their new album in Japan. Plus, they're very good at singing, dancing and the members are definitely handsome especially Shin, YongSeok and Takuya.

Love this group. It deserves more attention and love. They're dorky and cute. Their songs are also really catchy. My fave song by them is " shooting star" ( please check it out). I hope people and fans would spread the news about them.

I really love this band! J.G. 's voice is so... Rawr.
And also the other members impress me.
But I don't understand why Takuya has no lines in La Di the Di...
he should sing more, except the chorus.
Anyway, fighting, Cross Gene!

20 TimeZ
21 Tasty
22 Seventeen Seventeen, also stylized as SEVENTEEN or SVT, is a South Korean boy group formed by Pledis Entertainment in 2015. The group consists of thirteen members divided into three sub-units, each with a different area of specialization: a 'Hip-Hop Unit', 'Vocal Unit', and 'Performance Unit'.

These boys are great dancers from what I've seen so far. They are going to have a tough time competing with the other newly debuted groups out there, but I will stay loyal to them. Will you?

Seventeen I've been waited for you! This boys do a really great job, lovelots. specially to my biases SeungMuelYoonWooMingSol

23 Got7 Got7 is a South Korean boy band formed by JYP Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung, Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom.

All very cocky, but on the bright side their hot.


A-PRINCE may be the least popular idol group in K-Pop but they definitely are the best in terms of building a good relationship with their fans! A-PRINCE consists of 5 charming and multi-talented members, Sungwon, Minhyuk, Seungjun, Siyoon and Woobin!

25 U-Kiss
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