Top 10 Best Male and Female K-Pop OTPs

With its catchy beats, stunning visuals, and impressive choreography, Kpop has become a global phenomenon that has captured the hearts of millions. But what really sets Kpop apart is its emphasis on romantic relationships, especially the idea of the "one true pairing" or OTP.

For those who may not be familiar, an OTP is a popular term used to describe a romantic pairing in Kpop that fans believe are meant to be together. These pairings are often a source of intense fandom, with fans going to great lengths to support and promote their favorite OTP.
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1 Chandara (Chanyeol & Dara)

I love CHANDARA so much that I want them to be real couple... Age doesn't matter, right?... And I think Chanyeol is mature enough to handle such things... Example, being so obvious fanboying over Dara... I just really wish that he can have enough courage & brave enough to verbally tell everyone of how much he love Dara... And I just hope that many Korean fans, not just Koreans but international fans will recognize the ChanDara fever... Movie!.. Cfs!... Shows that they are together...

I really hope that chanyeol will be dara real boyfriend.. They look really cute together.. Dara said that she likes a guy who is tall and can play guitar and it is CHANYEOL..

2 Daragon (G-Dragon & Dara)

I have proof. That's all!
by the way, I don't understand why there are many people ship Dara and Chanyeol. They have no interactions at all =.= Please do not ship for fun or just because you think they look good together or because of some stupid reasons. Dara and GD are dating secretly. I'm 100% sure. No need to explain because the truth will be revealed at the end.

The way they look at each other, the way they dress, when they just pop out of nowhere, when they go MIA and the next day, pictures of them with the gang is all over the internet.. everything about Dara and GD is REAL. I just hope fans will accept the truth. Many ships will sink.

3 KaiStal (Kai & Krystal)
4 TopBom (T.O.P & Park Bom)

TOPBOM are the both dorks of YG. They're the dork royalty; and even though they show how much they are ignorant and annoyed of each other, it only shows more that they can be a really cute couple. I think they can relate and they have common traits. Who knows, Bom might be the girl TOP's looking for to talk to with his problems or issues if he has one (which is YES it's guaranteed he has some). I really wish that even Bom is in her 30s now she'll get to marry Seunghyun (TOP). If she doesn't, I don't even know why I'm holding onto KPOP then :( Haha seriously though

5 MinSul (Minho & Sulli)

Minsul s the best couple ever! They look so sweet and cute together

They were so sweet been together!

Cute couple ever. Adore them. Wow!

6 ChanJi (Chanyeol & Eunji)
7 DaraHae (Dara & Donghae)
8 HoonMi (Ilhoon & Bomi)
9 SiBom (Siwon & Park Bom)
10 TabiSan (T.O.P & Sandara)
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11 Darayang (Dara & Taeyang)
12 Oh Couple (Sehun & Hayoung)
13 Myungzy (L/Myungsoo & Suzy)

Myungsoo likes a girl who looks innocent and sweet, and has wavy hair. This is so much like Suzy! Suzy likes a guy who doesn't have double eyelid. Myungsoo doesn't! Even though if they date it would break my heart (because I LOVE Myungsoo), I will fully support their relationship because they are perfect!

They are perfect for each other. Suzy is very beautiful and Myungsoo is very handsome. They really look good together! Love them!

They are perfect for each other! Really!

14 Deer LuYoon (Luhan & YoonA)

Luhan handsome And Yoona Beautiful. I think they're match for together be a couple. Be a Deer Couple

I will always support this fandom whatever happens!

15 KhunToria (Nichkhun & Victoria)
16 Troublemaker (Hyuna & Hyunseung)
17 Adams Couple (Jokwon & GaIn)
18 Chaekris (CL/Lee Chaerin & Kris)

The two of us is charismatic and cold too and I think that they make a beautiful couple please make it's happen!

19 Taeun (Shinee Taemin & Apink Naeun)
20 JunHyo (Junho & Hyoyeon)
21 SeoHan (Luhan & Seohyun)
22 HaeFany (Donghae & Tiffany)

They make the sweetest couple and they look really cute together

23 SungRin (Sungmin & Hyorin)

Opposites attracts! I can call this the magnets couple.

24 TaecYoon (Taecyeon & Yoona)
25 BaekYeon (Baekhyun & Taeyeon)
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