Top Ten Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Bosses


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1 Ganon

Definitely the scariest part of Ocarina of Time. In the first part of the fight you can't even fight him with the master sword. Not to mention that the music that plays when you fight him is EPIC.

Awesome, but I hate it when you run out of light arrows.

Twilight princess ganon nearly killed me and almost stopped my heart

He killed my dad now

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2 Twinrova

This fight is praised for it's uniqueness with both the key to winning the fight and the boss, as well. If you do count in the iron knuckle, this entire boss fight has three different phases. Not to mention that Twinrova does an INSANE amount of damage to you if you do not pay attention to what she does.

I don't get why people like it all you do in the second phase is hold out your shield and absorb the attacks.

It's the best boss and its fun to use THE MIROR SHIELD.

very fun

3 Bongo Bongo

It feels like every single time I play through Ocarina Of Time again, this particular boss gives me a ridiculously hard time. Not to mention that there are no fairies or barely any health right before the boss entrance. Great and scary boss, though!

Honestly who doesn't love an invisible phantom beast with severed hands

Ganon was cool in so many ways, but Bongo Bongo was such a cool boss to fight and I loved everything about his fight! - llamabaconllama37

I'm sick of fighting floating hands in Nintendo games. I forgot this stupid thing existed. - Zeemgeem

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4 Volvagia

You are battling an enormous lava dragon in the middle of a volcano crater while giant boulders reign down from the sky and trying to avoid being burned to death by it's flames... what more could you have asked for in a superb boss fight?

Its a dragon come one

Come on! You use a hammer to attack a lava dragon!

5 Phantom Ganon

My favorite boss of all time. Love the shooting at the paintings, took me 7 tries to beat when I was a kid... Well, someday ill be rich and I'm gonna hire an artist to paint me the painting on this boss room's walls and proudly hang it in my house... This fight is epic from the beginning to the end

PLaying tennis with Ganon's magic. Very fun!

Playing tennis with ganon is fun

How did wii sports come around? Playing tennis with a ghost!

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6 Barinade

Barinade was a very good boss to appear in a still pretty early portion in the game. It was almost like a test to prove your skill for the bosses and enemies that would appear later in the game. The boss itself has several different phases and is no doubt the biggest challenge you have to beat as young link. It is a pretty epic and underrated boss!

Very underrated this boss is cooler than others and it deserves better. Not as great as some others but better than 9th

I think this boss is my favorite, because you have to stay on your feet, or you get zapped.
Another thing, this boss is a NIGHTMARE without using z-targeting.

7 Ganondorf Ganondorf Ganon (Referred to as Ganondorf in human form) is a fictional character and the central antagonist of Nintendo's Legend of Zelda series. He is a power-hungry Gerudo who possesses the Triforce of Power and aims to conquer Hyrule with the remaining Triforce parts.

Ganondorf is the best! I love it specially when you have to play tennis with him, you can even use a bottle to deflect his energy balls!

I love this boss. So much because you reflect lightning with your sword it's awesome


8 Gohma
9 Morpha

The Water Temple has put you through changing your iron boots over and over again, switching the water levels over and over again, facing Dark Link who is pretty challenging for only a mini boss, and now you come across the boss Morpha! This was a frustrating boss who it's numerous tentacles would strangle you taking out a massive ton of health, throwing you either in the spikes or drowning you underwater! Every other boss in this game is far superior and more epic than Dodongo or Gohma who either one of them should be in last place.

Everyone knows this boss was a joke by Nintendo, dark link was the true boss of the water temple

I think this boss is the hardest in the whole Zelda series

This boss cool,but watch out for the tentacles.

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10 King Dodongo

King Dodongo is the easiest boss. I do not know WHY this was on the list. I guess they had to make it a 10 somehow. But did people actually vote for this guy?

He is so hard

It's my favorite,its original and wery FUN.

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11 Dark Link
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