Top Ten Best Lego Minifigures

There are so many lego minifigs to collect! Which is your favorite!
The Top Ten
1 Darth Vader Darth Vader Product Image

The Darth Vader minifigure is just so epic, with a lot of detail. You could stay all day in your room just staring at it and moving it around and never get bored.

You can entertraon yourself all day with only darth vader

Awesome best minifigure design so far

There's a LOT of darth vadevader minifigs, I don't know which one you mean

2 Lloyd ZX Lloyd ZX Product Image

Lloyd is pure awesome! If you hate him go get eaten by a shark and step your foot on a piece of Lego.

If you have his dragon you could stay in your room and play with him for a day

The green ninja should be on the top of the list!

He's the best! I barely have 3 in my home!

3 Superman Superman Product Image

Everyone is so salty for Marvel

His name said it all!

4 Boba Fett Boba Fett Product Image

The son of jango pure bounty hunter!

5 Captain America Captain America Product Image

When captain america throws his mighty shield all those who appose him must yield!

Captain america should be number one

6 Batman Batman Product Image

He's awesome because he's batman

I'm batman batman is cool

7 Iron Man Iron Man Product Image
8 Emmet Emmet Product Image

The best chicken nugget

Emmet is the best. He's the hero of all Legos!

I Have Two Emmets

9 Luke Skywalker Luke Skywalker Product Image

Return of the jedi!

10 Lego Guy

Just another simple Lego minifig!

The Contenders
11 Thor Thor Product Image
12 Spider-Man Spider-Man Product Image

The new spiderman minifigure is one of the best minifigures I have ever seen. The details on the legs and arms prove the point even more.

13 Anakin Skywalker Anakin Skywalker Product Image

He is just another jedi or is he...

14 Benny (1980 Something Space Guy) Benny (1980 Something Space Guy) Product Image

I love this cute amazing master building like, classic and retro spaceman!

Classic space is awesome.

I love classic space

15 Doctor Doom Doctor Doom Product Image

I think he's bad

16 Austin

He's the best

17 Loki Loki Product Image
18 Wyldstyle Wyldstyle Product Image

She is a perfect figure to my LEGO Movie 2 Collection (in the mini figures packs)

I like this girl a lot she is so freestyle,extraordinary, unique, and a spectacular kind of girl

19 Jay Jay Product Image
20 Toy Soldier (Toy Story) Toy Soldier (Toy Story) Product Image

This guy is very neat

21 Homer Simpson Homer Simpson Product Image
22 Thanos Thanos Product Image

He's a big fig, Not a minifig.

he is giant ps I have both versions.

23 Mr. Gold

I have got Mr. Gold... NO JOKE I HAVE NO.135. Here's my story...

Confession Time:I didn't genuinely FIND Mr. Gold but I went through lots to try and get him. When I first heard of it I thought I need that. It'd be any mini figure collectors dream to get it as I'd already had every single Lego mini figure up to series 10 and Mr. Gold would be an AMAZING edition to be one in 5000 sitting on my mini figure shelf.

I bought an entire box load of series 10 and unfortunately didn't manage to find him but on the bright side I managed to get every single figure of series -0 from it plus swaps of every single one (except Medusa).

I eventually stopped believing I'd ever get him after deeply realising that the odds are incredibly low and the chances of getting him in even like 5 boxes would still be unlikely of getting him. Then it'd just turned my 12th Birthday when I saw a HUGE cardboard box with nothing but just package peanuts or whatever they're called. I was quite ...more

He is very rare only about 1000-1500 people have mr gold

24 Banana Guy Banana Guy Product Image

Cool guy I love him a lot

25 "Where are my Pants?" Guy

Such a funny looking dude

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