Top Ten Most Annoying Things Fans Do

I'm not saying all fans are annoying, some fans just really get on your nerves. You know what I mean...
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1 Type in all caps

I type in all caps sometimes but I am not a fan of something yet and I'm a male.

And screaming about how everyone should like it.

2 Go on lists made for hating something

This is very annoying. If it's not a comparison list, then there really isn't a reason to go to a list and yell at all the people who hate something. In my opinion, just never enter the list if you think that you're going to yell at everyone who doesn't like something.

Look at the lists 'Reasons to love Princess Daisy and 'Reasons why Peach is better than Daisy'.In both lists, the daisy haters would be waiting for a comment praising daisy,and then would quote it and bash that guy.

Look up on 'Top ten reasons why Big hero 6 is awful'.Most of the comments are butthurts by the fans. Seriously?! This is childish! It's a HATE list! Why won't they leave from hate lists?!

3 Start flame wars for no reason

Now I don't necessarily start flame wars, but I always keep this in mind whenever getting into debate with some users. After all, I can't just go in without no reasoning or otherwise I'd look like a total idiot. It would just make losing a debate even more humiliating.

4 Call you names for hating a something
5 Say "you're jealous"

There are these Rainbow Dash fans and they say I'm a butthurt looser and jealous of Dash. If I hate Dash's terrible egoistical personality, then what's to be jealous of? I am proud to hate Rainbow Dash. I am proud to be me. People can be stronger than me, more succesful than me or smarter than me, but they will never be the person I am today. Me.

I agree! People criticize Taylor Swift for example, and then there are the fans who always have to say, "Oh, you're just jealous! " No, I'm not...I just don't like how so many of her songs are about losing (or potentially losing) a guy she loves.

6 Worship things like if they were ultimately pure and holy

Like a certain user who's name I won't be mentioning who loves a certain fictional cat so much that that they make a list of why haters of that charact should go to prison and badger people for hating it.

That one person who kept saying Shadow is their lord and savior...

7 Shove their interests down your throat

If you're an anime fan, it's best if you try to ignore anime haters rather than reasoning with them. They're just not going to be convinced. Trust me, I learned that the hard way recently on here. Now I realize I should be worrying more about what I like instead of getting others to like what I like.

My parents like this show (Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat) which I found really bad and ruins history. And they kept forcing me to watch It. So does my brother, he says that the show Is like Game Of thrones and Code Geass (How is this the same as CG, exactly) and wow. That show was awful. I also got yelled at for hating It recently. Well not everyone is supposed to like what you like, accept that

8 Tell you to get a life
9 Tell haters to leave them alone

They always tell the bystanders that they are the ones getting bullied when they are the bullies!

10 Think you can't do anything

If people think i can't do anything on this site then i must do something to get them to stay away from me.

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11 Dedicate their life to that one something

Only people that crazy do that crap everyday.

12 Call haters "heartless jerks" for not liking said interest

Worse, call them "bigots" or "bigoted". Or "Trumptards" (yes, even when politics otherwise aren't involved).

13 Tell you to shut up when you're just sharing your opinion

Yeah these types of fans are over-sensitive as 8475. Like seriously I'm sensitive in real life and I have gotten better over the years but I don't think that even when I was 11 (when it was really bad) that I was as sensitive as these types of fans.

Some of those idiots don't know what the word "opinion" even means.

They disrespect haters' opinions, But they told others to respect theirs. Hypocrites

14 Call fans of the show they hate five year olds
15 Love stupid things
16 Tell you to move on about something when they say they'll never move on ever
17 Type really creepy and perverted comments

Please avoid the Sonic fan base or any other perverted fandom if you wish to not run into those types of comments.

18 Make up stupid names for fans
19 Say the same things over and over and think wording it differently means nobody will notice
20 Make lists of people who should date them
21 Make you feel ashamed to be a fan of something they are a fan of

Thanks to this site, I will always be ashamed to like metal.

I don't mean to say that I feel ashamed to be an Adventure Time lover. What I mean is that I feel ashamed of some people on the internet who claim to be fans but then ruin everything with terrible fan art and fics (read my comment in "Most Annoying Fan Bases"; it begins with "It's my favorite animated series"!). They made me weep with anger and even caused me unpleasant dreams that made me weep too! My eternal love, Marceline, deserves all the respect in the world. She's the little bat I must protect and accompany to sleep with a sweet lullaby. My feelings are so strong that I often weep for her. If this isn't love, I don't know what is. That reminds me of the song "E poi" by the Italian singer Giorgia (yes, it's my nationality) because it's about loving someone so much that you feel as though you're dying. In fact, Marcy, my baby, it's you. You're the most precious thing I could ever find in Adventure Time. And just to mention that song, "E se ti chiamo amore, tu non ridere" ("And if I call you love, don't laugh").

22 Try to redefine words
23 Be mean
24 Never leave you alone
25 Hate on their favourite person/character's lover
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