Top Ten Worst Times to Need to Pee

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1 At your wedding

Imagine, as you're walking down the aisle, you realize you didn't pee before you got all dressed up. Now you're stuck holding it for the next several hours.

2 At a funeral
3 Right when something exciting in a movie is happening

This would absolutely suck. At the best part of the movie, you have to pee really bad.

4 While giving birth

I wouldn't want to pee on a nurse.

5 Right after the bell rings and the test starts

This is the absolute worst. Especially when the teacher won't let you go until the test is over!

6 Right after you've crawled into the top bunk and gotten all comfy in the blankets

This happens to me all of the time.

I know... The bathroom is downstairs of my room so it will be a long time.

Especially after a long hard day, no one wants to get back up from the bed to go pee.

7 As you're pulling out of the driveway to go to school
8 While in the middle of a MarioKart race

Or worse, a LIVE Mario Kart race where you can't pause!

9 At your coronation

I think it's a long procession or something, so if you realize you have to pee at the beginning, you're stuck.

10 In a crowded area with gross restrooms

Oh man, that's my biggest fear. Smelly bathrooms with more than hundreds of people makes me feel not only claustrophobic but also germaphobic.

If I'm ever going to watch the ball drop in person, I'm going to wear diapers - no joke!

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11 While in the middle of a workout
12 The middle of a road trip

Especially when rest areas are nasty.

13 When the teacher is yelling at the entire class
14 While on a tour

I was on a 2-hour hiking tour with 10 other people and our guide. 30 minutes into the hike, I felt the urge. 1 hour in, I could tell I had a full bladder and I wished there was a ladies' restroom nearby (but there wasn't). 90 minutes in, I so needed to pee.

There were 2 porta-potties at the parking lot, 30 long minutes away. Somehow I managed to hold it. Everyone formed a line at the porta-potties, and I was third in line. My turn. As soon as I got in, I hurriedly dropped my jeans, hovered, and gushed pee for close to a minute. I couldn't believe how desperate I was to urinate, and it sure felt good to go.

15 At school
16 In an emergency

Because if you really need to go in a lockdown, the killer would smell your pee! And you wouldn't want to get embarrassed, right? I mean, I peed my pants in class, but it's not worth the embarrassment. Trust me, not worth it!

17 While waiting in line for a ride
18 During a fire drill at school
19 During sex and it's not something they have as a kink
20 Whilst in an exciting part of a book

You're reading the Wheel of Time, and it's in the middle of a battle, where you're turning pages and (if you're more like me) you have adrenaline rushing through you, worrying about whether the characters will survive or not. Suddenly, you feel the need to pee, but you NEED to know how the battle ends. Who dies, who lives, so you hold it, all in good fortune.

As you finish the chapter, you smile in triumph because the better side won, and only unnamed soldiers have died. You can then pee in happiness.

21 On exam
22 5 seconds after you just peed
23 When all the bathrooms are occupied during a family party
24 When your toilet is clogged
25 When getting a spanking
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