Top Ten Ways to Annoy an American

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1 Speak to them in a non-English language

I've been spoken to in Japanese, Korean, and Cantonese before... And I'm barely even fluent in mandarin!

I'm American and I can speak German and Dutch. Most Americans can speak Spanish

Because the only language they know is English.

2 Try to kick them out of the country because they aren't Native Americans

Many white bigots are trying to kick every immigrant, even if they're legally here, out of the country, so talk about the irony.

My ancient ancestors came by boat, your ancient ancestors walked via the Bering Land Bridge; quit making a big deal about it.

You should see modern British politics, Ethan.

3 Think all of them are fat

We aren't all fat, but id say a good chunk of us are really unhealthy. But not really because we're gluttonous sloths, our brains are surrounded by so many rich and sugary foods, that our brain finds really hard to resist.

4 Think they do nothing right

There are things we do right. It's really sad that there are people who don't realize that.

5 Refer to soccer as football

This does sometimes cause an issue when talking to elementary-age kids, but anyone from high school age and older may ask you to clarify "American football or Soccer? ", because its actually up to YOU, as the one speaking, to clarify what you mean.
How else are they supposed to know? Flip a coin?

I like how people are criticizing us for not knowing football/soccer. Just because we use a different term doesn't mean we don't know what it is. I know a whole bunch of kids at my school who probably know more about football/soccer than you guys do!

6 Only serve them McDonald's

I used to like McDonald's until I learned in science that a French fry from there will NEVER mold because of all the added things! GROSS! I'm sorry for all those people who go there and never knew this!

A lot of us are beginning to hate McDonald's. We love good quality food too. There's a whole mix of cuisines in America. There's always something that will satisfy your appetite.

Serve them only? This implies you have them tied up and held prisoner, and they have no say in the matter.

7 Talk about Islam

From what I understand, this issue is very prevalent in many other countries as well.
Ignorance and intolerance are not exclusive to or a creation of America (USA) and is definitely not even something this country led to its fruition throughout the world

America: A land with religious freedom. Yeah right. Many people are protesting against Islam. Once when I was on the I-5, I saw this banner that said " No Islam". That just sickens me. It's really hard on American Muslims.

8 Be atheist

This defintely makes them easily offended, especially the fact I'm in the Bible Belt myself and data shows that many Americans refuse to vote an atheist for president and even as governor.

America is probably one of the worst first world countries if you're atheist. You'd probably be forced to follow the gospel. It's totally unlike Europe.

"You'd probably be forced to follow the gospel"?
What a stupid and untrue statement.
Forced by who? And forced how?

9 Refer to the U.S. as 'South Canada'

I feel like americans don't like canada, because.. well, I don't know.

This wouldn't too many people but to those in America who are really patriotic, this will count as an insult to them and you may wanna step back.

10 Tell them the moon landing was faked

Probably the greatest thing for the world is that the first human in space WAS a Russian.
It sparked the Space Race that really got the American technological innovations going, and took the US from being second into space by a few months to the surface of the moon in 8 years.
We are still benefitting today from the tech breakthroughs that were created by the American aerospace industry.

Or tell them that the first man in space was a Russian cosmonaut.

Why does nobody have any faith in our space program?

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11 Tell them about socialism
12 Believe the stereotypes about them are facts

I've been here all my life and I know enough people from outside of my country to belive this. The stereotype that we're ignorant and fat is horrible and inaccurate.

13 Keep shouting in a cowboy voice, "y'all come on down to the Walmart!"

A lot of people think that america is full of cowboys.

14 Bite them

Well they are always saying "BITE ME!" when they're arguing with someone

15 Tell them they are not #1

Most americans, probably not an american reading, this are just over-patriotic egomaniacs, but isn't a bad thing necessarily, but they get really mad when you talk trash about their country.

16 Tell them how terrible their government is
17 Talking about slavery

I think it would be good way to accuse or criticize american people about slavery, by making them to feel ashamed of themselves or guilty - especially white Americans.

Saying to them that the country is not good enough for black people with no respect at all.

Also thinking of their dreams to change the country is fake or unnesscary.

18 Root for a non-American sports team
19 Flip them off
20 Say Puerto Rico is better than the USA

Puerto Rico IS part of the USA, as is Guam, US Virgin Islands, and a few other territories/protectorates, and their residents are US Citizens, but they are just not a state.

21 It’s aluminium not aloominum
22 Talk about guns
23 Only refer to New York as "The Big Apple"
24 Ask if New York is the capital
25 Talk about communism
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