Top 10 Most Controversial Debate Topics

I am a Debate Student, and I feel that these topics are controversial.
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1 Religion vs. Science

I believe that God made the FIRST organisms, then they evolved from there, like Adam and Eve were made from the previous monkeys before them, into the first two humans.

I personally believe, no matter what you choose, religion and science intertwine in some weird way. This idea works with any religion, but basically just combine science and religion and they both can be true. A lot of people who believe in religion, don't believe in evolution, but that is them. I think evolution and religion highly intertwined at some point in time.

The way I see it is that our bodies and our planet can be explained through science...our world, mind, soul, and emotion needs a leader something known for its purity and known for giving off a strength in people that can't always be explained... religion

Religion. But why can't we have both. It's not like religion and science contradict each other. Atheistic belief and religion contradict each other. I believe Atheistic belief and science are completely different.

2 Should Same Sex Marriage Be Legalised

I'm straight, but yes. People have very right to marry who they want. I see nothing wrong with being gay. as a little kid I thought it was weird, but Now I realize: it's fine. Imagine if you got so much hatred for loving the opposite gender! that's how gay people feel.
The only problem I see would be if EVERYBODY goes gay. This is extremely unlikely, but you need man and woman to give birth to a child.
But, like I said, I can guarantee we won't have an all-gay society. So, people just chill. it's 2021. some gas like other guys, some woman like other woman, just get over it.

Absolutely not. Life is NOT about what makes you happy. I agree with the other guy, as a Christian. Besides being the cringeworthy and revolting aspect ever, is downright, morally, ethically WRONG. It is against the Christian faith, the Bible, and most importantly GOD. He said ONE MAN, ONE WOMAN in the Bible, no exceptions. So, I ask you- who do you think you are, maarilynmaanson?

UM YES? It's already legal but I want to argue with the many ignorant religious libtards here. Why are you so against homosexual people? In what way does it affect you at all? What's your problem with other people's happiness.

This should've been legalized a long time ago, there is absolutely nothing in any way wrong with you marrying someone the same gender.

This topic is basically like "Should women be allowed to vote?" YES, just like women weren't allowed to vote back then, NOW THEY ARE. Just like marriage used to be with a man and woman only, NOW IT CAN BE WITH THE SAME GENDER.

Simply because "it's not natural" is such a weak argument, you don't decide what's natural or not in these times, we've evolved as a society and people, isn't there other stuff more to worry about THAN SIMPLY PEOPLE WHO GENUINELY LOVE EACH OTHER.

I myself have tried to change myself for years, with excessive bible reading, endless praying, and harming myself and it never went ...more

In my humble opinion, yes and no. I believe marriage is sacred and is designed to bring a male and female together. This is mainly because of my religious beliefs though. Another side of me says, as long as you don't force your beliefs on me then go for it. I still believe it is wrong regardless.

3 Does Abortion or Euthanasia Count as Murder

Euthanasia is one-hundred percent fine. It is better for both parties. Abortion should be banned overall, but that is my belief. Give it up for adoption. You may argue "But why bring a child into an already crumbling society? " Simple answer: They might save this crumbling society, they may cure cancer, they may stop pedophilia and more. If Stephen Hawking's mother got an abortion, we would've have lost the smartest person since Einstein who gave his life to give us just a tiny bit more understanding of the universe. I understand having a kid as a young child is disastrous. My mother has told me hundreds of times the effect, yet she kept the child because every human deserves a chance to live. The moment it is confirmed you have a child in your belly, you are an adult. That thing is alive and causing the murder of your young, innocent child is awful.

NO, the heart develops first, the fetus is unable to think. Therefore, not conscious, after the brain develops is where it gets hard to choose, but overall, not murder, the fetus is still a part of you.

It is more selfish to allow a baby being born into a world where it is not wanted and in a society that is already crumbling than letting it rest in peace where if the mother is eventually ready to have a child it can be welcomed. Meaning it would be placed into a bad environment where it would have lived a much tougher life. BUT not only that a life which already exists and is present on this world is going to suffer even more with mental and physical pain being brought on by being forced to have a baby in which this woman does not want.

Abortion isn't murder, because an unborn baby isn't really a person (ie. doesn't have personality or feelings)
Euthanasia is a trickier matter, because it's a person, who may, at times, not be capable of making such a descision.
I don't think either really counts as murder- but this is just my opinion.

4 Should Child Performers Be Banned

Not really. It doesn't make sense to ban all child performers, maybe some especially those that aren't in overly pressuring industries, and that are doing it for fun. A young violinist is a child performer, yet he is never told he should stop performing? My guess is that people don't really understand what 'child performer' means and assume, erroneously, that it involves acting or singing, which is not true.

Child Performers should not be banned because there can be some really talented children out there. If we just ban them SO much talent,shows, and movies will be lost. Think about it. (Also by the way I agree Full house was awesome! )

No. If a child is talented then they should get to show it.

As long as they aren't being hurt, no.

5 Should the Death Penalty Be Abolished

No. Irredeemable criminals like mass murderers and pedophiles should get the death penalty, because it costs money to keep someone locked up in prison and people like them are not fit to live in society.

No, it shouldn't. If it were up to me, murderers would be put to death, or put in jail for life. Same for rapists and other terrible people like that.

Well, the only people that should get the death penalty are rapists, serial killers, and terrorists.

No. It cost money and it cost space to manage inmates. Mass murderers should get the death penalty.

6 Should Marijuana Be Legalised

Um only medically and only certified people can prescribe it. You shouldn't be able to walk up in a gas station and get weed for no reason other than your obsessive need for it.

This doesn't need to be something huge, but it is. If its legalized and your against it, don't take/use it.

It should be legalized for medical usage. For recreational, that can be decided upon by the people.

Since it hasn't killed anyone and alcohol & cigarettes are allowed, then totally.

7 Should Animal Testing Be Banned

Animal testing should be banned. If it is necessary, I understand how testing for medicine could be helpful to us, but testing cosmetics on animals is a definite no. Cosmetics aren't life-saving, so they shouldn't kill animals to formulate them. Also, humans are already killing off so many innocent animals through hunting, pollution, and in the meat industry-- is it necessary to kill even more?

I'm an animal love at heart as well as a vegetarian, but if a vaccine, medicine or new drug doesn't work and hurts or kills something, I'd rather it be an animal. Also if the roles were switched- people being tested and animals left alone, people would be saying that animals should be the ones being tested.

Yes because it is cruel to the animals. If people want to test the medicine, they should test it on human subjects instead.

No. Because we use new medicines on animals, just to see if it's safe for humans. If we didn't do this, people would die.

8 Should Guns Be Banned from the Public

Honestly, I think yes. only military personnel, police officers, Coast guards, security guards, etc. should be allowed to have guns. While someone could use it for self-defense, and random guy can buy a gun, and, even if he does have a permit, use it to shoot innocent people.

Yes, more people die in accidental shootings then when actually what they are intended for. ask yourself, how many times have you heard of a child being accidentally shot and killed by their family's own gun, then someone actually shooting an intruder. also when people have a gun to protect themselves they tend o use the shoot first ask questions later mentality.

No. It just keeps law abiding citizens from protecting people. I mean, criminals are just going to get their hand on a gun illegally anyway.

Hell no. Guns actually protect more people than they kill. Wait, guns don't kill people. It's the person operating the gun that kills people.

9 Should Same Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt

Same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. Any couple can have the same lovingness and happyness that a family needs even if it is same sex. Social media shows people that its ok, for example modern family, it shows that its ok to adopt with same sex marriages. There for same sex couples should be allowed to adopt. The world today shows that anything is ok no matter how you feel are look, so why are you saying that this is not ok.

Of course. At least with same sex parents, the child will grow up in the most loving household possible because they will always be wanted. Furthermore, there are more kids in need of adoption than heterosexual couples willing to adopt

A child needs a father and mother. The 2 genders are fundamentally different and two fathers or two mothers cannot provide the same that a father and mother can.

If they can properly raise the child then yes. This applies to anyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

10 Should Abortion/Euthanasia Be Legal

No on abortion, yes on euthanasia, if with the patient's consent.

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11 Is it Ethical to Genetically Engineer Babies

If it were to remove hereditary diseases, then yes. If it were so parents can change how their kid looks and acts, then no.

12 Should Prostitution Be Made Illegal

Prostitution should not be made illegal. Rarely do women have complete power over their bodies and someone else's, especially when it comes to sex. Even if it is male prostitution this is a well paying and an economically beneficial job that if controlled and done in the right way, benefits everyone involved. I don't want to be a prostitute, but props to anyone who chooses to do so. We should not be putting people in jail for doing something to benefit themselves, especially if they chose to do it. It isn't our choice, it's theirs.

Legalise it. If someone needs money and they are struggling to get a job... they decide to turn to this. Who are you to judge them? There is a stereotype of it being to feed a drug habit and pimps. But they are some who use this as a way of living until they get a job.

Prostitutes provide a valuable public service and deserve more credit than they get.

Yes. Prostitution is one of the main problems in the world. It always ends bad.

13 Should Housewives Be Paid for Their Work

I think housewives should be paid for their work. I work outside the home but as a woman/feminist I think it's sexist that traditional women's work doesn't count as work. If women stopped having babies we wouldn't be here as a species anymore

What if they have jobs but they are currently not in their home country where their job is for about 30 years now, my mother herself is in that position.

No they are housewives for a reason.

Nah. They should just go find a job

14 Is the Earth Flat

No, but it's not perfectly round neither, more of an oblate spheroid.

No, unless your brain is flat.

No it's a dinosaur

15 Is Global Warming Fake

Absolutely not. Can you not see the rising sea levels or the Ozone layer depletion?

No, especially not with the rising sea levels and global temperatures.

It's real. Imagine thinking it's fake.

16 Is Suicide Weak

That can be debated, on one hand, suicide is weak because a person doesn't want to bear with the pain of being alive anymore and choose to end it. on another hand, suicide is not weak, a person who is suicidal crawls through every day in pain and frustration so already they are braver than anyone. Once they take their life they have to actually have the courage to take their life.

No, every animal to ever exist has naturally feared death, so if someone kills themself they do not fear the very thing that all species are fearful of.

Well it's mentally weak for giving up their lives but physically strong to overcome the pains.

It's strong for those around you.

17 Should Beauty Contests Be Banned

If you put someone down that tried their best to look great and just because you're too lazy to take the steps they did means beauty contests should be banned, no, I don't think so. Why don't we stop showing professional athletes, some of us aren't as good and it makes us feel insecure. Why don't we stop letting people be rich, it makes the less fortunate feel bad. Get this joke of a controversy outta my face...

18 Nature vs. Nurture for Murderers

Well it depends on the mind of said serial killer. Psychopath? Nature. Sociopath? Nurture.

19 Feminism vs Meninism

As a male, we've never really been oppressed so Meninism seems unnecessary for the most part. Maybe it could be used to challenge social issues based mostly around males.
But for Feminism it depends. I hate Radical Feminism for obvious reasons(Radfems being sexist and hating males) but other than Radical Feminism, I don't have a problem.

Feminism is a clamour for equal rights without equal responsibilities. And rights without responsibilities is a social crime. Thus, feminism, just like crime should not be supported.

Feminism is preaching for equal rights specifically those for women and although some "feminist" are too extreme and preach the wrong message, some feminist just want equal rights.

I'm a feminist, but not too "extreme". I feel like feminism is just for equal rights/pay, not for one gender to be superior. People just take the movement out of proportion.

20 Should Human Testing Be Made Legal

If it is voluntary and there is no chance of death, then yes it should. Even if there was a chance of death, it is the choice of the volunteers. Also, many forms of testing that exist today provide money as a benefit so I mean if somebody wants to help the advancement of science of their own will and get something in return, it shouldn't be against the law.

If the volunteers agree and get payed.

It should be legal on criminals.

Yes it should

21 Israel vs Palestine

I'm not really on either side here but I think the best solution to this ongoing problem is that the whole area should be divided into 2 states. one for the Palestinians and the other for Israelis/Jews

I only recognize Israel. Palestine is probably just an area controlled by terrorists with no real government.

This really is controversial. I'd say 2 state solution.

22 Is Female Education a Threat to the Society

There's absolutely no way women don't deserve an education. It's just very inhuman as to why some countries forbid women education.

NO WAY! Whoever came up with this was probably a man intimidated by a woman's intelligence.

No. Whoever thinks this is probably a member of the Taliban.

I really hope this isn't still a debate topic. - Unnamed Google User Remade

23 Eminem vs Lady Gaga
24 Is Water Wet

No water is not wet. Water is what causes something to be wet. An object being wet is an effect. One thing or concept can not be both a cause and an effect. I REST MY CASE.

Water is wet, sure it makes other things wet, but that still doesn't mean it's not wet. I just don't understand why everyone believes water isn't wet.

YES IT IS! What about an ice cube? when it starts to melt it turns into water, and ice is water so if the melted water is making the frozen water wet then the water is wet.

What is wet can be dried. Water cannot be dried. Therefore, water is not wet.

25 Should Europe Let in Millions of Refugees

I honestly believe that the priorities should be geared towards nearby countries such as Turkey, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia. However, Europe should not deny refugees either, considering the fact that refugees have been going through hell escaping from wars; accepting refugees is a basic human decency. I don't know what these alt-right people are thinking, but there are more important things to worry about than "preserving" culture.

The only thing I'm worried about this is overpopulation. I understand that these people have risked their lives fleeing their unsafe home countries, but how about we let them in.

Definitely not. They should think of themselves first and put in place more security measures instead of letting anyone in. Look at France for example: ever since they let more refugees into the country, everything from crimes to mortality to rape has gone up. You can't just let anybody in just because their country is going to crap, you have to check every single person's background and intentions first.

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