Top 10 Common Words that Have Different Meanings in the United States

What's the meaning? Well, for some words there can be more than one. But what are these common words that have more than one meaning. Hi, I'm Pnut, and today, I'll be telling you the Top 10 Common Words That Have Different Meanings In The United States.
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1 Wicked

Mainly in the US, the word wicked would be something is evil or messed up, but around New England, it's different. Around it, wicked can mean the opposite of the original meaning was to describe something that is brilliant. Something like, "This pie is wicked!".

There is a TV series on the air right now called "Wicked Tuna", and in this case, it carries both meanings.

Saying wicked meaning that's awesome is so 20 years ago.

2 Sugar

Sugar can be a type of food (Sort of) where you can put something in like, I don't know, your morning coffee. But it can also mean where you wanna give some good kisses for their affection. Please don't try this on random strangers though.

Yeah. This is pretty nationwide.

3 Fix

Fix has two different meanings if you didn't read the title. If you're in a northern state like Maine, it will probably be used as a verb to make something repaired. But down in the South, Fix could mean that they are about to leave somewhere, like "I'm fixing to the store."

4 Dressing

Do you like salads because I don't, but if you ever went to buy a salad, they will probably say what dressing you want with it. But in the South, they would put dressing in their turkey whenever they would eat one, just like most people do with stuffing a turkey.

I thought dressing was nationwide?

5 Pop

There can be two different kinds of pop. The first is the pop genre, with current pop singers to this day such as Ariana Grande and Lady Gaga. But some parts of the US refer soda as pop whenever they go to a restaurant.

Yeah you northerners are weird with your pop soda.

6 Ugly

You're probably thinking the meaning of ugly where someone is very unpleasant visually when you look at someone. The second version is where a person is rude or mean. This is mainly used in, once again, the South.

Yeah we just like to cool people ugly.

7 Pitcher

Whenever you're watching or playing a baseball game, you'll probably hear the word pitcher, where a player throws the ball towards the batting team. The other term is this big glass bowl that you use to dump smaller cups into like lemonade or tea.

Pitcher meaning container that you pour out of is pretty nationwide.

8 Holler

If you're hollering, you are using the verb where you you shout very loud at someone or something. But, there is also a meaning that can be used to refer to contact someone. Example includes "Give me a holler when somebody calls back."

Yeah we say it a lot in the south.

9 Soak

The main term is where you can SOAK in a bathtub, SOAK your dishes into a sink, and Sheryl Crow can SOAK into the sun. But in South Dakota, it can be a name. It means a person who enjoys something too much frequently.

Never heard this.

10 Shoots

Anybody own a gun? Well, for this next one, you might know. Mainly, it'll mean when you shoot something out of a gun or a weapon of you shoot a basketball. But around Hawaii, it is actually slang for "All right".

Never heard this.

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