Top Ten Proofs That Bigfoot Is Fake

The Top Ten
1 The Pictures Are Blurry

Why can't we get a clear shot of him? Is that too much to ask for? Apperantely so. Instead of getting a clear view, we get blurry pictures two miles away from the beast.

Bigfoot is still real thou.

Why are the cameras so bad?

2 There Should Be More Sightings of Him

So bigfoots are apperantely scattered all around North America. Why aren't they all over the place?

3 His Food Chain

So the Bigfoot apperantely snacks on deer and berries in the wild. So shouldn't the number of deer and berries be going down and down? Yes. Do they? No.

4 Google Images Can't Help

Basically the reason above.

5 The Patterson-Gimlin Film Is Fake

The best piece of "proof" of him is fake. there is clearly a zipper on the costume visible.

6 It's Just a Person in a Bigfoot Costume
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