Things You Do With Your Children That Would Be Weird & Creepy If You Did With Adults

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1 Repeatedly say you love them

I once knew this girl who was VERY short, and looked a lot younger than she is. When seen with her parents, she says that people always say, "a lovely young girl she is" and more things like that. I felt really sorry for her.

2 Spank them when they've been bad

It was weird enough in The Big Bang Theory. We can leave it at that.

My parents thankfully never did this.

What would you do if an adult was bad?

Spanking is assault which is illegal - Unnamed Google User Remade

3 Pack them healthy lunches and ensure they don't have too much sugar

This, I think, would be embarrassing. As a child, my paranoid mother almost never packed anything with any sugar in it, and in the lunch hall, it stood out.

Pack them marijuana and cigarettes and other healthy things, oh boy!

4 Give them rides to school

I'm an adult and don't drive so my parents still drive me to school

5 Dress them

I wish I had healthier lunches with less sugar when I was a kid.

Yeah, I'm gonna choose not to think wrong about this one...

This sounds bad!

6 Tell them to stand up to "mean people that are bigger than them"
7 Wipe their faces if they get food on them

And then wipe your own when that random guy breaks your nose, am I right?

8 Tell them to share and take turns

If you work in an office or a construction site, and someone does this, awkwardness is guaranteed.

Haha! I have no idea why, but for some reason, this is making me feel extremely on edge.

"Hey sweetheart, take turns."

9 Help them extensively with their homework
10 Buy them bars of chocolate all the time

It would make a child happy but an adult perplexed.

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11 Repeatedly kiss them

I kiss my husband all the time, it's not weird.

12 Pat their backs after they burp or cough
13 Wipe them after they go to the bathroom

I have seen a roblox video of a 3 year old girl on the toilet and her mom wipes her butt after she poops. What kind of parent would wipe their child's butt after they use the bathroom?

14 Catch their puke with your hands
15 Naked full body massages

I would love it if it was my husband doing it.

16 Feed them

Here comes the aeroplane!

17 Give them horsey rides
18 Change their diapers
19 Give them baby stuff for their birthday/Christmas

Give them a dummy so they don't cry.

20 Apply diaper rash cream
21 Bathe them
22 Breastfeed them

Mothers have done this to their kids if they are 3-6 years old.

Okay...this is uncomfortable and I haven't even turned 18 yet...

23 Speak to them in baby talk
24 Read a bedtime story
25 Say "because I said so!"
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