Top 10 The Loud House and The Casagrandes Parents

For this list we will be counting down the top parents from The Loud House and its spin off series The Casagrandes.
The Top Ten
1 Rita Loud

Honestly I couldn't figure who to put at #1 like with Lynn Sr. Rita isn't always the best when it comes to parenting but she does love and care for them and provides for the family and usually disciplines the kids when they go to far.

2 Rosa Casagrande

Mother to Carlos and Maria and grandmother to Ronnie Anne, Bobby, Carlota, C.J., Carl and Carlitos who loves and care for them and loves to cook which she takes great pride in and will get extremely jealous if any of her family enjoys anyone elses cooking as according to Maria she once caught Carlos eating a churro from a bakery and stopped cooking for him for a month forcing him to eat frozen waffles and while she's very caring she is old fashioned when it comes to discipline with her trusty chancla with Carl usually being the most trouble of her grandchildren.

3 Harold McBride

Clyde's other dad who a lot more level headed then Howard and usually the one who has to calm him down and ease up on his helicopter parenting.

4 Arturo Santiago

Ronnie Anne and Bobby's father and Maria's former husband who despite being apart living in Peru prior to The Casagrandes series he still loves and cares for his kids even visiting them later in one of the episode and as much as he and Ronnie Anne wants for him to stay in Great Lake City he's conflicted as while he does want to be with his kids he states that he made a commitment to the people of Peru and really loves helping people though he eventually decides to stay at least for a little while and even though he and Maria aren't together they never show any hostility towards one another and still see each other as friends and both care for their kids.

5 Becca Chang

Sid and Adelaide's mother who happens to be a zoologist working at the zoo in Great Lake City.

she looks like she would be a lot of fun.

6 Bumper Yates Sr.

Like with Jancey Bumper Sr. and his wife do everything they can to help ensure their kids future knowing how competitive the real world is feeling if they don't push them to reach their full potential their failing them.

7 Maria Santiago

Ronnie Anne and Bobby's mother who later moved them to the city to be closer to family as Maria's job as a doctor does keep her pretty busy and while moving Ronnie Anne and Bobby to the city without telling them until after the weekend was over while visiting their relatives in the city was a pretty bad move on her part but in her defense she was only doing what she felt was better for her and her kids and while her job keeps her pretty busy she does try to spend as much time as she can with her kids when she isn't working.

no, no, no she took her kids away from there home, and didn't even ask if they would be happy, then says she did it for them, no she didn't she did it for herself.

8 Jancey Yates

Along with her husband Bumper Sr. keep a pretty tight ship when it comes to their kids Beatrix, Bumper Jr., Belle and Beau in keeping them more rounded in order to ensure a successful future for them.

9 Lynn Loud Sr.

While he and Rita aren't always the best parents they do love their kids and only wants what's best for them Lynn Sr. is easily the more emotional of the two especially when one of his kids leaves home like when Lori left for college.

well, he cooks anyway.

10 Stanley Chang

why is he so low on the list? he's the best one on here.

The Contenders
11 Howard McBride

More emotional between him and Harold who acts more like a motherly figure whose a lot more protective of Clyde.

12 Mama Lupe
13 Frida Puga-Casagrande

she cry's way to much

14 Mrs. Gurdel
15 Carlos Casagrande
16 Mr. Gurdle
17 Ms. Carmichael
18 Albert (Pop-Pop)
19 Hector Casagrande
20 Liam's Mee Maw
21 Mr. Spokes
22 Mrs. Flores
23 Stan Stankco
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