Top Ten Cameras

Top DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras.
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The Top Ten
1 Sony A7 III

Best camera for the price, 700 (Almost) AF points, 10 fps, full frame sensor, Super 35 4k, ISO 204,800.

2 Nikon D850

Jack of all trades, master of ALL. Super 35mm 4k 30/1080 120, great AF, 45 megapixels, to name a few.

3 Canon EOS 1D-X Mark II

The best for sports - Great AF, 16fps, and not to mention 4k 60 - Need I say more?

4 Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Great all-rounder pro camera.

5 Sony A7R III

A more professional A7III.

6 Nikon D500

Best DSLR in it's class.

7 Canon EOS 6D Mark II

Best for vloggers.

8 Nikon D750

A bargain full frame camera with good all-round features and dual slots.

9 Panasonic GH5

Many trade-offs. Small sensor, but 4k 60. Clunky body, but fast. Terrible LV AF, but pro features.

10 Nikon D7500

Best for enthusiasts, bar none.